Taxes Done? Kitchen Cabinets Done? Feelin Groovy…

It was a great day…   the nicest Spring-like day so far –  mid-sixties in temps.  Now, most of our snow is gone.


But the ducks are back –


That, I will save for a separate post.  I am still YAY because I finally made it to our Accountant’s office and dropped off our tax information!   Done.   There is a monkey on the loose in Michigan because it is NOT on my back anymore.

And Felicia,  a homeowner who contacted me last November,  yelled I’M DONE! from her hometown in Montana recently –  she finished Caromal Colouring her kitchen cabinets  (and her master bath and laundry room), and sent a nice email with photos –

I completed my kitchen, laundry and master bathroom and let me tell you they look fantastic!  I will send pictures next week once the countertops are all replaced…

I posted about Felicia’s ‘before’ kitchen, in a post about  Painting the Inside of a Cabinet. This is the before-

Here is their transformed kitchen, updated using Parchment with Coffee Glaze on the main cabinets, and Paprika with Toner on the accent cabinets-

What a fabulous transformation!  I love love love the character that the Paprika added to those accent cabinets, don’t you?  The Glazed Parchment is so much warmer than the previous white.     I”m really liking that pebble stone  backsplash as well.   Wow,  awesome work Felicia,  and thanks so much for sending me the photos and allowing me to share them.


12 responses to “Taxes Done? Kitchen Cabinets Done? Feelin Groovy…

  1. Congratulations on getting the taxes done – I wish our file date was that bit later in the year, we have to file our returns and pay tax by 31st January….oh joy, straight after Christmas.

    That kitchen looks the bomb – Felicia, great job!!

  2. We actually should be getting a tax return this year. The upside to a down economy?????? haha
    Her kitchen ROCKS!!!!!! I love that Paprika island!

    Hey, do you ever spray cabinets? If so, what brand of sprayer do you have and do you like it? Do you have a spray booth??????

  3. Patty,

    Great project. The metal appliances juxtaposed with the Parchment with Coffee Glaze cabinet finish and granite counter tops are a unique mixture.

    Definitely, “eye candy”

    Derrick Douglass :::: ChiefRemixOlogist

  4. patty, Thanks for the picts of melamine that you did, i live in British columbia and was wondering if anyone you know has taken the plain flat melamine to another level and either routered them or added some kind of molding to the doors before finishing to add interest and depth to these sadly otherwise boring cabinet doors? Right now I am in search of an old mantle to distress like the one online, it turned out beautiful. I cant wait this stuff is right up my alley. thanks again

    sandra frazier

    • Sandra,

      Im not certain about routering your melamine cabinets -my concern would be if that material will hold up to routing it out, or will it just crumble? I’ve used like panels before that I purchased from HD for a Home Show display and it was a beotch mounting hardware – trying to drill into it just caused it to disintegrate almost.

      Here is a video on adding molding to a flat panel – easy enough to do – cool thing is you could use raw cheap trim, and then Caromal the whole thing and you’d not be able to tell the difference

  5. Resources like the one you mentioned here will be very useful to me!
    This is what makes the web so great. We can find so much info on things we like. 🙂

    Sy “Kitchen Improvement“Reza

  6. jeanie stattelman

    i used the paprika thinking it would be closer to Barn Red but it isn’t. i ended up topping it with the toner to darken it and that helped. jeanie

    • Jeanie, yes, the color is brighter without toner – most of the colors are, I think. The paprika untoned reminds me of this red barn
      and the paprika toned reminds me of this
      darker red

      What did you use it on?

  7. I want to live in a barn like that would make a greata conversion project.

  8. well that would be one crazy open loft concept, eh? kids, if you had them, would probably love that!

  9. I love your site, I love Carmal Colours. So excited to begin this journey, thanks for the ideas.

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