It’s All In The Architectural Detailing… Decorative Trim

One of my favorite clients transformed their living room. This was the beginning,  when they removed the builder grade fireplace and started fresh-

I had no idea what it was going to become, only that this pile of detailed trim pieces, from Pearlworks Inc, was going to somehow be incorporated –

Their fabulous trim craftsman, starting from scratch,  unveiled the plan-

It took  awhile to decide finishes-

Many neck breaking hours later-

Almost there –

Looking back on these photos, I’ve forgotten how much work was involved in this room, but it remains one of my favorites-

I delivered these samples, yesterday, to the same client –

They are almost done finishing their lower level.  The trimwork is mouthwatering.  There is more Pearlworks in the design – a really pretty ceiling niche.   I’d like to incorporate some foil in the finish, but I need to play it all out first.  If you can believe, all 4 glazed samples above are on non-white basecoats.  We are trying to find a nice, soft off-white color to spray all the trim – that will also work if certain areas are glazed.     I can’t wait to see how this space plays out!


3 responses to “It’s All In The Architectural Detailing… Decorative Trim

  1. OH my gosh!!!!!!1 That is simply stunning!!!!!

  2. This is still one of my favorite rooms!

  3. WOWZER…..what a FABULICIOUS room! I hadn’t visited in awhile and I almost missed this post! THIS SHOULD BE IN A MAGAZINE!

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