I Want To Share – On This Eve Of Health Care…

I have learned the best way to discuss religion and politics is to not discuss religion or politics …   I’ve had my share of verbal battles – trying to get people to see ‘my’ way….    with those I love I’ve found the best way is to shake hands and agree to  disagree, and then talk about the weather instead.

When Obama won the Presidency, my Conservative parents told me ” the one good thing that will come of this, will be that many will wake up and pay attention to what is happening in government”.    They were right,  I pay attention every day now.   I never did before.    I pay attention,  and I am disgusted with so much of it.

I agree our health care system needs fixing.  I think, if anything, both sides realize that our current health care program needs revamping.  But this big FAT plan that is being shoved down our throats is not the answer.  And Government running it is NOT the answer.      Changes need to happen – but not like this – our Country is already bankrupt – this is going to plummet us right over the edge. – A promise of insuring the whole nation and not having it cost a dime is magic.   It’s not real.

I have a doctor friend, who voted for Obama.  I remember how suprised/shocked I was, at the time, when I asked her who she was voting for.     I just got an email today from her –

…So all those years of never having to take history are catching up with me.  I am learning about our democracy at a blistering pace!  Pelosi seems to have an agenda to make her name a household one.  I don’t think this is what anyone signed up for.  No one could have predicted some of the potential bills they’re looking to pass.

If rumors be true, they are looking to cut physician reimbursement on Medicare patients (more than 60% of my business) by 20%!  I don’t know of any business that can handle that.  Did you know that on average, physicians have lost 7% income annually over the last 5 years?  And it’s not more, because of the lobbying that we have done.  Each year they want to cut our reimbursement by double digit figures.  It’s crazy!  What I really hate is how they are portraying doctors, like we are working 2 hours a day, making millions, golfing on Wednesdays and on our boat by Thursdays!

Unfortunately, it is why docs have 2 minutes to see a patient.  We get paid per patient seen and with all the time spent arguing with insurance companies to have them at least approve a medication, test, or treatment we are recommending (you know, cuz we had 13 years plus of higher education and more than 110K in student loans) there’s no time to just spend with the patient.  I’ve been in practice for 12 years now.  That’s not really a long time, but the way things have changed just in that time is frightening.

As consumers, we spend thousands a year on health care coverage that is no more helpful than a coupon discount!  It guarantees us nothing.  I actually received a notice from an insurance company about one of my patients that was denying her MRI from 2 YEARS AGO!  It was normal and her symptoms eventually resolved, so they denied it!  Since when is Monday morning quarterback allowed?  And if something would have been wrong and I hadn’t ordered the MRI, then I get sued for thousands or even millions.  No 20% cut for the attorneys is there?

Bottom line is health care has to change, but it’s a shame that physicians are being made out to be the bad guys.  All of us are scared of what the solution is.  All of the physicians are patients, insurance payers, employers and recipients of this disaster alike.

Leaves you unsettled, doesn’t it?  On Facebook today I’d posted my frusteration with the system …. soon after, I received a private  facebook message from an old friend.  She’s one of the smartest people I knew as a kid. Her message?

Subject: health care
I voted for obama and talk about buyer remorse! this is the crappiest thing I have ever seen.  I have done all I can emailing everyone to stop this madness.

I am scared…  I pray this bill does not pass.   They say if it goes through, it ‘could’ be revoked, but that it is very difficult.  Come November you will SEE the power of the citizens’ of this Country –  the Democratic Party will not be the majority, but will it be too late?


7 responses to “I Want To Share – On This Eve Of Health Care…

  1. What’s the word? I haven’t seen the news today….

  2. Thanks for being so brave to put it out there! Amen!!

  3. Thanks Michelle! Lets just say I’m going to make sure I’m heard in November….

  4. Deanna natarajan

    Thank you for putting this out there. I think a lot of us are waking up – we went for years thinking we had the Constitution and didn’t have to worry. We do have to be involved and wake up. Our only answer now is the November election. Eventually you run out of other people’s money to give away!!Thank you again

  5. I agree Deanna. Obviously our country is split on this issue – those that feel everyone should be taken care of, in oh so many ways, and those that feel it is an earned right. That last statement can be misread, and give the impression that the later are non-caring people. I don’t believe this. This country is too big to be all one way or all the other. The government now decides for us. Makes my choices. Not me anymore… They will choose HOW charitable I will be, of WHOM I will help – regardless if they are a citizen, a healthy single person on foodstamps that choses not to get up and do something with their life…. or to an addict that chooses to shoot up every day, instead of getting his shit together. We will end up telling our children the opposite that we tell them now – it won’t be ‘WORK HARD! Give it your all and then some, or you’ll never get anywhere in life..” instead it will be, ‘don’t make over 60k or you’ll be required to carry the rest of the less fortunate on your back…. Something is wrong in our thinking… why is someone the bad guy if he was successful and make millions? Do we have any clue how much he pays out, already from those millions? A ton. You can’t make everyone equal. Not everyone will end up having equal opportunity – even if you could? Individuals wouldnt take equal advantage.

    Yes, we need to do something about health care. I dont’ know the answer. But I don’t like the one we were just handed.

    • Good point just now – Young adults, up to age 26, can now ride for free on parents policy. Not just the financial repercussions of this plan, but what about the social consequences? What were you doing at 26? We weren’t entitled to squat crap at 26 – if we werent trying to make our futures better, then we were flipping burgers at McD’s, but we were on our way. And with that, we were helping do our share – that early – paying INTO a system that eventually, hopefully, would be there when WE needed it, come retirement years. If we don’t think theres already a problem with the work ethic of our youth, this won’t help it any –

      Let’s give everyone a participation trophy while we’re at it – just because, hey, we are ALL entitled to a trophy, dammit!

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