My Kids Aren’t Kids Anymore…. Almost.

Trying to get some informative posts together, time is getting away  from me these crazy days…  the good stuff is cooking, I promise – in the mean time, I’ll throw you a homey bone 🙂

I can NOT get over how fast my kids are growing.  My son just announced he has to shave his lip….. ????  !!!!

When did this-

and this

and this

turn into this lip shaving dude?

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…….      Sigh.

My daughter is noticing boys.  Really noticing.  Everywhere…. school, church,  walking into a store,  anywhere.   Caught her crying over a boy the other day…    What happened?  Where did time go?

I’m not ready for this.  No boys,  no worries –

Look –   she hated men!

Don’t we all wish, at some moment in our lives, that we could STOP the clock and keep everything just as is?

Dang, look at my arms!  (must have been from carrying that massive diaper bag!)     WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!  I’ve turned old!  I don’ t look like that anymore.  My kids don’t look like that anymore…..

Ten years ago there was no face hair, and no tears shed over boys…..

Time changes everything.


6 responses to “My Kids Aren’t Kids Anymore…. Almost.

  1. You’re causing me complete anxiety over here. I know my kids will grow up and I just want to push “pause” for awhile. Oh and I want those arms. Dang girl!

    I’m sorry your heart hurts.

    • whaaaaa! I tell ya I can not look at pictures of them little without boo hoo’ing…. you’re doing Great Jen, you take pics all the time of your kids – pictures are priceless – they make that time stop, for a moment….

      know what else I just realized? I wasn’t in business yet here – those arms were diaper bag and baby haulin arms!

  2. Oh Patty, don’t grieve the childhoods lost, know that they were true childhoods that you gave your children and now is the time to revel in the beautiful young adults you have given the world instead.
    I love having my grown up boy…I am heartsore and heartsinging alternately as his heart is broken, his skin breaks out, he is worshipped by a band groupie, he wins a music competition/battle of the bands, he interviews well/badly, a teacher disrespects him…as he grapples with more adult emotions……..I am not on his rollercoaster, nor living it vicariously, but I still get vertigo as he tells the tale of his ride.
    Be very proud…you have beautiful young adults full of character ….they are COOL!

    • Cait, I love how you describe motherhood – so you don’t feel the urge to well up with tears when you look at the toddler photos?

      You said it well, I love my young adults…. its ‘different’ you know? Like, I realize we are all ‘big bodies’ now moving about in this house- weird stuff like that , that doesn’t dawn on you until you’re in it for awhile… oh, and life size friends too! LOL We are ALL lifesize now!

  3. Enjoy them while you can! The late night and all night phone calls over boys start soon enough. Once they go of to school. They are so much fun to watch grow up!
    Love the arms by the way!!!lol!


    • wish I still had those arms, Jen! When we were in church Sunday I thought “wow, we are an even sized family…” meaning we are all kindof same height now – no more where the kids are down around your waist, you know? I agree, I love experiencing their lives – they are so funny, and often spark an old memory of my own…..

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