How Time Changes…Decor, Bar Counter, Life, Styles…

We moved into this house in the Fall of 2000.  It was a different kind of neighborhood –   an eclectic mix.  Everyone seemed to do their own thing.   Our old neighborhood was filled with young tots and young parents.  By the Fall of 2001 I found myself wanting to reach out – if the friends don’t find you, go find them!  I devised a Christmas Holiday invitation and went around our neighborhood placing them in mailboxes.   It ended up being the start of a great run of holiday parties – I think that first year maybe 30-35 couples visited?   I rifled through old photo discs, to refresh my memory – I can’t believe how time has changed things…

Our first party, that December of ’01-  we hired a bartender to run the bar –

I think maybe 30-35 couples visited?  The men flocked around the bar –

That picture reminds me of the lower bar counters when they were hunter green formica.   The bar stools were hunter green too, six of them,  left behind by the original owners….    The bar was put to good use –

The next year we did it all over again.  More came.   This food photo cracks me up – do you see the plastic crane kid toy peeking out from under the table cloth?  And way over to the left is Julia’s plastic bassinet….   Our basement was the kids domain, when party time arrived, I’d shuffle and hide all the toys, making it look more grown up –

Wow,  I was still in my 30’s here…. that pool light is gone…. the wall sconces are gone…. the carpet isn’t green anymore…..

Oh how a bar draws a crowd…. Mr. Bartender was still around,  but Mark always liked being behind the bar… cooking up crazy drinks or shots you light on fire…..

Please don’t get the wrong impression-  we aren’t like this all the time  🙂  –  this was something that started, and became an event to look forward to…. neighbors, bustling and busy all year, running their businesses, lives, shuffling kids etc, and not finding much time to meet up with their neighbor friends –  we all knew that come December we’d meet up again,  and share some fun and laughs –

Whats crazy, looking back on all these photos?  How LIFE has changed.  So many divorces…. friends that have moved away to chase a new job…..  an economy that plummeted and forced some  out….

A moment in time, when all is good, and you have NO idea what is coming down the road…….

We had name tags on~  too funny.  By 2005,  different bartender (she was awesome),  faux’d over those hunter green formica counters,  added a marmorino finish to the backsplash, and backsplash lighting-

Smile.. Smiling  makes you happy……

Play bartender, if that makes you happy ….. it certainly made others happy!

The barstools have changed,  the green carpet is gone .. tile is now around the bar…. and again,  I can look at this picture and see those that have moved on…….

I think 2006 was our last big Christmas bash.  Time changes everything.    Fast forward to 2010 ….   the marble top bar gets a facelift –   Come back, next post,  and see how!


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