A Tile Bartop Gets Aurastoned….

My last post took our bar down memory lane – this post reveals the changes I just made , last week,  to the marble top –

I didn’t mind the bar the way it was.  But Mark hated the tile – it had several areas where the finish had eaten away.  I didn’t think it was noticeable, but it bothered him.  Probably a lot of this-

helped cause the damage?   🙂  A couple months ago I went to Chicago to learn a new product – Aurastone.  (you can read about that here) I’m quite excited about it.  Of course, like any other new product line or finishes I learn – and this is a whole different system than I’m used to – I  ALWAYS, not only come home and create numerous samples, to see what I can do with it, but more importantly I USE it – I try it out on real surfaces, not just samples.  This is key to succeeding in offering quality finishes to clients.

The bar was a good place to start.  Prepping –

Building a base of stone –

Ready to work my artistic magic –

Waiting for it to dry…. its bizarre, dries much lighter-

Time for a pour of Auraclear –

All cleaned up, ready to go!

Isn’t it pretty?  Commercial, Residential,  Furniture tops…. Art pieces…  Interested in having something Aurastoned?  Give me a call – Fabulous Finishes, Inc.


2 responses to “A Tile Bartop Gets Aurastoned….

  1. WWWWooooooooooooooWWWWWWW! That rocks! How much time did it take ya???

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