Caromal Colours – Green vs. Green…

I had a correspondence with Frank last month – he was interested in using Caromal Colours Parchment Textured Basecoat on his kitchen cabinets, and was curious about using an accent green color.  I sent him back several photos of both greens next to a Parchment sample door.

Today I had a nice conversation with Jeanette from Massachusetts  –  she  inquired about the Cobblestone, wondering how green it was. She also wondered about using the basecoats on her formica countertop.  I told her I’d post the photo’s I’d  previously taken showing the greens, and that in the next couple days I’d try to work up a sample of using it on a counter surface.

Check back for  the counter post – in the mean time here are pictures of the Cobblestone and Bayberry Texture Basecoats –

Cobblestone is on the left, Parchment is in the middle, and Bayberry (with Chocolate peeking through) is on the right. All 3 have been toned.

Bayberry on both sides of the Parchment. The left sample is a two-color finish – Chocolate then Chipping Creme then Bayberry. All samples are toned. The right sample has more toner left on the upper portion. Notice the bright green color on the left sample’s edge? A teeny spot I missed when toning – thats the Bayberry color untoned.

This is the Parchment door next to a Cobblestone two-color finish. Chocolate then Chipping Creme then Cobblestone. Both samples are toned.


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2 responses to “Caromal Colours – Green vs. Green…

  1. Thankyou for posting the cobblesotne and bayberry next to the parchment. I have so many decissions to make LOL.

  2. Glad to be of service 🙂

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