The Kids Are Listening? Is That Really Your Bedroom Floor?

You mean all this complaining and battling is paying off?  Trying to get a 14 year old and almost 13 year old (girl no less…. gads) to keep their rooms mildly presentable?

Well all I can say is, the last two weeks have been lovely…  I’m sure this isn’t the end, but even two weeks is heaven, to a mom that can’t STAND pigsty bedrooms.

Do you see what I see?  If you look real close you can see two bedroom floors –

Yes, the floors!

Okey, a ‘few’ things on out of place, including a pair of shorts flung into the trash can,  but this is heaven, I * heart* my daughter!

Look, he made his bed!  I know, just a five second fling job, but who cares!!!  I   *heart* my son!

Floor!  Sweet, sweet floor….

Thanks kids – I know you don’t read this,  but your little bits of effort, each morning, really means a lot to me!


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