Black Kitchen Cabinets…

I updated my oak island cabinets to a distressed black and still love them –

Yes, you can even hide that heavier oak grain, like mine –

or use it over white cabinets, laminate, melamine,  formica –

Durable. DIY.  Easy to use.  No priming, stripping, or sanding prep necessary.  Use  Basecoat  PEPPERCORN with Toner.   Here is an in depth step by step How To Refinish Your Cabinets Using Textured Basecoats

17 responses to “Black Kitchen Cabinets…

  1. Hello Patty,

    On Primitive Place, it showed that Karen painted her refrigerator from white to black
    using Caromal Colours. What type did she use and any pointers? I want my white refrigerator
    to “disappear” too the cheapest way possible.

    Thank you so much!


    • Hi Karen,

      Wow, I just checked out the nice post they did today on the blog – Karen sent me the pictures and I was going to do a seperate post (I still will) on her fabulous transformations-

      She use the Caromal Colours textured basecoat color Peppercorn (black) on both the fridge and countertops. I am assuming she whiz rolled it on her refrigerator just like the counters – I did a play by play post (you can find it here showing how I’d apply it to counters – you’d want to use a whiz roller and it will take 2 coats. You will definitely want to topcoat it with a polyurethane for protection and durability.

      I hope this helps~ Patty

  2. I am LOVING that black and white mix in the last photo – how slick!

  3. Patty have you been selling many cabinet finishes? I need to get more samples made up! and send out a few new flyers!
    I love the black! Just painted and distressed my island in brown Set coat!


    • Hey Jenney, I dont know whats in the air but suddenly alot of cabinet jobs are popping up – all but one through an ID I work with. In the past I was known to pass cabinet jobs on to other finishers I know, but on the flip I can bring home the doors/drawers and work from home, a great asset, especially in summer months when kids are out of school – do you guys do alot of cabs?

  4. We haven’t done many cabinets! It’s been a few years, but it looks like I need to add this into the portfolio! I plan to pick up some cabinet blanks and make up some samples. I do love the look of the black cabinets!


  5. Love the black cabinets, Patty! I didn’t do mine in black, used English Brown instead but am thinking of a change. I covered up our heavy grain with burlap, everyone likes that part. Gorgeous post!

  6. Hi – Found your blog looking at black cabinet pictures. You have a picture above and the picture tag is black-kitchen-after-1. Can you please tell me which finish was used on those cabinets? Thanks


    • Hi Hal, no all the cabinet photos up to where I start to talk about my own are just photos showing various black cabinets – my guess is they’re the original cabinets ordered in that black finish – either from custom cabinet store or builder etc… and if so, then certainly with a hefty price tag.

  7. Melissa Favata

    I am so THRILLED to have found your website/blog! I noticed an ad for Caromal Colours in my Country Living magazine a month ago and was interested immediately. We are moving up to western NY in a cpl weeks, and while I love the house, the kitchen has the honey oak cabinets. I plan to paint them with Caromal Colours…cannot wait! Will practice first on some other furniture I want done before I get started on the big job. So glad to have found you though for such an excellent resource!

  8. Janis Buffington

    Hi Patty! I have solid oak arrowback chairs that I want to paint in black. I want to do a rubthrough finish to show some of the oak color (to look like it is old and worn-Primitive style). Could you suggest a color (is there more than one black shade?) and some basic instruction, please. Blessings, Janis

  9. Janis, there is one black in each line – the textured basecoats is Peppercorn and the Reclaim is Licorice. Both can be applied, then sanded back to reveal your oak – I would suggest the textured basecoats if you are lookign for a more worn primitive style- the Reclaim is a cleaner, more latex paint looking finish. You brush the paints on, sand back to distress. this post shows a lady using the peppercorn over her table

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