More Black – Painted Refrigerator And Formica….

What a pleasant surprise –   A Primitive Place Blog posted a Before and After with Paint today and it featured updated kitchen photos from Karen, over at Catskill Mountain Primitives.  Karen used the  Caromal Colours Textured Basecoat color Peppercorn to update her white refrigerator and terra cotta Formica counters.  Hop over to A Primitive Place Blog and see the before and after transformation.     Here’s a sneak peek-


I posted last week on applying Caromal Colours to countertops  – you can check it out here –


5 responses to “More Black – Painted Refrigerator And Formica….

  1. Totally awesome. My fridge is looking a little to almond color. My counters are too orange. I must take before and after pictures too.

    • oh yes, Jean PLEASE! Take photos… sometimes I’m too rushed and I’ll miss a before and then its too late and I’ll wish I could see the transformation… let me know how it goes. Patty

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  3. I’ve found several pictures of the refrigerator makeover, but not any how to instructions. Can you lead me to that web page? Thanks so much.

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