What Happened To The Toilet Paper Holder?

This evening I had a Gilding Accessories Workshop out at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial.   It was a jam packed day – my week up to this point was crazy, and I didn’t have time to be proactive.  As a result, my whole morning was spent preparing – printing, shopping,  packing.  Somewhere in the planning of what I’d like to demo the leaf on, I decided to remove the toilet paper holder in our powder room –

Hard to see the hardware, let me zoom in –

I’ve never liked it and it struck me (yes, while sitting there 🙂 )  that I could gild it gold.  So I unscrewed the toilet paper holder and packed it up.

I was on schedule.  Truck packed, ready to go.   First stop was my daughter’s middle school – they were running their first track meet and I wanted to catch as much as I could.   It was a bummer at first,  the other team wouldn’t be arriving because of some issue, but they decided to run the meet anyway, records would count etc…     About a 1/2 hour into it,  the rain started –  nice.   All in all, it was fun – I watched most of it,  since there were less runners,  and my 7th grade daughter broke both the 7th AND 8th grade school record in the 800m sprint!  Whoop whoop.

The workshop was a success. I laughed,  as I demo’d the toilet paper holder,  mentioning that my family would probably wonder what was up when they used the bathroom –

Last night my husband was heading to bed.  He popped in to use the bathroom and sure enough I heard a

What happened in here?

I couldn’t help but smile.   I’m part way there,  I guess I need to put finishing this on my list today!


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