A Beautiful Handcrafted Entertainment Cabinet, Caromal Coloured

Scott, from Wisconsin,  emailed me a couple months ago.   He was in the process of building an Entertainment Cabinet and had a finish in mind that he liked.  It was black, with distressed areas revealing some red and yellow.

Did you catch that?

He built it by hand!

He painted it, by hand, using Caromal Colours Textured Basecoats – of course!

I could be at a loss for words… isn’t that ABSOLUTELY FABULOUSLY DELICIOUS?   I think I need to keep those photos in jumbo-normal size so that you can see the lovely detail…  He does not build furniture for a living…

It reminds me of a Habersham cabinet-

Here is the finish he was drawn to –

Here are some work in progress photos –

Scott first stained the entire piece (yellowish color) and then added some Caromal Colours red (Paprika)  and black (Peppercorn)-

then used Caromal Colours Chipping Creme then painted over the whole thing with the Peppercorn. He told me when it dried he chose to not use sandpaper but instead scraped and chipped with a wood shim to reveal the under colors.

I love your piece, Scott!

If you are interested in how Scott layered Caromal Colours Textured Basecoats and Chipping Creme,  check out this informative post.


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7 responses to “A Beautiful Handcrafted Entertainment Cabinet, Caromal Coloured

  1. Kari Fischer

    Wow,,,that finish is fantastic! Scott could do that for a living indeed. What talent.

  2. Geri Gengenbach

    Wow! I absolutely love this piece!!!! I just ordered some of the same colors(big inspiration to me and can’t wait to get my hands on it and start creating. Thanks for sharing these awesome projects.

    • You’re welcome 🙂 It’s one of my favorites – I wish I could get some time, I’d like to start playing more with multi-layering of CC colors ie) applying the red and the mustard at the same time, in different areas, then the black – but in different color combos… the colors dont muddy up, wet on wet, which is nice…

  3. I want to paint a cabinet and island like the one Scott painted. How do you use the chipping creme and do you only apply a little red over the yellow color to get this look? Thanks for your help. This is for a new house do I need the painters to put first coat of paint on the cabinets first?

    • Do I apply any mustard yellow color add some red, cover with chipping creme. then add the paparika over. Yes, what you’d do first is brush on the mustard, I’d do it over the whole piece, then while its wet drag in some paprika red. (see scotts photo below – its an in process). Let it dry, then brush chipping crème over the whole thing – or at least the areas that you KNOW you’ll want to distress – we recommend covering ALL, since it makes the ‘sand to distress’ step easier and effortless…. If you ‘plan’ where you want to distress, sometimes its harder because it either turns out looking ‘planned and not authentic’ or worse , you forget where you put the chipping crème!

      After chipping crème drys, paint whole thing with the peppercorn black. When dry, get out your mouse sander and go to town. Distress until you get the desired look you want. Then wipe off with dry rag, brush on toner and wipe off. Voila! It will be awesome…

      The paints will be durable on their own – but if you want a higher sheen (they dry pretty matte) then I recommend either the liberon bison wax or min-wax’s wipe on poly SATIN. Both are easy, will seal, and up the sheen.

  4. Darcey McKinley

    That cabinet is amazing and inspiring!

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