Caromal Colour Stencil Cremes

Caromal Colours Country Living Artisian Collection isn’t just about their fabulous textured basecoat paints that make cabinet and furniture refinishing a breeze, they offer a variety of other DIY finishing  products as well.

Let’s talk STENCILING.  Caromal Colours offers a unique line of self-stick stencils, eight yummy Stencil Creme paints, and even the brushes to get the job done!

Their Stencils are unique:

  • They are made with a durable, heavy duty mylar for easy handling.
  • No bleeding through stencil – you get a crisp, professional stenciled edge.
  • No more spraying stencil adhesive.  Just peel off the backing, lay on your surface and start stenciling.  No need to tape to walls.
  • One layer stencils makes stenciling quick, easy and fun.
  • When you are done, lay the stencil on the wax paper provided and the stencil retains its sticky back so that you can use it over and over.
  • Easy to clean. The stencils are reusable, can be washed over and over and they still stick.
  • Easy to use.  No measuring is required, no marking registers on the wall is required because the pattern repeat is added right into the stencil design.
  • What’s more is that they are designed to allow some play in the repeated design making continued placement easy.

Their Stencil Cremes come in eight colors –

They come packaged just like this in 2 ounce jars –

and here’s a finger swipe of each color so that you can REALLY see each for what it is –

Price of each $7.99,  and –  a little goes a very long way!


Head to my store below (click icon) and be sure to use my code, PattyH in the coupon code area.   It will save you $2 off shipping,  or if you’re order is $75 or more use my PattyH5 for $5 off shipping.



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