Yup, Faux Painted The Carpet Stain…

We hang out in our lower level every night –  our DVR box and big TV is down there, as are all the kids game systems – “Teenager Nick”  has his coveted XBOX 360 hooked up to the big TV.

Tonight I had to work on samples,  Mark just watched TV upstairs so Nick hung out on XBOX down below.

Did I mention “TN” has been sneaking .99 glass bottles of pop into the house  (what is it with teens and fully loaded sugar pop?) (and flavors that have to be orange, red and purple colored?)

While everyone else headed to bed, I headed downstairs with laptop and popcorn in tow.

And then I noticed it –  2 faded orange hue spots in the carpet, near the hearth.   My heart sunk –  faded red/pink spots in the carpet,  faded orange spots in the carpet –  are NOT good signs.   Might as well blink the neon sign

Game Over.

I grabbed rags,  and a whole lineup of cleaning solution attempts.  Club Soda didn’t work.  Shout didn’t work .  Brush Cleaner didn’t work.  Hot water and detergent didn’t work.  I was sick – it was not in a inconspicious area where no one would notice – this was right out in the middle of the room.

All those mom thoughts rushed through my head like  ‘we can’t have ANYTHING nice’  and   ‘they ruin EVERYTHING’ ….  I even tried the Chlorox Bleach Pen – nothing.

I decided to go in my workroom and grab tints –  thinking I could ‘tint’ the yarns and hide the faded orange.  I saw the Aurastone Aurashades Acryllic Stains….

hmmm…….   I grabbed a couple colors, and a foam plate.  I squirted some colors on the plate and started to add them into the stained area.   They immediately were sucked up by the carpet yarn,  AND – it started to mask the orange color!

The Slate Grey was actually the saving grace – it balanced the area out and made it blend much better with the original carpet…I wish I’d have taken a before photo –   I was so bummed out at the ugly looking stain that I wasn’t thinking   ‘take play by plays while you conquer the stain with fairy-mom magic!’

I stopped for the night, quite pleased,  and will check back tomorrow, when everything is dry.  Maybe it will need a little more touching up.    For now, it feels just like carpet – not crunchy or painted feeling.  I’m not certain how it will hold up to a carpet cleaning,  but I really don’t care – if it goes back to orange I’ll just ‘re-die’ it!

Pretty COOL!


2 responses to “Yup, Faux Painted The Carpet Stain…

  1. That is so funny Patty….only you!!!!

    • It’s the little things in life, you know? Each night I go down there and glance at that area and do an invisible pat on the back to my artistic talent lol

      (last night I even ran my bare foot over the spot to see if it was crunchy 🙂 )

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