Behr Premium Plus Ultra Paint? Ultra Sucks.

Home Depot’s  Behr newer interior/exterior paint –  Paint & Primer All in One….

I don’t often see client’s using Behr brand paints,  and it isn’t one I typically use, but this last week I have been working to personalize a new house that my parents purchased.  My mom and our designer chose Benjamin Moore paint colors for the interior spaces of the house but my mom decided to use Behr’s newer Premium Plus Ultra Interior paint – color matched it –  because she’d read that Consumer Reports March 2010 rated it tops.

Well,  as a professional decorative painter, I’m here to tell you that I hated this paint and think it sucks.  (Mom hated it too and plans on writing Behr a letter)   I came home and googled it.  What a scam… look at this, from Consumer Reports Online

That little article is already telling me that people aren’t buying the hype.  What was the problem?

  • Well , lets start with major boogers in the paint.  Do NOT waste our time,  Mr. Behr, with having to pick paint boogers off the wall surface…
  • Major lap lines.   There were 2 of us rolling,  wet on wet,  so no excuse for seeing every and any roller mark.  Awful!
  • While I’m complaining, might as well mention the packaging – the label barely stuck to the can and got worse as you poured paint, leaving a big open gap for poured painted, dripping from the rim, to drip down behind.

Without even looking far I found this,  Herman’s comment –

What do you do, Herman?   Change brands!  Buh – Bye Behr!

What do I do about it?   Faux over it!


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  1. I have heard nothing but bad things about BEHR paint. My husband started working at a Decor store that sells paints, flooring, fireplaces and everything else that you can imagine. They sell a paint by the name of MFD. From what I have been told, once you use this paint, you will never go to anything else. Like BEHR, they also sell paint that has primmer in it so it saves that extra step. And it doesn not compare at all! I will be giving it a test try when I repaint my half bath and see if what I hear is really great. Not sure if MFD is sold in the States though but I will let you know how I feel about this paint once I use it.

    • Thanks Sandy, I’d love to hear about it once you use it. I’ve not heard of it…

      What’s frustrating is, when DIY’ers take the time to actually research brands for guidance in what they will choose to use, you’d hope the they are getting “real” unbiased information – and Consumer Reports is a name folks think they can trust – I know in my married life we’ve gone on its word before, when looking to make purchases.

      I’d go beyond single referrals like that – with the internet offering loads of current reviews from everyday homeowners, I’d peruse the ‘word on the streets’ aka internet – and see actual users think. This particular brand of paint is quite mixed – as many hated it’s as there are loved it’s – that right there would make me steer clear….

  2. huh I had another finisher tell me it was agreat replacement for setcoat . I love setcoat never have any issues
    I also like valspar Havent tried behr Ultra but you know i never liked behr anyway so I won’t be trying it

    • Kris, I love setcoat – most colors are awesome 1 coat coverage(black and leather red you cant beat) and it rolls out w/out issues… This Behr paint doesn’t begin to compare…

  3. Did no-one notice the classic typo….LOLOLOL
    “Behr hopes that its new direct-to-pro program will spur more contractors to use its pains”

  4. I always say that Behr is a Bear to paint with!


  5. WOW — Thanks so much for the “heads up”. I’ve never liked Home Depot’s paint department setup, so although I’ve used Behr in the past it’s been quite a while. This new paint had caught my attention, however, and I was certainly going to keep it in mind for my next project!!! I can’t thank you enough for saving me a lot of grief! I’ve had good luck with Lowe’s Valspar. It’s half the price of Sherwin Williams and I really do like it!

    • I’ve never used Lowe’s Valsapar – its good to hear its been good to you…

      I’d have to say more often than not I’m working over Benjamin Moore basecoats – that and Sherwin Williams…

  6. 4 cans latter ,32$ a can, week behind 1 8×8 room lil bath. im ready too shoot my self

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  8. Love Benjamin Moore – hate Behr. 8 years ago I used Behr and had paint boogers and hadn’t used it since. Then yesterday in an apparent fit of insanity, I used it once again on my hallway and it did a TERRIBLE job of covering my nail holes that had been mudded and sanded well. (I cheaped out and gave in to a sale on the Behr Premium Plus Ultra Paint Plus Primer) NOT IMPRESSED – with the paint or myself. I should know not to compromise!! TWICE BITTEN by the Behr!

  9. I usually do not take the time to rate products but after using this paint (I use the term loosely) I felt a compelling duty to warn others. I used the exterior version of this paint and all I can say is that to call it garbage would be way too kind.
    If you go ahead and purchase it anyway, plan on getting lots-and-lots of it because the paint (cough!) has no hiding ability at all; and get plenty of sand paper because it goes on like wet dirt so you will have to sand between every coat; and get plenty of paint stripper because you will have to make a decision whether to kill yourself by continuing with the work or get even with the paint by completely removing it.
    Oh, and while you are at it, sent a nasty note to both Consumer Reports and Behr.

  10. Behr Ultra is the best paint I have used in 45 years! It is NOT a One Coat Paint! It has NEVER been marketed that way, if you think it is then you don’t read the back of the can like you SHOULD! Shame on you. This paint flows and levels perfectly, it has unbelievable stain resistance and you can scrub the hell out of it with NO rubbing off of the finish. I’ve used it bathrooms and the mildew resistance is impeccable! It has solved all of my issues with mildew in bathrooms. It’s price point is so low I save huge amounts of money instead of buying overpriced Ben Moore or Sherwin Williams. BM and SW are hurting big time!!! They are taking quality out of the can to make up for market share being stolen by BEHR! Behr NEVER takes quality out of the can because sales are through the roof year after year so they can maintain their high quality. If you don’t like Behr then you DON’T know how to paint. Your use to low quality watered down paint that you can brush and brush and roll and roll and roll forever because its so watered down! Behr Ultra you just roll it on and LEAVE it alone, quicker and saves you time!!! It lays down by itself, you are OVER ROLLING it if you get lap marks!! Because you don’t know how to paint with a high quality paint! Try rolling or brushing it on and LEAVING it alone! Its so easy to do, less rolling and brushing means less time which means less work. You need to be a horrible painter if you get lap marks with Ultra. Stop spreading the paint thin, over rolling, and lighten up on the roller! Your squeezing to much out of the roller and putting to much pressure on the surface causing LAP MARKS!
    Behr Ultra is the highest quality paint you can buy at a ridiculously low price. PERIOD!

    • I completely agree! The people who do not believe that BEHR paint is high quality are squeezing to much paint out of their roller, and then like you said Bill, over-lapping too much. Ifr people would rather go out and spend more money on Benjamin Moore, some of which their paint is 80$ a gallon then by all means. I used to be a painter and the contractor I worked for did NOT use BEHR and I hated every minute of it. Every other paint out there is low quality and watered down. Bill you said everything bang on. People learn how to paint and quit blaming the product itself.

      • The two biggest errors users make is stretching the paint too far, and not keeping a wet edge.

        The average gallon of paint will cover about 300 square feet, depending upon how well sealed the wall is. If it is not sealed well, a primer and finish coat, or two coats of the paint itself should be used, assuming it is of the self-priming variety.

        Acrylic/latex paints set very fast. Rolling back into paint which has already begun to set guarantees lap marks or uneven texture. Priming or two coating gives a much longer setting and drying time. Priming helps assure both color coverage and sheen uniformity.

    • Sorry to disagree, Bill. I’ve been painting my homes for many years (40!). Recently tried to paint a 6′ x 9′ wall with Behr Ultra Eggshell Enamel. Sounds simple, no? Well…after three (3) tries, I gave up and went with a flat paint.

      Problems began when the paint dried in different versions of “eggshell”…some glossier than others. Then, after the second coating (1 day apart), the lines would not blend together. After the 3rd shot, even reading and following advice about not spreading too thin, not squeezing the paint out of the roller, buying a more expensive roller and lightening up, it STILL showed pronounced lap marks.

      The good news is that Home Depot was very understanding and replaced the paint with a flat finish as well as refunded me the extra money I paid for this “Ultra” stuff. Maybe they know something?!!!

    • Sorry Bill. I’ve been painting for 45 years and this paint is bad. Rolls out blotchy and brushes leave streaks. 3-4 coats later you “may” have full coverage.

    • Absolutely true, Bill. I have been painting professionally for 27 years, put 4 kids through private college. Like most people, I had a bad experience with one of the lesser quality line of Behr some twenty years ago and vowed never to use it again. On the other hand I try to keep my company up with the changing times, and I saw their Ultra, paint and prime, read up on it and tried it on my own house for a test run. After five years the paint still looked great and I’ve been using it ever since. The cost saving is ridiculous; I save on gallons of primer and the labor to apply it to a house. I’m under bidding most of my competitors by hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars. The bad rep that Behr gets from twenty years ago, as far as Ultra goes, is unwarranted. And Moores is playing catch up, they will have an exterior paint&prime rolling out soon, but don’t hold your breath for it to compete price-wise. If you’re in this business to make money- don’t be so close-minded; I see guys still using only rollers and brushes in stead of being current with the latest in sprayers. Of course, these are the guys working out of a station wagon.

    • Bill, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Are you paid to say this stuff? I have been a painter since 1972 and have had nothing but problems with Behr Premium Matte paint leaving lap marks where there is overlap from cutting in. The Semi Gloss works fine ( I assume the paint you used in your bathroom. As you or anyone else should have used.) but the matte, I’m painting over, almost exactly, the same color. There should be no excuse for the lap marks especially considering my experience.

  11. I must say I agree with you, Behr before Masco got their hands on them was a hi-quality customer oriented paint firm that provided a superior product at a fair price. Now they are more drivin by fancy paint label design rather than quality paint. Frankly, many we know of stopped using Behr because of the marketing driven approach to constanly change a products packaging seemed to only confuse its customers who got use to a single standard of excellence. Behr’s packaging design staff needs to learn what Campbells Soup and Coca Cola learned. When something has worked for you for years don’t screw with it!

  12. The labels on the “Premium Plus” line of paint hasn’t changed in 7 years. The Ultra paint and it’s labels are a NEW line of paint that came out 2 years ago. SOOOOO the label is new 2 years ago and has not changed since it rolled out to the stores. Many have stopped using Behr because of label changes????? Strange, because there has been no labe changes and Behr has gone from a 3 million dollar a year company to a 2 BILLION dollar company in the last 10 years. No one has had more market share than Behr over the last 25 years. The products are strong, Rated #1 in Consumer Report 4 years in a row, and the prices are CHEAP compared to all the competition. Behr is alive and well, ready to steal more and more market share because of its quality, price, and services.

  13. I wasn’t knocking all Behr paint, I was talking the new ‘do all Ultra’… To each his own, but that paint we used sucked, and it wasn’t in the applicating……

  14. It is NOT a One Coat Paint! It has NEVER been marketed that way, if you think it is then you don’t read the back of the can like you SHOULD! Shame on you.

    From the mouth of Behr:

    “Certain colors may require more than one coat for complete hide.”

    that infers that enough colors don’t need more than one coat for complete coverage….

  15. Thank you, your making my point. Nowhere does it say that this is a one coat paint. Behr says “Certain colors may require more than one coat for complete hide.” because they understand that people are extremely lazy and the majority will only do one coat, so they don’t demand that they do 2 coats and they infer that one coat may be adequate.
    While many many colors will cover beautifully in one coat, making the customer extremely happy, Behr has never said that this is a “one coat” paint. I always do 2 coats regardless of the color to achieve color uniformity and added durability. I’m not lazy.
    If people don’t like Behr, its because they don’t know how to paint. PERIOD. Add to that, cheap brushes and rollers along with inexperience and thats when the problems start. When a customer says Behr sucks and I ask how much they bought to paint a 14X14 and they say ONE gallon??? That proves that they have spread the paint WAY to thin and the product never had a chance to succeed, blame it on the paint right?
    Industry fact, no matter what paint you buy
    “95% percent of all paint issues, falilures are due to improper preparation or application” Look in the mirror if you don’t like the paint you use and educate yourself to do a better job.
    If you can’t get Ultra to perform your prep work and technique has to be horrible. Sorry.

  16. I HATE working with Behr paint. I’d rather pluck my eyebrows out with hot fireplace tools. I wonder who paid off Consumers Report. Accusing folks of not knowing how to roll on paint????????????

    Depending on what I was rolling over I think glue would have had less drag. Oh, wait, I forgot, it’s my fault, I don’t know how to roll paint. That is what causes the paint to park on the wall and me to use three gallons of product instead of one. Proper preparation? The whole point is primer and paint in one. Bill you look in the mirror and ask your self why you are so sanctimonious about this brand? Do you own stock? I agree with Patty I think it sucks major and I feel sorry for those foolish enough to purchase it. Oh, by the way Bill I’ve been painting for ten years, your right though its a really hard thing to do properly. (Pleases, give me a break.)

  17. One last thing, Bill you wrote:
    “If people don’t like Behr, its because they don’t know how to paint. PERIOD. Add to that, cheap brushes and rollers along with inexperience and thats when the problems start. When a customer says Behr sucks and I ask how much they bought to paint a 14X14 and they say ONE gallon??? That proves that they have spread the paint WAY to thin and the product never had a chance to succeed, blame it on the paint right?
    Industry fact, no matter what paint you buy
    “95% percent of all paint issues, falilures are due to improper preparation or application” Look in the mirror if you don’t like the paint you use and educate yourself to do a better job.
    If you can’t get Ultra to perform your prep work and technique has to be horrible. Sorry.”

    Is it good business to market to average home owners and do it yourselfer’s a paint that takes an education to apply? Just asking?

  18. 99.9% of DIYers have no problem what so ever applying Behr paint. It is designed for the DIY user specifically for ease of application, coverage, low voc, dry time, hiding, easy clean up, easy touch up…
    Thats why when someone says it sucks I think it’s important to point out that this person has no idea how to paint, or they’re a contractor that feels threatened by Behr and Home Depot because of their blind loyalty to Ben Moore or Sherwin Williams. Plus, a contractor has no idea how to use a quality paint thats not full of water (cheap), and that they have to play around with for 20 minutes on the wall trying to make it look good. Funny that a housewife who paints once every 5 years can get great results with Behr but some “pro” painter can’t! Laughable:))))) Using Behr is as easy as spreading butter on toast, I’m sure some people are incapable of doing that too. So in their mind butter sucks, well look in the mirror it’s not the butter that sucks! Behr is the #1 Rated paint year after year after year, you can cry and say that Behr pays off Consumer Report, impossible. That’s an ignorant statement based on the fact that you have no idea how CR does it’s testing and that it’s the most respected consumer magazine with the highest integrity, they would not be around for decades if it was not on the up and up.
    Behr paint is the best paint along with the best price and no one can touch it. Period……………………………………………………….

    • If I recall, when I wrote this post and researched that Consumer Report deal, it was CR themselves that claimed :

      “We haven’t tested the Premium Plus Ultra products, but in our latest report on interior paints (ratings available to subscribers) Behr’s Premium Plus Enamel was the top-rated low-luster and flat finish and the number four semigloss.”

      This is just an open post, Bill, about my particular experience with this particular brand, and others giving THEIR feedback based on their own experience – some good, some not. I am not here to discount your opinion – you are entitled to it, as is anyone else that prefers Behr and has nothing but great experiences with it. Obviously people are buying it. Maybe you could back off now, feeling that you need to cut others down that don’t agree with you… you aren’t going to change our mind – not even with all the barbs your slinging….

    • Hahaha, thanks for this! I’m a housewife, and I paint about one room per year… I’m painting my cabinets and landed on this site while looking for tips on avoiding brush strokes. Thanks for your comments. Cabinets look great! I used Behr.

  19. Lisa,
    It is extremely foolish to think that just because there is primer in the paint that you don’t need to do “proper preparation” to the surface before painting. You are part of the 95% that has a paint problem and would rather blame the product instead of looking in the mirror and admitting that you don’t know how to paint. I don’t know if its laziness or inexperience or the inability to follow the recommendations of the paint company that makes you think it’s not necessary to prep properly before applying any product.
    If it feels like glue rolling, you are using cheap rollers and your OVER ROLLING the product! Let me help you-

    1. Choose a high quaility roller
    2. Load the roller with paint
    3. Roll with LIGHT pressure on the surface, one loaded roller will do a 4X4 section NOT a whole wall!!!! Stop rolling and rolling and rolling and rolling and rolling and rolling and roll a little more, and roll, oh there’s a lap mark, lets roll some more, rolling, and rolling. Your drying the paint the more you roll causing that sucking sound and your pulling the product BACK off the wall! Get the product on the surface and LEAVE IT ALONE!
    You probably still lick the back of a self adhesive stamp and then complain that it doesn’t stick well.

  20. I used samples of Behr Ultra, Benjamin Moore, Farrow & Ball, and True Value before painting my walls. FB an BM had the best colors, but the walls soaked up the paint- I needed FOUR coats of BM to equal just one coat of the Behr Ultra.

    I loved the Behr Ultra paint -used it in a light grey color – and had no visible “lap lines” or any of the problems described above. It’s not a one coat paint, but the color is elegant and it gave great coverage. Honestly, I think BM is running more of a scam then Behr is. People constantly tout BM to be some sort of “artist quality” wall covering- the color selection is great, but it’s not true to color on the walls and the quality of the paint itself is severely lacking.

    Behr sucked years ago (runny, drippy, just gross), but the new line is excellent.

  21. Bill, what is it to you, about Behr? Why all the energy in putting folks down who do not like it? I know how to roll on paint. My first job was crewing with professional painters for peanuts so I could know the ins and the outs. I’m not a rookie. My finished work is beautiful here is some of it…do this kind of finish and then I’ll listen to you….okay Bill.;topic=387364.0;attach=384;image

    • Let me address the number of coats issue for a moment. First: I apply at least two coats of paint no matter what the brand or what it says on the label. Second: The number of coats is often a function of the color you choose. Reds, you’re begging for 3 plus. With deep-tone colors you need a deep-tone primer with any other non-paint&primer product. Behr can cut out the primer but with deep reds and even, crazy as it seems, certain yellows can need multiple coats. Also, as Bill points out, equipment is key; roller and brush quality. Another thing is additives for the paint. I don’t start any job without adding Flotrol to the paint. It makes any paint like velvet and will lengthen the life of your sprayer by years. My old Graco Ultra 500 is 25 years old and going strong.

  22. I’m an interior designer and have lots of experiences with different paints. I just recently started using Behr Ultra (in my bedroom) and it went on beautifully. It was so nice to not have to prime over new drywall. In fact, I’m just on my way to Home Depot to pick up some Behr Ultra for a few more rooms.

    • Hello! I recently painted my daughter’s room “Sweet Violet” in the Behr Ultra paint. I absolutely love the paint. I painted over flat beige builder’s paint (Sherwin Williams) and it actually did cover in one coat. There are no lap marks and no boogers in the paint. Thank you, Paint Gods!

      Today I was searching Google images for rooms done by real people in this paint – I was surprised to see others did not have the same experience I did. I loved this paint so much, I want to use it again for my living room and need paint color ideas.

      I’ve painted tons of times, and used a few different brands of paint (Valspar, Sherwin Williams, Regular Behr, Olympic, WalMart Colorplace and Kilz paints, and Benjamin Moore). I decided to try Behr Ultra because I didn’t want to prime the existing flat builder paint first.

      I am NOT a pro painter, just a stay at home mom who likes to paint rooms. Here is my method for a perfectly painted room:

      Buy the paint rollers by Shur-line with teflon in them. You can get them at home depot and they have white fuzz on bright green rolls. LOAD your roller! This paint did NOT drip or splatter like other brands have done to me. If you have to press hard to get the paint on the wall, you do not have enough paint on your roller. Re-load!

      Use Shur-line edger pads – they are red with little wheels on them to go along the ceiling, baseboards and trim. When you are loading your edger, just kind of gently, barely put it in the paint and then wipe the paint off a bit on the paint tray.

      Keep baby wipes handy while you are painting! I am too impatient to tape baseboards. If you drip some paint on your baseboard or get it accidentally on the ceiling, a quick swipe with a baby wipe will save the day!

      I also cover my paint trays with a garbage bag, and tie it. That way, when I am done painting, I just untie it, turn the bag inside out and throw the mess in the garbage.

      Better luck painting next time!

  23. FYI
    Behr Ultra is Rated #1 AGAIN in the March 2011 issue of Consumer Reports.
    That is unbelievably difficult to do over and over again. When you’ve been on top for so long, there is a big target on your back. The competition has one thing on their mind and thats to knock you off the top of the hill. Hats off to Behr for keeping their products high quality and low priced, even when costs of raw materials to produce such a high quality paint sky rocket year after year.
    Unlike BMoore and Sherwin Williams who continue to take the quality out of the can to save costs and then spend that money going after DIYers because the Contractor business is dying. Their quality goes DOWN and the prices keep going UP. You are getting scammed if you pay all that money for SW and BM. Big Time.

  24. I’ve been using Behr paints for 20 + years, and have gotten great results most of the time; when I didn’t, I could attribute it to something I did to cause a problem. I use the best brushes, rollers, tools (I’m a fanatic about my tools!) necessary to get good results. Well, I just painted a room with the Behr Premium Plus Ultra, and I am extremely unhappy with the results. It is very thick, and doesn’t level out like Behr Premium Plus, but I’m having a problem I’ve never experienced; little white round grains in the paint! The color is “Beluga”, so almost black; also, the walls in this room were painted with a slight texture, which I’ve sanded down to a tolerable level, and used flat finish to hide as much as possible. I didn’t notice these granules after the first coat, (my eyes aren’t what they used to be) but I didn’t sand the first coat either. The next day, after the second coat was applied, and had dried for a few hours, I saw and felt these tiny and pretty rough little dots, which are about 1 every 1/2″ to 1″ everywhere. If you pick at them, you find they are white and quite round. I then tested the paint with a brush and the same thing! I also didn’t get complete coverage everywhere, but that is surely due to an uneven surface. I’m taking the rest of the paint back to HD to talk to them about it. Does anyone have any thoughts on this problem? Thx.

    • Bucky, can’t help you with the granules- we only found obvious globs in the paint that we had to continuously pick off the wall as we went along. I would send off an email to Behr and ask them what the deal is –

  25. Call 1-800-854-0133 Ext 2 and their Tech Service will help you figure out what went wrong. They have an excellent department and will be able to resolve any issues you’ve had.
    Sounds like because you sanded a textured surface and then painted over it, you are getting residule surface material working its way back into the the paint. The water in the paint is drawing out the texture in the wall.
    Like the old story goes, “95% of all paint issues are caused by poor preparation or application.”
    But of course, everyone likes to blame the paint.
    Globs?????? That’s funny, how can you put something on a wall that has globs in it? I would notice something is wrong with the first stroke of a brush… Weird

  26. Nice language coming from a “lady”. Do you kiss your Mother with that mouth. Explains a lot. Have a good day.

    • Dude, you’re a sanctimonious, arrogant schmuck. I wouldn’t take your advice if it came along with a million bucks simply because of your attitude. Take a hike Billy you’re boorish.

  27. Well, I JUST finished painting a room with Behr premium plus ultra…. and I second the opinion that it SUCKS. I had painted this room several years ago with “regular” Behr premium plus and couldn’t have been happier with the results. The paint was easy to apply, covered great and gave me a long lasting beautiful finish. This previous experience is the primary reason why I purchased the premium plus ultra. I thought “all the great qualities of Behr paint but even better”. WRONG! This paint wanted to stick to everything but the walls. It refuses to roll out properly, leaves lap marks and paint boogers plus I had the added “benefit” of poor adhesion. The paint continuously wanted to pull up with the masking tape.

    Now you can say that it is all my fault…. (As I am sure that Bill will from the comfort of his cubicle at Behr headquarters) I am not a professional, but I do know which end of the brush to hold. So when I am painting the same room, with the same tools, using the same skills (however limited you deem them to be) and get horribly different results I KNOW where the problem lies. This is MY experience with this paint and I will never buy the ULTRA again.

    • Actually you bring up a good point Scott – we repainted all our mains and our 2-story great room years ago with Behr – was the Premium Plus (just checked the cans) and we too had NO issues…

  28. Lisa Pleshakov

    Berh paint & primer together vs Aura from Benjamin Moore, WOW! No comparison Behr SUCKS.
    With Aura, the color was really saturated, full, intense. The flat is so rich looking It went on beautifully. even thought I was warned about not touching up a spot until it dried. I hit a wall with the edge of my little giant, left am inch scuff mark…. IT WIPED RIGHT OFF WITH A DAMP CLOTH! It is self leveling. this flat has the coolest looking MATTE finish. Cutting Edge Stencils recommends using it with their production stencils, I’m doing a Chinoiserie style panel in clients make up room and this washable flat paint is working out great.

    Okay for some soul searching, why do I dislike Behr as much as Bill likes it? When I go to buy the paint the store is kinda crungy…the guy behind the counter acts like he is the Supreme Allied Commander of interior/color selection. I have stood waiting in line and see some of the most HIDEOUS color combinations recommended to the average DYI’er, then they recommend paint kits for $19, then the paint it self, smelly, watery, UFO’s in it…(Me too, don’t mix the bottom hard with a stick.) Load it on a roller and its all splatter, like not much in binders, Aura is like a yogurt, really creamy, no smell. But I would forgo all that except Behr dried after two coats seems to have shadows, faded or un- level areas, and the paint and primer does not go far at all coverage wise.
    Bill why would you post a comment about “Do you use that mouth.” What is that? Shame the person for expressing her view that this paint is SHIT? I, too, believe with my heart and soul that is is the SHITTIEST PAINT IN THE UNIVERSE! I think Behr is a greedy, self serving company, making profits on folks who do not know any better! So Bill, shame on you for pulling your shame crap on this forum. I do believe you work for Behr and you and they suck…Yes, I do talk to my Mom with this mouth!!!!! Patty I think you are great just the way you are!

    Ps no REAL Designer would EVER chose Behr over Farrow & Ball. EVER. just saying……

  29. I really appreciate the reviews. Kept us from choosing the premium plus ultra. We are painting cabinets.

    I wouldn’t normally comment, but as an outside observer Bill sounds *way* too committed to the Behr brand. Everyone could use a little “YMMV” here.

    Reminds me of one of my favorite XKCD cartoons:

  30. Lisa,
    Very lady like, your poor Mother.

  31. Bill, My mother is non of your business. Please go dry up some where, (maybe your cube at Behr?)
    Shame is a cowards game when he can not make a point.

  32. My point is your gross, your poor Mother.

  33. Lisa Pleshakov

    This blog is about painting and paint products. Lets try and not turn it into Craigslist Rants and Raves, okay?

    BM’s, Aura is a great product for a primer and paint combo, very washable and the finish has depth, richer then other paints I’ve used. Goes on beautifully. Very happy it is available…. do pay more, worth it, its that great of a paint. Behr is difficult to even out, drys blotchy, looks chalky no depth. I don’t like it and would tell anyone not to use it. Cheep paint. You get what you pay for.

  34. Behr Premium Plus Ultra is the best paint I have ever used. It is thick, rolls on beautifully, covers great, and leaves no roller marks, brush strokes or “boogers” as some may suggest. It saves time and money, and I will recommend it to everyone. Covers better than Benjamin Moore, at less cost. It also makes invisible touchup’s, and cleans without marking. Not to mention has low VOC without paying a premium for it. I will be using Behr for every project.

  35. Patty, you’re right, there is no luck involved! I suppose I should have said better EXPERIENCE painting, next time!

  36. The problem with Behr Paint started years ago when Masco bought them. Prior to that Behr paint used higher quality ingredients and carriers in its paint. Behr is more concerned with marketing strategy and fancy labels with foil than the actual product inside the can. I will nevr use their paint again.

  37. I used to work at the Behr Paint hotline helping people that were having problems with the paint. What I learned (not what I was taught) was if the paint is giving you problems use a different brand. I have been reading this thread for sometime. I have been debating trying the newer Behr Paints, but I doubt they will work any better. Behr never felt their product was the problem, always the customer using the paint.

    I agree with you that Benjamin Moore is a good paint and from the pics posted above it looks like you did a great job.

    • Thank you for your candor Stefano it is what I have expected from Behr ever since I stopped working for them after 9 years. People are correct in assuming the problem with Behr started after Masco took over. Its never the paint its always the customer. Oh still shilling for Behr hey Bill?

  38. Behr Premium Plus Ultra.

    As a Home Depot paint associate, it would be easy for me to be biased about the Ultra product, but based off of what I have read here, I can’t help but wonder if Bill is somewhat correct. Now, I know that it’s purely opinion, but Utlra is certainly not a bad product. Day in and day out I have DIY’ers, Contractors and housewives all tell me that they like the paint. It is somewhat rare that we get bad reviews on it. Hell, my parents used it and absolutely loved it (Sherwin Williams Lovers). I can tell you in talking to the Behr rep, that it is still a new paint and that Behr is working torward making it a much better product. I’m not going to knock any other brand simply because everybody has their own likes and dislikes, but I can tell you, that Behr Premium Plus Ultra is a very popular paint and with good reason. I’ve used it and I recommend it.

    Home Depot 6561

  39. Chris, I have to ditto everything you said. I also work in the paint department at Home Depot and can say it is VERY RARE when a customer says they don’t like Behr Ultra. At that point I ask why and most of the time I can say it was do to there lack of preparation of the surface and/or using poor quality brushes & roller covers, and over rolling! We have converted several die hard Sherwin Williams customers over to Behr Ultra and they are very pleased with the product and price. I personally try out our products, so I can give my honest view and will tell customers of the pros and cons. It doesn’t matter what brand of paint one uses, two coats always looks better than one. Behr does not claim Ultra will cover in one coat although many colors will not require a second coat. There is a misconception that Behr Ultra is a paint that has a primer mixed in. Ultra uses more binders in their paint for better coverage. Although one CAN use Ultra over raw drywall, our department recommends using a primer sealer first so the drywall does not soak up the paint. Another factor is cure time. Most consumers believe that once paint has dried it’s cured, that is not the case. Actual cure time is about a week and for those paints that use a lot of tint, it can be even longer. Many colors can be recoated the same day but with those colors that have 12-14 ounces of tint, you should wait at least 24 hours before recoating. With one color that I used I could see overlap lines but once the paint had cured, they completely disappeared. I have personally used Ultra and have had fantastic results and the Premium Plus is also excellent. Final comment, if you have a problem with any type of the Behr paint, call the manufacturer.

    Home Depot 3877

  40. Still the Behr Shill a Bill? 😉

  41. So much effort to back up something that does not perform? I’m wondering why? It sucks, pure and simple. Truth is just that. More spent to promote it then spent in making it great.

    Oh, and the Martha Stewart “faux” kits for $16.99 love to see how that works out.

  42. Bill,

    Do you work for Behr? I am not a professional painter. However, I painted three buildings (house, in-law unit and barn) with Behr Premium Plus paint in 2007. The building were properly prepped and primed. Additionally, I sprayed and back rolled two coats (some places three coats). In 3 1/2 years the paint had failed so badly that Behr is replacing the paint. However, I am still out the labor. Is this new Behr Premium Plus Ultra (paint is free) worth the labor I will have hire?


  43. P.S. Bill.

    I will be repainting on wood siding.

  44. I have been reading those “consumer reports” for some time. My boss is an addict and has them all over our office. I think that they are so fake. I honestly do think they take money from manufacturers. When I first read that paint article I almost ran out to HD to buy some Behr. Then i did some research and remembered the last time I used Behr. The paint never levels out no matter what.
    Saying that Behr is better than Sherwin Williams, et al is like saying that WalMart products are better than Macy’s. For the Do it yourselfer that doesn’t really know what to look for in paint characteristics, Behr is fabulous!
    My point is that “consumer reports” is just that… Consumers. Those guys just put some lab coats and make “consumrers” think they are scientists. They are not, yet people get fooled year after year.
    Bottom line: my background is in Architecture/Engineering, and all my paints for my house have been coming from S.W. And I have been painting myself.
    I firmly believe that for the quality of Behr, they should sell it for 5 bucks/gal.

  45. Amen. I have been saying Consumers Reports claiming Behr is wonderful was weird. Something not right, it’s such awful paint.

  46. Allen Robertson

    I’m remodeling a home and have painted a couple of rooms using Miller Paint. It’s a paint made in Portland, Oregon and it has been great. I have a lot more painting to do and I have been tempted to give the Behr a try just because I am so damn curious about just how good or how bad this stuff actually is. You read such wildly varying experiences with this stuff all over the net that it has almost become a dare for me. As in,” I dare ya to use this stuff.” It really has become a curiosity for me. But you know what happened to the curious cat. Maybe I’ll take the $30 dare and try it on a wall or two just to satisfy my curiosity. If it sucks as bad as some people say then I’ll just paint over it.

    • I know what you mean, I often take the bait, just to see for myself. Do it somewhere that doesnt matter – like in a closet, or on a garage wall – you ‘can’ paint over it if it sucks, but one word of caution, from my mom’s house – that first coat of it left lap marks that STILL remained even when her painter came back and painted over it with BM….

      and again, I’ll add in here that when we moved into this house back in 2000 I did alot of my own interior painting and used Behr with no problems – not to be cheap, I just used it because I was one stop shopping – at the big HD – the colors were right there, I found one and that was that. BUT that paint I used was not this Ultra Premium one….

  47. Monte Perez, MRP Painting

    LISTEN EVERYBODY!!!! I am a third generation of my familys painting company. Grandpa, Dad, now I own and run the company. We have used every paint under the sun. Name it, We’ve tried it . Loyal to the manufactures who gave decent pricing and good customer service. The paint business has changed in the past ten years. Less quality ingredients and more fillers. Raw ingredient cost, higher shipping and fuel cost…. etc,etc. I switched to Home Depot. Better paints, better cost. We have made the worst paints look good. Behr Ultra is very good. I personallly apply a good 1200 gallons average per year. Our niche is multiple colors in high end residential. Great coverage and durable. Let the paint completlely dry (4 hours give or take), before looking for lap marks of uneven coverage. Always use high quality brushes and roller covers. HD has Glidden, and the new Kilz 300 line. These paints are good as well. I like SW, BM, P&L but dislike the fact that I have to pay alot more money to get the same quality products as those at Home Depot. I find the there is no more prestige in going to these stores when my profit margins have increased by using Home Depot. I have steady work year round. The guys who use SW, BM, have to increase their bid or use cheaper quality from these stores to compete. The game has changed in recent years. People shop on price first. Over the border crews are doing most of the work for minimum wages. I am usually midpriced in bid because I save money by using HD Paints and I dont have to worry about getting hit with 2-3 price hikes by SW and BM, per year. I will challenge anybody to come to my jobsite and show me negatives about HD paints. In fact I will pay you wages for the day to help my crew and I apply the paints and show us these problems stated in this article. HD will win this battle whether we are using interior or exterior paints, especially the Behr Ultra.

  48. You wrote:”Let the paint completely dry (4 hours give or take), before looking for lap marks of uneven coverage.”

    Why in the world would I want to “look for lap marks or uneven coverage?”

    Just painted my bedroom in Aura on coat, total coverage. Washable, color depth is exceptional.(new technology suspends the pigments evenly in the paint.)

    You want to use cheap paint who’s binders will separate and leave your walls looking like a chalk board in 6 months go for it. Guess it would be good for business you’ll be back sooner.

    Personally I want my paint job to last. Yes Behr is cheaper, but amortizes the cost over a year the difference between crap and quality, add the cost of the labor, do you really want to save pennies on cheap paint? Or look for paint that gives you uneven coverage? (Your words not mine.)

  49. I also had a terrible experience with Behr paint. Bought the semi-gloss for a contractor to paint trim in my rental property. it was so thin you needed three coats to cover. My contractor told me to go to Sherwin Williams. After that, it was one coat and done. I would have had to pay the guys labor to paint all the trim three times if I had stuck with the Behr paint. Had two different contractors. Both told me that Behr used to be good but no longer has consistent quality. Will never buy it again.

  50. I’ve helped my dad do a major renovation on a rental house and I also paint on and off as well. I’ve applied Kelly-Moore, Dunn-Edwards, Benjamin Moore, Glidden and Behr. I prefer Ben Moore or Kelly-Moore myself but Behr does have a good tech support department and their regular Premium Plus line is a decent paint, I’ve had mixed results with Premium Plus Ultra – coverage can be OK to poor with certain colors – Behr does have fade issues. On the other hand, I used Ben Moore’s Ben/Eco Spec WB/Aura in a few rooms and I can see the difference, Aura does have “pop” but even Ben covered nicely in 2 coats. I’ve primed with either Glidden Gripper or Zinsser 1-2-3 before painting, it does make a difference since there’s no way a paint/primer can be a good sealer.

    Personally, if I get paint at Home Depot my first choice is Glidden. The new formulation is much nicer to work with than their older Evermore lines, I can’t seem to find their Spred/Endurance lines locally.

  51. I have been a licensed general building contractor and professional painter for over 40 years. I do very high quality work. I always use the best Purdy paint brushes and roller covers.

    I used Behr Premium Plus Ultra flat and satin for the first time, over the last three days. I painted ceilings, walls, and trim, using several colors. This Behr paint is overly thick, yet when rolled seems to cover reasonably well on the first coat. Because of its thickness and drag it is very hard to brush and cut in accurately like it should. Using it to paint trim can be a nightmare. No doubt about it, the paint is very hard to brush appropriately. I hated using it and hated the results when using a brush for detail work.

    After putting a second coat of satin on wood plank tongue and groove wainscoting, and brushing it out very well, with a medium stiff Purdy brush, I went back and found runs and sags that never should have been there.

    A good painter paints by feel as well as painting by sight, and Behr has the worst feel I have ever experienced. I love to paint, to do intricate brush work, and cutting in perfect edges and lines, yet the last three days have been miserable. The Behr paint is extremely hard to apply properly with a brush, and I’m sure it must be thinned considerably when brushing to eliminate the drag. When rolling it must be put on fairly heavy with a loaded roller, and because of that the coverage is poor.

    One more comment. I have always noticed that the best, most durable water-based paints are easiest to clean up, even when somewhat dry, not sticking badly to skin, to brush bristles, brush handles, and other things the paint comes into contact with. A little soap and warm water cleans up the best paints very easily. When somewhat dry and thick it will even peel off in a flexible sheet. Poor quality paints are just the opposite, hard and not so flexible, soluble, or softenable. They wear poorly. When barely dry they stick like crazy and are terrible to clean up. Brushes take a lot of extra work, even if cleaned hourly. Behr paint is terrible on brushes and brush handles. As far as cleanup, It reminds me of Glidden paint I used 30 years ago, which was the worst I ever used, and have never touched Glidden since.

    Yes, I’ve been spoiled with the lost and forgotten brands of marvelous oil-based paints of yesteryear, and the great water-based paints before they went to low VOC. I love painting, but if I had to paint with nothing but Behr, I would give painting up altogether. Painting with Behr is not really painting at all, it may be a counterfeit form of applying paint that some call painting, but in reality Behr paint has absolutely nothing to do with the art of painting.

    No matter how well Behr paint holds up, I can’t stand applying the stuff. It is a serious waste of time and effort, and is not suitable for the quality of work that I do.

    • Amen, if you don’t understand after that post then you like making yourself crazy, have at it and use Behr.

      Wonderful, honest, and beautifully written post! Thanks for taking the time! Well done!

  52. I never would have thought that this post, a couple years ago, would still get feedback – to me, thats because the subject hits home with the reader, enough so that they choose to take the time to share their experience, be it same or different.

    As much as this generation of internet, blogging, facebooking, tweeting, web siting etc bothers me (I have 2 teenagers so you can imagine why) this is one way I do appreciate it – that you can search for information on what you are looking for or curious about, and often you can find pertinent information.

  53. Behr Ultra Premium Plus in Satin SUCKS! I can attest to this. I have used Behr Premium in Satin on my kitchen this past year and it worked beautifully. It was ONE coat of a very light blue, over a very dark blue. This is why I purchased Behr this time thinking the Ultra would be even better. I painted ONE wall in a 10 X 10 bedroom. It took the WHOLE gallon to do orange over a tan color. Ridiculous. I am headed to Sherwin Williams to have them color match it for me so I can get this room done. Right now, my husband is using SW on a hutch downstairs and is putting on ONE coat of white over dark brown and it is completely covered! Behr is the SHITS!!!

  54. i painted my interior with the bear w / primer. a month later i noticed a hazy film on my windows, mirrors, decanters and glass on my paintings. it is hard to wash off and it reappears in less than a month. my mom used the same paint recently and she is getting a film also. has anyone else had this happen?

  55. opps behr paint not bear paint

  56. Nothing but Para love it! Premium or Ultra line, by the way General paints has had the same type of paint for over 15 years. Not a new concept buy good paint and stay away from the idiot box stores! They tend to do better colour matches at real paint stores and have rollers and brushes worth buying!!

  57. Very shocked to hear these reviews. I love Behr paint and have not had any problems with it. It is all that I’ve used in my entire two story home. Interesting that so many don’t like it. I don’t know what the differences could be.

  58. First off I have worked for home depot for 5 years. Next I have worked in paint for that same amount of time.

    So what I’m I try to get at. When somone comes in saying they are a “pro painter” I laugh. Pro painters never went to school so they charge the same amount what mechanics charge who got an education. Next these pro painters use the same technique that people used 40 years ago. Next they can’t read labels. With the paint primer in one it dosnt say anywere that u can just do one coat of paint. The first coat acts like a primer then your second is ur paint finish coat.

    Go buy cheap paint and behr and paint any surface with 2 coats. Then throw water or even coffee and wipe the surface down. See what great paint does and cheap paint does.

    Use proper 6mm or 10mm rollers when painting wall. Stop using semigloss on walls. Flats give you a better durable paint then semigloss does. When u wash semigloss it turns milky on ur walls.

    Don’t be argent about the work u do just like any technology out there new stuff comes around and u can’t just use the same stuff u learned using old stuff. Ask questions. The people at home depot are working with reps so they are educated on how to use the product.

    • honeybunnyii

      Ever actually try a different paint? Just to make a comparison? BE HONEST. No, because you like many don’t think about what goes into a paint. Like cooking the quality of ingredients DOES matter in the final out come. Know that chalk feel the walls have usually with in 6 months? That is the binders separating leaving the main component of Behr which is FILLER. It’s cheap paint. Then level of denial and unconsciousness about this paint is unbelievable. Why so reluctant to learn about other paint. Who knows you may end up with a better result. Do you all like Bears? I don’t get it. Oh, BTW when you see a oily print on the wall that is again because the filler is so absorbent any thing that touches it ends up staying there. Like your kids palm print.

  59. I found this site while looking for product reviews for the Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint, which I am considering using on the exterior of my house. I usually find sites where regular people post their views on products to be extremely helpful, but in the end, this site was not helpful at all. Most of the viewpoints seem far too rabid and extreme on both sides of the issue, more like what you expect to see on a political website.

    In fact, the most vehement posters (and there are many here), seem to be far too invested in this either being the very best or the very worst paint in the universe. I highly doubt it is either, but I am quite certain it can’t be both. I am sorry I wasted so much of my time reading all these posts, many of which seem to represent people with personal agendas, rather than factual reviews of the product in question.

    • We are talking about paint. What are you talking about?

      • I am talking about paint, as you would have seen had you actually read my comment.

        • I read it, just did not get it. Who made you supreme allied commander of the Behr paint sucks blog? You were crying about how you could not believe what was posted…so we are liars right?

          Look it’s simple, even for you, if you paint for a living, for decades, and you come across a product that is difficult to work with, does not look as good as other products when it’s applied, you post that it sucks… Okay…

          Painting is not something I do once every five years. It’s a passion. I strive to be and use the best. Behr is not it. So you can say how you don’t believe it could be that bad. Okay put your money where your mouth is and struggle applying it. Then look at a nasty paint, cause that is what you’ll end up with, go head. Ignore all the posts that say so on this board. You know best you paint every day right?

          Better still call a GOOD painting company and tell them you insist they use Behr see what they say…GO ahead I dare you! You want to argue about the post’s not about the product. How many ways can someone say it SUCKS?

          If you don’t believe it use it. Pay back is a bitch and that will be your pay will work much harder, spend more money then if you invest in a better paint. Sorry honey, but but been there and done that. That is why I posted to save you some HARD WORK, not to have you say I lie.

          • Wow, you appear to be seriously unbalanced. Your totally over the top reaction just proves my point about the extreme views expressed on this topic in this forum. It’s just PAINT, get a grip.

            I didn’t call anyone a liar, I just said I was amazed at the very extreme views both pro and con posted here about this paint, and that obviously two totally opposite and extreme views can’t both be true, it is impossible. I never said I found one side’s arguments more convincing.

            At the time I first went looking for info, I had not tried this paint, so I had zero opinion one way or the other, which is why I went looking for reviews in the first place. I did find lots of reviews on various other websites that were actually helpful. Many of the reviews here are difficult to take at face value because they are too extreme and contain too many personal attacks on posters with differing opinions.

            Obviously people are entitled to have an opinion (good or bad) on this paint, but getting so worked up and posting such vitriolic comments and personal attacks over house paint is bizarre.

  60. Bizarre indeed. Paint as religion! Some people clearly have an agenda beyond reviewing paint. There are also some who feel that anything sold outside of a paint store is bad by definition. Behr paints may not be the best, but to say they are “garbage”, “junk”, “shit”, etc. is, IMO, a bias beyond reality. If you don’t like it, fine, but many people do. It wouldn’t be so popular it it was truly “garbage”, “junk”, or “shit”. Opinions are not universal truth.

  61. BEHR Premium Plus Ultra paint is TERRIBLE! I just finished painting the 3rd room in our new house, but the first room I used the BEHR Premium Plus paint on. I think I’m going to have to go over it with a 3rd coat, and I don’t have much confidence that it will even look good after that point. The other rooms I painted had the same basic builder paint on the walls, and I used a dark color (blue/green) on one, and a tan on the other, and they looked great after only one coat. The room that I used the BEHR paint in is a darker tan color, and is terrible. So streaky and the coverage after multiple coats is still terrible in many areas. A close look at the walls shows that the paint doesn’t adhere well or cover well. If I’m going to pay more for a paint that covers better, why should I have to use 3 gallons for a regular bedroom? And, for Bill who can’t seem to stay away from this thread (and obviously has some vested interest in BEHR sales), I am not an expert painter but have painted many a room in my day. This is the only paint I’ve had this problem with. Sherwin Williams is MUCH BETTER paint. Even Lowes has better paint. Don’t bother trying the BEHR unless you have days to paint and repaint and repaint.

  62. OK, full discloser time: My family has been in paint contracting for osince 1907 in America. Earlier than that in Denmark. I was a paint contractor in the Chicago area for almost 40 years. I have worked at the Home Depot for the last several years in the Paint Department.

    I have used the Behr Ultra paints, both interior and exterior, on my own home. I find them to be fine products, having experienced no problems with them. I find them to be competitively priced – and no, HD employees get NO discount.

    During my contracting years, I was mainly a user of Benjamin Moore products. Why? Mainly because customers wanted to see name brand national paints. Were BM paints good? Many were, some not so good, even though I always used their top of the line paints Further, contractors are creatures of habit. They are familiar with a product and its ideosyncrasies and are reluctant to change. This is a major problem for Behr Reps trying to grab more conmercial business.

    Quite frankly, one of my complaints with BM was its lack of consistant quality control. One batch of paint would be very light bodied, the next very thick. Their oil enamel often failed to dry quickly, as if someone forgot to put the chemical driers in it.

    I don’t mean to bad mouth Ben Moore, but only point out that occasionally production problems do arise in the best of paints.

    Why do some people have problems with Behr paints? Frankly, it is hard to say , not having been there to observe all the possible variations , other than the paint itself, which can affect the end results

    When ever I did a home where I was painting over the builders paint, I ALWAYS primed the walls. Going over very dry, chaulky walls can cause a multitude of problems. Ironically, color coverage was not generally one of them. Dry walls suck in so much paint that the color would cover, but the walls would be extremely streaky. A second coat usually evened out the problem.

    Conversely, going over glossy walls can also creat problems. Color
    coverage will be less and the odds of brush and roller skid marks increases, as well as possible bad adhesion.

    Most consumers don’t understand the physics of why some colors cover well and others don’t. Generally, it is a factor of how much white pigment is in the paint and whether the colorants are organic or inorganic colorants. The inorganic primary colors, i.e. red, yellow, blue, don’t give good coverage. The organic colorants such as raw umber and lamp black greatly increase coverability, however, they dull and darken the color.

    Behr Paint warns of those colors which might give coverage problems by displaying a cross symbol right behind the color name on the color card. It suggests that a tinted primer or multiple coats are advised.

    I would have to agree with a previous poster who works at HD. Anecdotally, I get far more praises for Ultra than complaints. Perhaps that is because those who are bent out of shape have already gone elsewhere Or perhaps it is just the Bell Shape curve with extremes on both end with the masses in the middle reasonably satisfied.

    One of my pet peeves is watching home shows on television exhibiting really bad painting practices. The most egregious is going around and cutting all the edges in a room and then coming back to roll! I find this especially aggravating from those who are portrayed as professional painters! The novice homeowner I can forgive.

    Just a few passing observations.

  63. I don,t know where you all bought your Behr paint, but I have to say I have used many paint brands. Behr is by far the best, consistently. Red is the hardest color to use. Behr is one coat with a little touch up here and there with the color red. I recommend you give it another try. I do not recommend Valspar at all. Very thin paint. Gladden is pretty good. Don,t waste your time going to those paint stores. They are much more pricey and not as good as Behr. I swear by this brand. Good luck. My fellow DIYers!!!

  64. Haha WOW. This string of posts was like a bad car accident…you want to turn away, but you just can’t help and look! I am 100% with Sandra and cannot even believe I am wasting my time posting on here. This was about as intense as reading extreme democrat vs. extreme republican discuss abortion, gay rights, and gun control. Hunnybunny whatever dumb name you are, you need some meds. CHILL OUT. We are talking about paint, people. This is not a life or death situation. Seriously, if you don’t have them already, you might want to go see a doctor. I am concerned for you! I have used Behr before and was planning on using it again – I actually already bought a can. I was googling to see what other people thought regarding how it compared to others before I used it (It’s just a stock white). I agree with Sandra. This string of posts was 100% NOT HELPFUL. Most everyone on here is way too extreme on one side or the other. I am also with DJA. Obviously it is not complete crap if it is so popular. If it was total junk, people would stop buying. DUH. I’m not saying I’m all for it either……you know, because I’m a NORMAL person who can see BOTH sides and logically make my decision based on pros/cons in relation to what I am looking for. I understand that many are loyal to a certain product, and that is fine. But to be 100% on either side is silly because every product obviously has both positives and negatives. Opinions are opinions, and everyone is entitled to them. I understand some of you paint all day everyday as your lifelong career and that’s great. But it’s still PAINT. Some of you people are getting WAAAAAAAY too emotional about it. Geez, I was just looking for some pros/cons and wow, did I find them. Got what I asked for I guess. I hope none of you contractors are in my area because I surely do not want crazy people in my house!!!

  65. Melissa, theres no controlling what comments will be left on public forum posts – I don’t respond to most because my intent wasn’t for it to be a pissing match… My point was I truly had a bad experience with this paint and others I knew did as well, and shared my experience. I’ve got nothing against Behr, I used their basic paint years ago to paint several rooms in our house and it worked great – my issue is with the Ultra – I personally found it disappointing and will never use it again.

    I hope your experience fairs better 🙂

  66. I just used behr’s premium plus paint.I bought it based on consumers reports recommendations.It was the runniest paint I have ever used! It was terrible!!!

  67. My experience with Behr ultra premium exterior is an interesting one.
    My customers… A father and son team, painted their sons house with an airless sprayer. They used Glidden paint on that house. The Glidden house looked fine. They started the father’s home with THE BEHR ultra primer/paint. The paint sprayer began to spit every few spray strokes… the sprayer kept plugging and finally the sprayer failed. BEHR rep told customer that he had wrong tip on the gun….. suggested a 90 tip (?). So Was called in… brought my Graco sprayer and gun… bought New tip and spray handle (Graco) for this job. Home depot recommended .015 tip (515 Latex) paint label also recommends .15 to .21. My second can (after being shaken 1 day earlier) was separated into a very watery top layer with a very thick bottom layer. Most cans being emptied had snot strings in them.EVERY OTHER SPRAY PASS… I HAD TO CLEAR THE LINE (extra time ). I used a paint strainer to remove (crud). This was a large 2 story, turn of the century, Victorian home. The initial job was terrible. I definitely do not recommend using a sprayer with this paint. Upon drying, the paint showed every overlap in a flat/glossy appearance. I ended up repainting this entire house with a roller. I thinned the paint and used a thick nap roller to repaint. This was my worse experience with this paint. HERE ARE MY SUGGESTIONS. 1. 70 to 80 degrees… 2. STRAIN PAINT and thin. 3. No airless spraying. 4. Do not warranty your labor. 5. Be prepared to redo project. 6. Paint with paint you know and trust.

  68. Behr ultra premium exterior. I used this 4 years ago to do my wood trim..I prepped the surface down to the original old weathered wood.I hate painting, so I used this “Nano” paint..It was thick…stuck like glue..4 years later ..Almost seems like the trim is covered in a thick rubber coat..Nice..From the day I put it on till now..on my very hot south facing windows..looks and feels like brand new..This thread is like Chev vs Ford vs Chrysler..You will never find a true winner….

    • I used the Ultra Exterior Satin on a new custom made pergola constructed of douglas fir in 2007. Also did the privacy fence next to it. After 5 winters here in Portland, Oregon, the finish is still perfect.

  69. I honestly don’t know what all the fuss folks are griping over is about, I have used this Behr with Primer and been pleased with the results.

    I think anyone who thinks ANY PAINT is one coat and done is a fool, there is no such thing. I often find that 2 coats of PRIMER are neccessary to do a job right, then 2 coats of Paint. I know many claim 1 coat of primer, and I suppose if you have a newer home with a smooth level surface of drywall maybe, but as an owner of 100+ year old home with textured plaster, I can’t imagin using only 1 coat of primer and thinking you have a solid base.

    The BEHR paint plus primer has always given me a very nice finish on even deeply textured walls with 2 coats, and saved me the step of 2 coats of primer ahead of time. For those keeping track that’s a 50% saving sin time for a few bucks more a can, absolutely worth it.

    Those claiming roller marks, I can only say not sure what you are doing wrong, but you are definitely doing something wrong. My guess would be trying to spread the paint too thin, especially paint with primer built in. Its a much thicker beast than standard paing, and overspreading would be very easy if you are treating it like its just regular old paint. A well loaded roaller may cover maybe a 4×4 to 5×5 area before needing reloaded. If you are spreading it any more than that you are spreading it way too thin.

    I have found that this paint i 2 coats can cover even a very dark colored wall with a lighter color beautifully. Durability I can’t speak to as I haven’t had it on the walls long enough to say its better or worse than seperate paint and primer, but from a labor perspective and covering perspect this stuff works as advertised.

    Again anyone thinking they can 1 coat ANY wall with ANY paint with a roller I think is a fool, 2 coats is the absolute minimal to paint any wall properly. Rollers by their very design do not provide a complete smooth coat, particular over textured surgaces in one coat.

  70. It’s not about Behr, but the name and the expectation the particular paint sets with Customers; Premium, Plus, Ultra, One coat – you add Super in the name and maybe it will go on the wall by itself…

    The paint name raises expectation from the older Behr paint, but it sounds, by reading the comments, that quality decreased which further increases dissapointment with the brand. The reason I’m here is I had a similar bad experience with the paint – brush painting with it sucks and edging is most frustrating, to say the least. For the skeptics, I used 3 different brushes, and did not skimp on paint (where normally 1 gallon of paint for a room is enough, I needed more with the BEHR paint).

    And for the bigger skeptics, the last wall was painted with a less expensive paint, not Behr, same color – One coat was needed, with some small touchups, and brushing was a pleasure, with no streaks and brush marks.

    This was my experience.

    • Very well said, Hank, thanks for sharing. That’s all this is, each of our’s experiences – and I guess yours struck a note with me because I found myself nodding in agreement through it – not saying BEHR everything is bad, I painted many walls in my old house with basic Behr paint without any complaints.

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  72. Wow. So surprised to read this. I had a wonderful experience with Behr Premium interior paint. I had none of the problems you mentioned above, and found it to be as easy to use, and as nice of a finish as the much more expensive Pratt and Lambert brand. One coat and it covered well. The only time I have experienced paint boogers as you call them was when I used poor quality rollers. Sorry you had a bad experience, but I don’t think it is the norm for the brand.

    • I have also never understood the disconnect between results people are having with what is supposedly the same product. What is the unknown variance? I have been a professional painting contractor all my life and have not had problems with the later generations of Behr paint.

      I can understand the coverability problems as the tints have a tremendous influence on how well a paint covers. The primary colorants just do not add great covering ability, whereas the organic tints, such as raw umber do. Unfortunately, they also darken and dull the color. Any color that is mixed from a full bodied, quality white paint will cover well in a maximum of two coats.

  73. I had my exterior house painted with Behr ultra and had a bad experience.
    This was painted by a contractor. This is my first time with Behr and will be my last. The paint is cracked and peeling. Behr was contacted and are giving me my money back. I have used Kelly Moore paint before without this happening. I will be scaping and repainting next summer and will be using another paint.

  74. Jerry Moore; Moore Company

    Not a very helpful website except that 90% pro and novice painters say they do not like Behr paints. I have used Miller House paints for years and found nothing better. Our local store closed recently leaving me without a close outlet to buy it. Miller lasts all of 7 years on my house just one mile from the Pacific ocean. The south side gets wind, sun and heavy rain and it lasts all of seven years and more. Because Miller is a Portland Paint it isn’t reported in Consumer Reports but I’m not sold on the report when so many are saying it is NOT good. I think I’ll travel a bit and buy the Miller Paint and avoid “repainting” even if they do give you money back on the paint. Paint is the CHEAP part of painting, when Behr guarantees the job (labor chipping and prep work) I’ll consider it. Not until.

  75. wow people get really emotional over paint
    I am not an expert o paint, i used mostly Behr Brand in my house and i worked well

  76. I think a lot of people need to read the fine print on the Behr Ultra can for themselves before they use this product. Although this product is promoted and advertised as a “paint & primer in one”; on the can it actually says to use the product as a primer. I found that out AFTER I had already painted, lol. So you’re basically paying nearly DOUBLE for coloured primer. FYI: Any paint store will tint a white can of primer (to match the colour you are painting with) for free if you ask them. Also found this out AFTER I had already painted, lol.

    I wasn’t expecting Behr Ultra to cover in one coat but I was surprised to find that after two coats there was faint lapping (not too bad though); even though I applied the paint generously and didn’t try to “stretch it out” as some may try to claim. I used quality brushes and roller covers, not pressing hard when rolling but letting the roller do the work. I used 1.75 gallons on three 8×12 walls, and one of them had a window about 4×3. At first I was disappointed because of the lapping………..

    ….THEN I read the fine print on the can, that Behr’s Ultra is to be used as a primer. Once I read that I wasn’t surprised at all (you’re not going to get a finished look even with a coloured primer in most cases). Also, the walls WERE very dry and had never been painted with good, quality primer or paint before (they were covered in builder’s paint) and were in need of a good primer. So while I was painting, it just sucked in the Behr Ultra product like a sponge which also explains the faint lapping. Now the walls are ready for a good finishing paint.

    I think this product might work well if you are covering an existing wall that has already been primed & painted with quality product in the past. However, if your walls are in dire need of priming (i.e.,. if they are extremely dry and have that “chalky” feel to them that builder’s paint has) then expect Behr Ultra to INITIALLY act as a primer, not as a finishing paint. If your walls are extremely dry and chalky, don’t expect this product to deliver a finished look even in two coats; it might take three to get that “polished” look you are hoping for.

    So the way I see it, I have two coats of coloured primer on my walls that still needs a good finishing pain. I have to say though that for a primer it doesn’t look that bad.

    • Anthony,

      As one who actually sells Behr’s Ultra, I would generally agree with you. Ultra can be used as a primer, but in that use it constitutes a very expensive primer. When sealing new drywall or going over very porous contractor grade paint, it would be more cost effective to use a dedicated primer.

      When the final coat is to have a high sheen, two coats of any product or combinations of products do not obtain the ultimate sheen and eveness of sheen.

      If painting over an existing wall which already has latex paint on it, is of a low sheen, such as stain or below, and in good shape, it is not really neccessary to prime the wall at all! The wall can be merely painted twice if neccessary to obtain color change and eveness of sheen. In this scenario, Ultra performs very well.

      When painting rooms of an intermediate size which would require about 1 1/2 gallons per coat, the Ultra becomes quite cost competitive. Rather than buy a tinted primer and end up with a half gallon of an odd ball colored primer, and then buy 1 1/2 gallons of finish coat and then have too much left over, it would have been better to merely buy 3 gallons of Ultra and go around twice with the paint.

      As to streakiness: often this results from recoating too soon. Regardless of label directions, several hours of dry/cure time is advisable This is especially advisable when using strong colors that are loaded with colorant. The colorant slows the dry/cure time.. Also, Behr Ultra continues to even in sheen over a longer period than the dry time. I have personally sheen the Ultra used in my home even out with time.

      Just this last week, I painted the interior of my garage with Ultra Flat Enamel over the very dry builder’s paint. After twelve years in a heated garage, the walls were quite ssoiled. Also, my son used to smoke out there. I was concerned about possible nicotine bleed through.Since the walls have a sanded finish, washing was not a good alternative. Ultra does not claim to stop nicotine. I was happy to see that Ultra covered beautifully, with no nicotine bleed. I was also pleased to see that after a couple days, the Ultra dulled to its normal soft sheen without any streaking.

      Dry as the existing paint was, I did use up about 4 gallons of Ultra, or about 200 sf per gallon. Were I to put a second coat on those walls, I am confident that the coverage would increase to its more normal 300 feet per gallon.

  77. Dave, the walls I painted were actually covered in one coat of latex paint already (I’m assuming the previous tenant only used one coat of paint and didn’t prime the walls, since they still felt extremely dry.

    I was told at Home Depot (three times by the paint department) that one gallon of Behr’s Ultra “paint & primer” would give me 400 square feet of coverage (three times). Realistically it worked out to about 200 square feet per gallon.

    As to the streakiness: I let the first coat dry for 24 hours before applying the second coat. So the lapping cannot be attributed to applying the second coat too soon. I wasn’t pressing hard when rolling and applied the coat generously. I also only used quality roller covers and let the roller do the work.

    About using this product as a primer: I was telling people what it actually states on the Behr Ultra can itself. If you read the fine print it says to use Behr’s Ultra as a primer, period, end of discussion. This is not my opinion or my own unsolicited advice but a fact. Yes, this would make it an expensive primer, and that is my point I’m trying to make. It’s a rip off.

    In my opinion, it would be more cost/labour effective to use a separate primer & paint (not Behr). I’m not saying Behr Ultra is the worst product in the world but it does not deliver what it promises and is nothing more than a clever marketing gimmick in my opinion. To call it a “paint & primer in one” on the front of the label in large lettering, and to then have the fine print on the side state, ” use Behr Ultra as a primer” is a deceptive business practice.

    I think that Home Depot employees should provide full disclosure when selling this product to potential customers and inform them that the product is to be used as a primer, JUST LIKE THE FINE PRINT STATES. lol

    • Anthony,

      I would agree that the Behr labeling and TV advertising is somewhat vague.The term ” paint and primer in one” does not mean that it is a one coat product which performs both functions in only one coat. Nor does the label or advertising claim that it is a “one coat” paint. It only means that the Ultra may be used for both the primer coat and the finish coat.

      If one is going over a quality paint and the color change is not too great, then yes, Ultra can be a one coat product.

      Once again, I would agree that from a strictly cost perspective, a dedicated primer would often be better. Would I prime several thousand feet of new textured drywall with Ultra – hell no! But I certainly would then consider using Ultra as the finish coat, especially where hard duty will be encountered.Ultra is very scrubbable and resistant to the high humidity of kitchen and baths.

      As to Ultra’s coverage: there is no way that Ultra will cover 400 square feet per gallon, even when going over a well sealed wall, if applied at the proper rate. 300 feet per gallon is a good average over decently sealed walls.

      The best testimony that I can give s that I continue to use Behr Ultra for both the interior and exterior of my own house. Fifty years in the paint contracting business has made me my own worst critic!

  78. Update: I just spoke with the manager of the Paint Department at Home Depot here in Vancouver B.C. and she agreed to refund the entire amount for the 2 gallons of Behr’s Ultra which I purchased.

  79. Dave, I just wanted to clarify that I never stated or even hinted that Behr Ultra covers in one coat; nor did I say that the label stipulates anything of the sort. I already stated that I put two coats of the product on the walls, 24 hours apart and it still was not up to par.

    I will repeat what I already stated; the fine print on the Behr Ultra can itself says to , “use Behr Ultra as a primer”. There is no way around this issue. People are paying an inflated amount for what is basically coloured primer for that’s what Behr Ultra is.

    This product may work great under certain circumstances but for the average undertaking I would recommend for people not to use this product, as there are better quality paints on the market. Behr Ultra does work great as a primer I will admit.

    As for coverage, I was told by Home Depot employees that I would get 400 square feet of coverage; I asked three times as I spoke to three different employees. If you’re lucky and the conditions are perfect you might get 300 feet of coverage but I seriously doubt that in most cases.

    I’ve done a lot of reading in the past 5 days, reading reviews on several websites and forums regarding the performance of Behr Ultra. For every good review there are 10-15 bad ones. And the supporters of the product always seem to work for Home Depot, lol.

    • Anthony,

      I would concurr that HD associates are being greatly optimistic in stating Ultra has 400 sf coverage, although that is stated on the cans as the upper range. 300 feet is more normal when going over well sealed walls.

      I make a point of reading the paint reviews floating out there on the Internet. I would agree that there is much negative in the reviews. Quite frankly, I don’t see the disconnect. These people are using the same paint.Some love Ultra, some disparage it. Why the difference in results? To a large degree, I believe there are a lot of people who just don’t know good painting technique, including many that profess to be “professional” painters.

      Were I not using both the interior and exterior Ultra products in and on my house, I might be more understanding, but I have had nothing but positive results.

      The other disconnect is that I do not receive such negative feedback in the store.Were such widespread dissatisfaction out there, I should be fielding more ire at my paint counter.

      It is sosmewhat human nature. The average person does not complain unless they are really upset. If you are satisfied and the product met your expectations, you generally don’t make a point of mentioning it, except perhaps casually to your neighbor.

      In any event, you apparently have found that Home Depot’s customer service is generally very accommodating. They replaced or refunded your paint.

  80. Just painted a bedroom with Ultra eggshell finish. It was a deeper gray tone covering white. 3 different inexperienced painters were rolling at the same time. The room is 11 x 14 and I must same the coverage was excellent and there were no lap marks, “boogers” or areas that didn’t cover properly. We used 1 gallon and had , maybe a couple ounces of paint left in the can.

    I had previously used Behr exterior paint to paint the aluminum siding on the house, also with excellent coverage and results.

  81. Behr paint quality has suffered through the years they cheapen their ingredients and they care more about their fancy foiled labels than they do about the actual product. I am done with Behr paints, they are garbage it’s Dunn Edwards for me from now on!

  82. when I had my bad experience with Behr I went straight to the main company and complained not my local HD store. We bought 12 gallons of paint. Part of it was ok and other was extremely poor to the point that I will need to scrape and repaint this summer…yes they did refund the entire amount for the paint but the most cost is in the labor which I will have to pay again this summer. I have yet to decide what other paint to use. I will not be using behr ultra again. How many times can I pay someone to paint it…I insisted on choosing the paint which was Behr
    ….this time I will let the painter do that.

  83. Well……let me add to the confusion! I have successfully painted many rooms with Behr ultra premium paint/primer in the flat finish. Great coverage(I always apply at least two coats) and easy problem-free application. I have long been a fan of Behr color saturation. I find SW and BM paints too murky and flat with their colors. However, I recently painted another small room and find myself here on this forum trying to figure out WHAT ON EARTH happened to this paint?! It took three gallons for a small bedroom–but that wasn’t the biggest issue. I had random sections with a different finish to it–looks like a different color in places. Also no matter how quickly I worked, I couldn’t avoid texture problems where the paint had seemingly set/dried already. Instantly. Not ten minutes later. The only difference in my previous paint was the finish. The fiasco room was painted in the eggshell finish while my previous successes were painted in the flat finish. Perhaps the flat paint is still a great product? I’m afraid to try and need to paint a hallway……..

  84. I am a painter and have used most brands of paint. I can tell you from experience that behr is a inferior paint. I don’t know about the longevity of it but as far as applying it will drive you crazy. No matter how hard you try to work with it the finished wall always looks like crap. So not only are you ill about that you also used a paint that took twice as long to apply cost you more in material and ruined your reputation and pride. Stay away from this stuff it is like painting with colored glue valspar is a much better choice for the money.

  85. I am really surprised to see such negativity about the behr ultra premium plus. I have used this paint quite a bit and have had good results. I used a Wagner paint crew sprayer to do the entire exterior of my house 5 years ago and it still looks good. I will say that I put on two heavy coats because it seemed to go so far. I couldn’t believe how little I needed. The sprayer worked flawlessly. I also painted the entire interior at the same time. I will say that one gallon of the interior paint I had to take back because something was seriously wrong with it, they replaced it with no problem and the replacement was as good as all the rest. I have read through this entire blog and am wondering why no one has thought of the problem being the purchase location or maybe the individual mixing the paint. I have truly never had a problem with the exception of one gallon and I just assumed that it was just a mismixed situation. Maybe it was the batch that the gallon was from. I’ll never know but I do know that I’m getting ready to spray three rooms and a hallway and going use behr because every time I use anything else I’m cussing like these folks are cussing about behr. So goes with primers too. I always wish that I had started with behr instead of using a primer first. When I’m done I’ll post the results. Maybe that will be helpful. Maybe I’ll get pissed off at behr too, but I tend to doubt it since I’ve already done some testing. Even though I tested I still listened to someone at the HD counter and used an oil based primer to start, luckily I didn’t get too far with it before stopping. This stuff took all weekend to dry when the behr spot that I tested first had dried and covered just fine in a few hours. I took back the other two cans of primer. I really don’t prep like I should either, so I am really confused here, I tend to go the bad batch or bad mix route. We will see.

  86. Behr Ultra Exterior Satin finish is the BEST paint out in the market today. Period. I am a painter of 29 years and the stuff is like glue in a can. It stcks, rolls, brushes, and sprays beautifully. Consumer reports is an independent fair based company. They KNOW their products and the Behr Ultra has been on their top spot the last three years. If you put two coats of the Ultra on your house, you are done. For good For a very long time. It;s a done deal. All you people that complained about the Ultra EXT do’nt know what you are talikng about. Period. Nuff said.

  87. Sorry Norman, I won’t touch that paint with your…”you know”, Nuff said
    Just saying and all the other passive aggressive things you can park in a post.
    Folks it is poor quality paint. Don’t use it, simple as that. I do know what I am talking about. I understand QUALITY. Fine things. This paint does not have the depth, performance, you’ll have chalk feeling walls after 6 months when the binders dry up…just watch…

  88. Wow! This is my first blog ever. Looks like I picked a doozy to pop my cherry. I am a competetor brand paint rep and was looking to find out about a new Behr product that is suposed to hit soon. Google leads me hear and an hour later… here I am. Bill obviously works for Behr, but I wonder how many other bloggers work for competitors. I hate Behr, but I am obviously biased. Love to see all of the Behr haters!

    P.S. I honestly think Consumer Reports takes bribes

    • Biggie,

      I was a painting contractor for 35 years and my family has been in that business since 1907. I think I know paint and its application. Durng my contracting years I was primarily a user of Ben. Moore products. Very good paint, if somewhat overpriced.

      I have yet to determine what the disconnect is between those that love the Behr paints and those who hate it. Presumably it is the same paint coming out of the can.

      I do admit to now selling Behr paints. I have used many of these interior and exterior products on my own house with great results. Most recently painting over the contractors paint in the garage of my 12 year old house with one coat of Ultra flat enamel. I must admit, I was impressed. It covered a darker, dirty, chaulky white in one coat with great coverage and a nice even sheen. Add to that a touch of nicotine since my son used to smoke out there. Even that did not bleed through, although Behr does not claim it will stop nicotine. The point is, I cut corners on painting my own house and the Behr paint was forgiving!

      Further, I don’t get this highly negative feed back in the store. Here the praises far outnumber the complaints. I do try to consul consumers when I think they might get into trouble, such as in using very dark, vivid colors which will likely not cover well. Here is where good painting technique and good tools really make a difference.

  89. Ordjen,

    What’s your point? I didn’t ask for your credentials. My response to the blog was “Bill obviously works for Behr, but I wonder how many other bloggers work for competitors”. Meaning… how many of these BM or SW lovers are employees just like Bill. To me it sounds like a fair amount of these bloggers might have an agenda. Not all, but I can tell the from the lingo that there are some reps writting a response pretending to be a DYI’er or painter.

    On a side note….my guess is that Bill is also using the alias “Kristen” and “Carrie”. Just my guess

  90. I’ve always been a Benjamin Moore guy but have been on a tight budget lately with a baby on the way. We have been working on the nursurey and decided to give Behr a try, mostly for the price. I will never use it again. Even after two coats of Kilz on the new window frames I’m going to have to use three coats of Behr semi gloss to get the kind of coverage I want. Not worth the money we saved.

    • If two coats of Kilz and 3 coats of Behr Semi-Gloss haven’t coverage, there is something wrong beside the Behr! What, did you help yourself to some untinted “medium base” white off the self? I have actually seen had this happen.

  91. Interesting thread. As someone stated earlier its a i like chevy, no dodge is better, no ford is the best syndrome. Ive been in business for 25 years and painting for 35 years. I have used all the brands at one time or another. I am able to use and make any brand look great in the end. Some take more work than others but the final appearance is great. Now heres where it counts. Durability. Theres a vast difference in washability and touching up from brand to brand. Its something most paints today seem to lack thanks to the EPA getting involved and taking out a number of ingredients for a better environment but it really changed the maintenance factor of today’s paint. Now I exclusively use Behr Premium Plus (zero voc) for its washing and touch up factor aside from ease of use, great coverage and true gloss levels in all sheen’s.
    I left Benjamin Moore twelve years ago and Sherwin Williams two years ago because of constant price increases. (average of 3 a year. really, raw material excuse every time. BITE ME). When a gallon starts to cost 50 to 80 dollars each , it should come to the job and apply itself! I realize this thread is about Ultra, have not used it yet. No need to switch when extremely happy with Premium Plus. Behrs price factor for both lines is where a gallon of paint today should cost. Too many people have that “its the greatest paint because its $70.00 a gallon ” mentality. Benjamin Moore has done real great with that marketing scheme and have their painters and designers buying into it. Moores and Sherwin Willams are losing so many contractors and home owners every year because of pricing. If their products are so great why do they carry between 5 to 8 different lines each and both companies are always coming out with a better product than their last highest priced paint saying this new ones better than the last one that they said was the best ever and then charging even more? (Could it be all about $$$$$ ? You bet your sweet bippy.) Behr has two lines of paint that are extremely successful why the need to have more. Anyway everyone has their favs for whatever reasons just remember because its high priced doesnt mean high quality.

    • Lad,

      Wonder of wonders! Behr is coming out with a new super premium line within a couple months.It is supposedly going to be priced significantly higher than the Ultra. I am not privy to their marketing strategy, but do wonder what’s up. If Ultra was so good with its “nano” technology, what sudden breakthrough has come along to justify the reputed higher price? We will have to wait and see.

      I am with you, For most projects the old Premium Plus is fine. I do like the Ultra in areas such a baths, where even the eggshell is rated as suitable. I have the Ultra Eggshell in both my baths and laundry and have really been satisfied with it.

  92. WOWZER…..this post has a life of its’ own! 2-3 years running?????

  93. BINGO DAVE!!!!

    Behr has consistantly come up with a “now better than ever” paint. I will recap for you. First Premium Plus, then “One Coat” (what a flop!), then Premium Plus ULTRA (but i thought premium plus was the cats meow), then premium plus self priming (HA!), then Ultra NOW WITH STAIN BLOCKING (i dont think the formula changed at all), and the latest is going to hit shelves this year with a price tag around $50 per gallon.

    Behr does have a marketing team that deserves all the kudos. But the paint isn”t what it claims to be. No paint is. Lad is right about one thing…lower VOC’s means lower quality paint.

    The Behr company was extreemly lucky back in the 80’s that HD took off like it did. HD took off like a sun of a bitch and Behr was just along for the ride. They have been brainwahing HD associates ever since. I have never seen such sheep in my life. I worked for Depot back in the day, and I would have customers returining paint telling us it just didn”t cover (especially the white). The Behr rep would convince these poor customers that they didn’t know how to paint and talk them into buying MORE of this paint that they did’t like. I must admit they do know how to sell.

    FYI- Behr is targeting SW and BM lately. So as I read through this blog I am wearry about those who call out SW and BM specifically. Sounds like they might be employees of Behr.

    F Behr!

  94. To the previous disgruntled Behr hater who stated, to be weary of those calling out SW and BM specifically, yes one should be weary when getting ripped off. Their are no bigger price hogs than those two in the painting industry. If you can deny this fact than you are out of touch with the current paint prices these two try gouging from contractors and even worse , the poor homeowners.This has been going long before HD and Behr came along. .I have never negatively put down any product itself that a company makes, just what they charge for it when its astronomical. As I stated in my original post I am a painting contractor of 35 years not a sales person so i must add this. People ,you need to stop implying that, whenever someone doesnt agree with a persons view of a certain company, that they must be an employee of that company. I assume were all grown ups here. Facts are facts just accept them.

  95. Dear Lad,

    My friend…welcome to a wonderful concept called free enterprise. American companies will and should charge what ever the market will “BEHR” ha ha. If people want to spend $80 a gallon for paint then god bless. If you are truly a painter, and I have my suspisions, you have every right to excersise your choice to purchase what ever product you want. That’s how capitolism works mr painter. If Behr was such a superior product than they would be the largest most powerfull paint brand in the US. But they are not. They aren’t even close! So I guess the consumers have spoken and they say SW is best (by fact that they are #1 in US sales by a landslide). I know the Behr guys have big eggos ( I have seen first hand) and that is a fact they just can’t come to gripps to. But the truth is the truth. And no I do not work for SW. I do however, work in the industry and my eggo allows me to give props when props are due.

  96. biggie,

    “SW is best (by fact that they are #1 in US sales by a landslide” If you are in the paint industry, you are somewhat lacking knowledge in relative size of the major players. PPG does 3 times SW domestic sales, and that before their recent aquisition of Akzo Nobels U.S. holdings to become undisputed number one.

    Sales wise, Behr and Ben Moore are similar. But then BM has had a rocky road over the last several years. After many quarters of flat growth, they finally showed a positive quarter and the CEO took the executive staff on a Carribean cruise. Warren Buffet, whose holding company owns BM, got wind of the CEO’s largess and sent a delegation to BM’s headquarters and gave that CEO the “purp walk” out the door. Good for you Warren!!!

    No wonder BM has been not growing in light of those paint prices!

    Over the last several years, BM went on a buying spree in the Chicago and other areas, buying up smaller retail paint chains in an attempt ot have more outlets for its paint. In retrospect, maybe they should have been finding a way to make better paint at lower prices!

    In my 4 decades as a painting contractor, I used primarily BM paints, mainly because the consumer wanted to see a big name brand paint going on their house. I pandered to their wishes, even though I felt, in many instances ,there were better products available for the task at hand.

    I don’t mean to bad mouth BM. They make many fine products, and many really mediocre products. So do most manufacturers. I often caution people getting bids on painting to not just accept that BM or SW paint is going to be used, but exactly what line of that paint will be used. Then they should call the local paint store and ask them how good that paint is. Is it top of the line, or “contractor’s grade”?

    I would concur that early generation Behr was not very good. I was requested to use it a couple times and agreed to do so. In those days it did not cover well. If you choose to use the Ultra Pure White straight out of the can, it still surrenders coverability.

    Most manufactuer’s paints that say “white” one the label have already been significantly grayed down and therefore cover significantly better. I hardly ever used pure white exactly for that reason – poor coverage. It also appears too bright in most instances.

    Over the last several years, I have been using both interior and exterior Behr products on my opwn house. Up until now, I have not been disappointed.

  97. Dave,

    I don’t disagree with any of that. But that still doesn’t change the fact that SW sells more paint than anyone domestically. Akzo is huge in europe and asia but now after being accuired by PPG for 1.4 B has close to nothing in the US. The fact is that there is SW at #1 and everyone els is fighting for #2.

    I have been around HD and Behr enough to know how much smoke they blow. From painting balloons to nano technology to “we dig deeper to get whiter TI02” to paint and primer in one. Read the label on the paint and primer in one. The only time they dont reccomend to use enamel undercoater is going over a clean dry dull existing paint. At which point NO PRIMER IS NEEDED! Its all smoke and mirrors buddy.

    I was watching Survivor tonight with my family. I noticed the first commercial was Behr. You want to talk about overchaging for a gallon of paint…how much do you think Behr pays for all of their advertising? You think maybe their paint prices are inflated to cover the costs? Have you noticed how much premium plus shelf price went up in 2012? Its not the bargain it once was.

    F Behr!

  98. Biggie,

    The Behr paints can be used as an undercoater, but why would anyone want to use relatively expensive paint as primer? It is often convenient, but at a price. Ben Moore’s Regal Wall Satin was always a very good undercoater and I frequently just primed and painted with the paint to buy time and convenience.

    I prefer to give customers dedicated primers tinted to the finish color. I try to steer them away from PVA, to pure acryic primers. I used to use a lot of PPG acrylic primer when I needed a really good sealer.

    Ultra will bond very well to glossy oil surfaces. I have actually made test samples to prove it to myself. Being from the old school and a “doubting Thomas”, putting a “latex” paint over oil was heresy. It is a tribute to the new generation of acrylic paints that many will bond directly to slick surfaces without a dedicated primer.

    According to Painting Pro Times, the 2011 sales figures for the U.S. are:
    – PPG $13.6B
    – SW $7.57B

    It is interesting the the European and Asian figures are much bigger than the U.S. market: $18B, $32B and $40B respectively.

    • Behr All in one has a clay filler base. It’s pretty tough to get a consistent response using my Graco sprayer. The standard latex spray tip cannot be used either. The clay base adds weight to the paint, this tends to cause sag. The worse is that a 3 story house had to be resanded and repainted by rollers in order to fix. I don’t care about which rep has the correct sales numbers. I care about quality and labor hours… Behr causes additional labor hours and equipment costs in order to do the same job as with Sherwin Williams.

  99. Confused. Biggie,do you really think $27 and some change is overcharging for a gallon of paint ( Behr premium plus) ? Compared to $45 to $75 a gallon from the so called Big 2 (SW and BM) .You yourself quoted ” American companies will and should charge what ever the market will “BEHR” ha ha. If people want to spend $80 a gallon for paint then god bless.” You don’t make any sense. You advocate one thing, charge whatever you can get ,and than complain of a price increases. Also comparing SW to Behr or even BM in paint sales is not exactly fair. SW not only makes their own paint but also produce and or own Ducthboy, Krylon, Sears Easy Living, Martin Senor ,Pratt & Lambert, Min-Wax, just to name a few which also add to their sales figures. Let alone Purdy (Huge in paint supply sales).

  100. Hi here, I’m a professional scenic artist and have had nothing but great success with Behr Ultra.
    I’ve never had lap problems, never blending problems, and I’ve rolled, sprayed , brushed, stippled, ragged and muraled with it.

  101. Hi there, I’m a professional scenic artist and have had nothing but great success with Behr Ultra.
    I’ve never had lap problems, never blending problems, and I’ve rolled, sprayed , brushed, stippled, ragged and muraled with it.

  102. April Anderson

    My husband and I have painted two bedrooms, the outside of an exterior door and two interior accent walls using five different colors of Behr Premium Plus paint. We used the rollers and brushes that were recommended, applied two coats, and got perfect results. And, no – we neither own Behr stock nor sell it, and the only painting experience we had prior to using Behr paint in the aforementioned projects was painting part of our small laundry room. Will we use Behr paint again? Absolutely yes!

  103. I have very little painting experience… just a little room painting around the house. I bought Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint in a matte light mauve/pink color and it covered royal purple and grass green walls in 2 coats with no problems at all. I did notice that the paint requires two coats to achieve the desired color (it’s too light with just one). I’m surprised so many have had such trouble, because the paint worked just fine for me, and I loved the “one-product” process. The paint may not be ideal for professional painters who are using fancy sprayers and such, but for the average homeowner who wants to slap on two coats of paint to change a room, Behr Premium Plus Ultra seems great to me.

  104. Agree!

    The reason substandard paints are “top rated” is based on SALES – not quality. Sure it’s America’s #1 selling paint. Most people don’t know any better and purchase paint where they buy toilet parts.

    We have Behr black that will not dry. Ever. We painted a desk 4 *months* ago and it is still tacky! I know how to paint. We did it properly. The paint simply stays sticky forever. Same paint on a canvas is doing the same thing. I really think it’s defective.

    • Kimberly,

      If you know “know how to paint”, you would not have put an acrylic product on a piece of furniture in the first place!

      • And the canvas? The paint was recommended for wood. Sanded, primed and then painted it should be fine. It isn’t. Behr claims that the dark pigment is the issue.

        Had similar issues with another version of Behr dark red exterior and friend’s had a disastrous (as in won a claim against Behr) situation with deck stain.

        It’s not a product I would choose and it appears many agree. Many to not – which is certainly good news for people who sell paint in big box stores 🙂

  105. Tamara Robinson

    Very interesting, these reviews. Perhaps expectations are too high, for the price? Personally, we could not afford the prices of a stand alone paint shop. I am a homeowner, not a professional painter so perhaps I don’t understand. My husband and I painted most of our house (interior), 6 months ago, using Behr premium plus ultra with the eggshell enamel. I’ve never heard any suppositions indicating that eggshell will look as nice flat paint. If you like a perfectly flawless finish, flat is much better. However, if you are like me, have many animals and need to be able to wipe the walls down as many times as you want to, flat will not do it. It won’t be flawless for long! About the Behr paint, we really liked it. I’m sure Benjamin Moore may be better but it’s also a good bit more expensive. In lots of reviews, we read you could cover with only one coat of the premium plus ultra Behr. Definitely not the case, but two coats looks really nice. One thing we noticed, in contrast to some of the professional painter’s reviews, it was not possible to just put it on there and leave it. The sides of the rollers were leaving run marks. All we did to fix this was put it on, about 10 minutes later, run a fairly dry roller over the runs, lightly, kind of moving in all different directions and the lines were gone. Just lightly, quickly and only one pass over each area so as not to pull paint back off. I’m guessing our painting skills are lacking, which is how we ended up with runs, but after the two coats, and our little trick to smooth out the runs, it really, really looks nice. We had also read that the paint was so thick it would fill in small indents, cracks, etc and again, not the case. The wall just had to be flat as has always been the case while painting. This stuff is not magic, just a good deal for the price. It is so nice to be able to literally scrub on the walls and nothing but dirt on the sponge, no paint. I think the label suggested not to scrub the walls for 3 or 4 weeks, and we complied after all the hard work we’d done but now I scrub them with soap and water often. We have four dogs and two cats all of whom use a dog door, with this paint all around it and an area of wall they rub mud on pretty much any time it’s raining. I also painted the entire kitchen with this paint and have been able to just wipe things right off. Anyway, the two cents of a simple homeowner.

  106. I called Behr about the premium ultra plus, paint and primer, five coats of this paint and the still the hole patches came thru. They said they would reimburse us and send the proper directions. We have to go and buy separate primer(2coats) and then another 2 coats of the paint…waste of time… they have not reimbursed use nor have we received the info needed.

  107. People please! Forget one coat! It does not exist. If you’re looking for a one coat coverage, go get a mink.

  108. Just finished painting out the ceilings in my house with Behr flat (not ceiling paint). Never used it before but was not happy with the BM used in my mother’s house last summer. (Loved how the BM dried finish but absolutely hated working with it.) Bought the Behr paint in 5 gallon buckets. It’s been wonderful. I’ve purchased some exterior semi-gloss but haven’t tried it yet. I’ll post after I do.

  109. UNBELIEVABLE! We spent an entire month painting the exterior of our house with Behr Brand Ultra last summer in Fairbanks, Alaska.It was gorgeous……But come December and 40 below zero and the paint shriveled and peeled off!! The house is a mess! It looks like it was painted with a mixture of flour and water and it dried and flaked off. We followed every step of prep and painting.
    Totally unbelievable mess!

    • Jennifer,

      Just curious, was the peeling to bare wood or to an otherwise intact coat of paint? Was the underlying paint an oil paint or a latex paint?

  110. Am painting for over 20 years, my client decide to use the Behr ultra premim flat finish, (Florida mango) after appling four coats on the walls the paint still not covering plus the matt finish looks more like eggshell finish,

    • Darek,

      There are many things which can affect paint coverage.i.e. The color being covered, how well sealed the wall is, quality of the equipment being used, experience of the person using them, etc.

      Having read your criticism, I mixed up a test sample of Ultra Florida Mango Flat and applied it to a test drawdown card. A test card is on glossy cardstock with black and white stripes on it, perhaps the worst case scenario for good coverage. I used a 4Mil drawdown bar, 4 Mils being the thickness of a well applied coat of acrylic/latex paint. The results was that after the first coat there was about 80% coverage. After the second coat, 100% coverage was obtained.

      I don’t know what factors you encountered on your paint job, but using my empirical data, I can categorically say it was not the Behr paint!

      Questions to answer are:

      How much paint did you use on how much area? Typically, a gallon should only cover about 300 sf, a little more on a well sealed surface.

      How much drying time did you use between coats? This color has about 12 ounces of colorant. Colorant significantly retards the curing process and a longer dry time must be given between coats. This is indicated on the Behr label.

      What color were you going over? Going over white is the worst case scenario. Worse yet is going over multi-colors in the middle of the wall. However, as my drawdown card indicated, this paint covered black and white stripes perfectly!

      How slick and well sealed were the walls. Obviously, well sealed paints suck in less new paint and are therefore trickier to cover. Again, my drawdown cards are very slick and I achieved perfect coverage in two coats.

      How good was your equipment? Were you using a quality tight knap, 1/2 inch roller cover?

      Were you carrying a “wet edge”, or going around and cutting everything in first? Always a bad practice!

      Just a few musings from a retired painting contractor who spent a 57 year period behind the brush, commencing with being dragged kicking and screaming by my painting contractor father to work summers when I was 13. And yes, in full disclosure, I now work at Home Depot to keep active. I enjoy the work and enjoy helping customers keep out of trouble or analysing what went wrong with their project.


      • Hi Dave,first of all I thank you for the advice,,,,,ok,,,the walls that was painted are brown ,,the roller that I was using is the purdy white dove for smooth surfaces ,the first day I apply two coats ,3-4 hours between coats…the second day one coat and the third day the final four coat,,,,enough time for properly drying,and yes I applying wet edge painting ,,the walls are about 350-400 sf…I use two gallons of paint ….for your information I use lite collor BM ULTIMATE for the second room where the walls was painted green ,after applying third coat of paint the walls looks perfect …this is not about how to applying the paint ,,this is about the product. ,,unfortunately this paint sucs ,I hope Behr will do something about it and stop fooling people whit the pretty labels on their paint cans.

        • Darek,

          If you are covering 350-400 feet with four coats of paint and only used two gallons of paint, your coats were rolled on WAY to thin. A 9X12 room with 8 foot ceilings should use about a gallon each coat. A full, flowing coat of paint will generally hide better than two thin coats of paint.

          A well rolled wall using a quality 1/2 inch roller cover would result in a film thickness of 3 to 4 mills. Two coats at such a film thickness, depending on color choice, will cover just about anything, including my black and white striped drawdown card.

          A brown wall would actually be advantageous over covering a white wall. White tends to reflect light back out through the paint film. This is why painters often gray up primers under colors such as red or yellow which do not block light transfer.

          In short, I think you are scrubbing out the paint way to thin. Use a 1/2 inch roller and apply the paint to two generous coats, allowing it to level itself giving maximum coverage.

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  112. Bill sure has a hard-on for this paint. I just used this paint to paint my Grandmother’s bedroom. It rolled on nicely but any paint that went onto the taped baseboards had to be cut away from the tape with a razorblade, else it would peel the paint right off. Fresh drywall, terrible adhesion.

    • Mikemo,

      Acrylic paints take up to a month to attain their maximum cure and adhesion. It is a good idea to immediately pull the blue tape after completeing a wall section. If two coats are neccessary on a wall, cut in real close to the tape on the first coat. The second coat would then be applied over the tape as normal. Again, pull the tape as soon as a wall is cleared.This also has a second advantage: should paint have gone under the tape, fresh paint is easily removed with a damp rag stretched over the blade of a putty knife. The slicker the old wall paint, the more important it is to pull the tape immediately, or at least before it has dried.

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  114. I am not a pro painter, however, I have painted dozens of houses on the side. I have used many many brands of paint including BM, Valspar, ICI, Duron, Dutch Boy, Glidden, Olympic, SW, Porter-PPG and decided to try Behr Premium Plus Ultra to re-paint my deck railing. It was white over white. It looks like whitewash instead of paint. No coverage at all. Paint and primer in one is a joke. I will not buy Behr again.

    • Bob,

      Were you using “Ultra Pure white” straight out of the can, or had it been tinted? Ultra pure white is what other manufacturers would call “Number 1 Tint Base”. Other manufacturers market what they call “White” that has already been significantly dulled down with lamp balck and or raw umber. A few drops of each will great ly increase coverability.

      Manufacturers make “White” for just this reason – it covers better. For whatever reason, Behr has chosen not to make stock White, but to only stock Ultra Pure White. From the logistic standpoint, it saves self space. However, if the customer is not warned what they are getting, complaints result.

      Frankly, I rarely used pure white except in the presense of pastel colors. The tinted “Whites” look absolutely gray next to a pure pastel color. They look fine against a stronger, duller color.

      Bob, next time you decide to put white on a house, ask for the other manufacturer’s No. 1 Tint Base and see how you like the coverability! 🙂

  115. I don’t have the paint near by Doofer, but it is probably as you said. I bought it at Home Depot and they told me it would be fine. I guess not.
    I can see right through it. Thanks for the info. I’ll get something else. Bob

  116. I just finished painting my living room (16′ x 30′) ceiling with Behr PP Ultra ceiling paint – there are shadows that are breaking my heart after all the work. I bought the best roller they had, did not prime (painting white on white and “paint and primer in one” is stated on the can.) I went across the 16′ back & forth in ~2.5′ sections, and started at the same side of the room for each pass. My friend moved the ladder for me, and “spotted” any areas when wet for any misses; really tried to be meticulous. I don’t know what to do – whether to buy 2 more gallons of Behr & go the opposite way or whether to paint over it with something else. Ideas anyone? BTW, also used same paint on dining room ceiling to “repair” the paint job my son did with Dutch Boy Ceiling Solution (goes on violet, dries white) that was pretty much a disaster. Two coats of Behr later, it’s better, but similar “shadows” – I thought it was from what happened, but now I’m not so sure….

  117. anyone? ideas/thoughts about my previous post & how I should proceed, i.e., repaint with Behr, or with something else?? I appreciate any comments, thoughts, ideas – thank you!

    • Those of us who have replied have been shot at and poo-pooed by hose who are Home Depot or Behr employees. Don’t believe the hype, go get a good bonding primer, get it tinted toward your final color and repaint it.


        Repaint,but not whit ! BEHR ,
        Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone powered by Mobilicity

      • Behr Ultra is both paint and primer in one, however, that does not mean that it will neccessarily give a nice even sheen in only one coat. As with a dedicated primer and finish coat, two total coats are required if the surface is not really well sealed.

        Was the existing ceiling paint a flat sheen? Was it still the builder’s paint? If you wet your hand and place it on the ceiling, does it turn dark as the water soaks into the paint? These are signs of less than well sealed paint which will require two coats to obtain an even sheen.

        Try one more coat of Ultra using a quality 1/2 roller cover and try to lay the paint film out nice and evenly. I would really be surprised if the sheen does not even out.

  118. Your means of telling the whole thing in this piece of
    writing is genuinely good, every one be able to simply understand it, Thanks a lot.

  119. I do feel that the way Ultra is advertised leads to some misunderstandings. “Paint and Primer In One” merely means the same product can be used for both coats, but two coats are still neccessary. This can save time and mess in not having to deal with two separate products. It does not neccessarily save money as dedicated primers are usually considerably less expensive than the paint itself.

    Would I prime a new house full of bare drywall with Ultra? Absolutely not!
    However, if you are going to do an existing 12X15 room which would take 1 1/2 gallon of primer and 1 1/2 gallon of paint, you would be just as well off cost wise to simply go around twice with the “primer and paint in one” paint since you would not have a half gallon of primer and a half gallon of paint left over.

  120. To be clear, I was painting over a previously painted ceiling – white on white, not on bare drywall or another color, It didn’t occur to me that one coat wouldn’t give good coverage, given it’s supposed to have primer in it, and it’s billed as a premium paint.

    now to decide whether to re-coat with Behr of change paints —
    if I decide to change paint types, i.e., Benjamore Moore, would it be better to prime over the Behr, or will the existing coat count as “primer”?

    • Vinnie,

      During my contracting days, I used almost exclusively Benjamin Moore products. I used their premium flat paint, Regal Wall Satin, a lot. The label stated it was a good self-primer and it was, but if I put only one coat on the ceiling, or over the builder’s paint used on the walls,it would frequently streak badly. A second coat would then even out the sheen.

      When I was the first painter after the builder’s, I always primed and paint, even over brand new painted walls from the builder.

      The irony is that some of the really bad “contractor’s paint” would dry to a nice even , dull flat. that is precisely why the contractors use it – it is forgiving and easy to touch up. Just don’t try to wash it !!! The pigment will literally come off the wall !

      The point is, I could have just sworn at that damned Benjamin Moore paint, or I could do the neccessary thing – paint two coats! Often it is not the paint, but the circumstances one finds on the job site..

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  122. ordjen, several times in this blog you have mentioned that you do not like the idea of cutting in walls and ceilings and then rolling the paint. Could you explain what procedure you use for painting a basic room, such as a bedroom for example?

    • Fred,

      With any paint or stain, the goal is to always carry a “wet edge” on the paint. You never want to be rolling or brushing over a paint that has started to set up, or is even dry. Cutting in all the edges in a room first can result in a more solid coverage at the margins, shinier margins, and if the paint has partially set, texture that will not go away leaving the edges with a pronounced texture.

      Have you ever gone in a friends house and noticed there was a shiney margin in the paint aong the ceiling , along the baseboards and up and over the doors and windows? Cutting in first ( or after) is whythis happens. Paint holds it sheen to a higher degree over a well sealed wall. Cutting in first seals the margins better than the main body of the wall.

      If you are doing a complete prime and paint, or two coats with one of the paint and primer in one products, the above mentioned effects will be somewhat mitigated as the wall will be vey well sealed, but it is still well advised to do your cutting in and rolling simultaneously, bringing the whole wall down at the same time.

      My technique is working off a 3 foot painters ladder ( taller if neccessary). A painters ladder allows the roller tray to be attached to the top step. I cut in the ceiling line and then roll one roller with very close to the ceiling. I then move the ladder further down the wall. Since the ceiling line is now a roller width down from the ceiling, I can take nice long rolls the full height of the wall without stretching and without worrying about accidentally hitting the ceiling.

      Each fill up of the roller will only lay down one stripe the width of the roller..One of the biggest mistakes of amateurs is not using enough paint and not re-rolling the areas to assure an even coat.

      Being right handed, I feel more natural working from left to right. However, I am constantly rolling back to the left, re-rollng those areas which had been covered the previous strokes. This is done to leave a nice even coat over the whole wall. Uneven thickness of the paint, along with poorly sealed walls, is what causes streakiness!

      I will have taped all the baseboards before starting to paint. I also like to tape around door and window casings. This takes a little time, but the time is all regained during the painting. It also allows me to roll very close to the casings, leaving a nice even texture. This is more important when glossier paints are being used, as they show texture more.

      Immediately after finishing a wall, I pull the tape, if it appears that another coat is not neccessary. If any paint snuck under the tape, it is easy to remove when it is still wet by wrapping a damp cloth over the blade of a putty knife and running it along the baseboard or casing. Also, it is never a good idea to let latex paints dry spanning the tape and wall. Latex paint has a rubbery quality. If left to dry, you risk having “dog ears” pull off the wall!

      If I know that two coats will be neccessary, I cut in very close to the tape, but do not span it. On the second coat, the tape is simply painted over and the tape removed immediately as stated above.

      This is just the basics that if followed, will avoid a great many of the complaints posted on this site concerning streakiness or uneven sheen.

  123. Thank you, Ordjen. I will have to go over what you wrote several times in my mind’s eye.

  124. I have worked for PPG, Kelly Moore, and Frazee Paints in Management and as an Outside Sales Rep, and I have also worked as a Project Manager and Estimator for a Commercial Painting Contractor. My time in the industry spans 30 + years and 3 states. I have witnessed people say that they prefer one brand of paint over another because of one bad experience. Then forever say that the brand sucks. The “globs” can be caused by paint drying on the inside of the can due to how it is stored. Always strain your paint, no matter what brand. That problem is not exclusive to Behr. As a contractor, I have used all brands. The office I worked at in Dallas was responsible for over $3,000,000.00 a year in commercial paint business. Some on this thread complain that the Behr is too thick, others say that the paint is too thin. I have heard these same arguments about all paint brands. I can assure you, a “Painter” can make any paint look good. It’s easy to blame the brand, or the paint. The paint, no matter what brand it is, is not the issue. It’s all in the application. Not all paints apply the same way. But no matter what paint you are using, its up to you to make the project successful. Strain the paint, use quality tools, follow the instructions, do not over-work the product, always apply at least two coats, more for dark colors. If paint sucks into the wall, it needed a primer. Its not the paints fault if it absorbs into an unsealed surface. Primer is cheaper than paint, and actually makes the paint go further. I have used Behr Ultra. Interior and Exterior. They work. It really is just paint people, but the Behr Ultra is really good paint. I am sorry you had a bad experience, but I have seen it with all brands. Not just Behr. So the Behr bashing, Benjamin Moore bashing, Sherwin Williams bashing, just seems silly to me. I think I read that Behr sold 2B + last year? Sherwin Williams, PPG, Valspar, BM, Kelly Moore and Lowes must hate them for it. To the issue of Consumer Reports. The rankings are real. Sherwin and Ben Moore pop in there with some of their lines of paint. Behr doesn’t own the top spot. Behr does make great stains, and their paint is just fine. Behr Ultra Interior Eggshell does not need primer, unless it is being applied to new drywall. But I would use PVA on new drywall, no matter what brand I was using.

    • Scott nailed it. Paint is paint. A good painter can make it work. If you don’t even know to strain your paint, don’t criticize the product. You’re not a painter, and painting isn’t something that everyone can do well. Hire a painter.

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  126. Well, I’m a few years down the road here, but, unlike others who stumbled into this argument, I thought this was a fun thread to read. I was wondering if you all lived or if there was eventually a kind of showdown at the OK Corral.

    I got here searching for information on Behr’s paint with primer. I have used Behr for years and always had decent results with their interior paints, although I have only used BM on the exterior of the home. Anyways, I am not a professional painter, just a DIYer who enjoys doing my own home interior painting. However, I have had such good ‘luck’ with Behr, I decided to try the Ultra with primer — and I really did hate it. It was sluggish, gooey and kind of Glue-y to paint with – and using a brush with it was frustrating (and yes, I do use good brushes and rollers, my dad was a general contractor and taught me that your brushes and rollers are as important as your paint, if not more so. Anyways, I felt the paint dragged on the roller and I have seen all the “blame the user” comments.

    I just want to say that Home Depot purports to pride itself in being the store for Do It Yourselfers, so blaming their customers for difficulty with their paint is kind of disingenuous. It is obvious that the vast majority of their customers are NOT professionals and probably don’t appreciate lectures about how freaking stupid Behr thinks they all really are.

    While I continue to use Behr premium paints, I will not be using their Ultra with primer again. i don’t want to use a paint that requires me to practically take a course just to paint a wall. And I would like to add one more thing about the Ultra: The smell made me sick. That alone is good reason for me to not even consider that Behr product again.

    Behr and its emissaries here need to save the bossy lecturing and consider that if a customer thinks one of their products sucks, it doesn’t make them a moron, it makes them a dissatisfied customer who prefers another product. It is natural for that same person to recommend the company or product they are most satisfied with to their friends. So what? It’s not the end of the world.

  127. My husband and I are painting contractors in Baton Rouge, La. one of our customers wanted us to use Behr ultra. We first used a deglosser on all of the interior trim of her home. Then, used 2 coats of Behr ultra on all of the trim. She called us back a week later and said all of her doors were peeling. We called Behr, and they could not tell us why this happened, but offered to pay for another paint (in Behr paint to redo the trim. Wow, what about all the labor? So, needless to say we had to go back and repaint all of the trim in the house. Lesson learned. Never Use Behr Paints, of any kind. Thanks, for letting me vent. Joanie

    • Jnnbourque,

      I can’t tell you either what transpired on your particular job. As an old painting contractor who has seen latex paint peel from oil painted and varnished surfaces, I decided to make a test sample. I took new door casings and painted one with dark red oil enamel. The other was varnished with Minwax semi-gloss oil-based urethane.urethane varnish. Wanting to test the extreme worst case, I did nothing to dull the surface, neither sanding nor deglosser. To these two test pieces i applied two coats of Ultra, Ultra Pure White Semi-Gloss acrylic enamel straight from the can.

      Result: first the color coverage was excellant. Even the dark red was completely blanked out in two coats. Secondly, the Ultra leveled beautifully. Finally, both pieces have the Ultra firmly adhered to the slick surfaces. Repeated scraping with the fingernail across the edge where the oil meets the acrylic has not been able to peel back the acrylic paint. I have gouged the wood by repeatedly by striking it with the tips of my fingernails, yet the film refused to chip or let go!

      This is not anecdotal relating of unknown circumstances. This is empirical testing under controlled circumstances. I knew what I was going over. i knew that no waxes, oils, silicons or polishes had ever been used on the surfaces.
      I knew that the surface had not been sanded.

      I also know that the Ultra performed beautifully and past the expectations of this ol’ doubting Thomas.

      As a post script, I have never trusted the newer generation of deglossers. the old solvent based deglossers would immediately “eat” into, clean and soften the old paint. I prefer a good washing with TSP and a scuff sanding of the old paint with fine sandpaper.

      • This site has been Hi-Jacked by Behr Reps who will accuse and excuse anything said about their Paint. You guys would do well to change your clay filler paint. My brother is the Pro trained by union master painters he said, he CAN paint with Behr Ultra, but will not give his 10 year no chip and peel warranty on it. 5 years is expected life on Behr. It’s harder to paint with guys, sprayers have to have special tips instead of standard latex tip, paint HAS to be strained first, and recommends thinning. Per local Home Depot Rep. Bottom line? More work in comparison to other paints we have used.

        • Pockrandt,

          In a court of law, your comments would be considered “hear say” and not be allowed. ” My brother is….” Let your brother speak for himself!

          Addressing the original post, i offered empirical evidence of what i have found to be true given a controlled experiment. As stated, I have no direct knowledge of what situation the poster encountered. I do not doubt that the Ultra peeled. The question is why? Just because some failure occurs does not mean there is a quid pro quo relationship in the failure.

          These posts are long on anecdotal situations and short on facts, both pro and con.

          • I am so glad that you made my point. So, let me say Mr Behr Rep I quote him as more of an expert than I. I do not consider myself a master painter as of yet. I have my own experience with the Behr Ultra that I can gladly tell you about. I have been following this thread for about a year. Every time one of the contractors uses this post to vent their frustration with your product, you make sure to question their years of expertise. My complaint to my brother was after a customer requested I paint his 3 story Victorian home with Behr Ultra, I had to rescrape and repaint to fix excessive sag. My brother responded that more work is required with Behr paint, but if you put in the extra work then a reasonable job can be done. I asked if we could offer the same 10 year no chip and peel warranty and he said No. He said customer can expect 5 or 6 years out of Behr.
            Since your veiled court action comment I just want to say, I’m not in court. Kind of a veiled threat isn’t it Mr Behr Rep?
            Of course you will now go on to criticize and cast doubt on my credibility. Go for it. I’ve watched you guys do his for a year now.

            • Pockrandt,

              There was no veiled legal threat, nor am I a Behr rep. The point is how I get tired of hearing annecdotal first hand information, and now second hand annecdotal information.

              I tried to address the specific complaint about Ultra peeling off woodwork, admitting that i cannot know all the facts. I have no idea if the housewife had been using Murphy’s Soap or Pledge to clean her woodwork for years. Ask a flooring guy if he will guarantee the adhesion of a fresh coat of urethane or varnish if he finds out the housewife has been cleaning the floors with Murphy’s!

              What i do know is the results of a controlled experiment that had favorable results with Ultra adhering well to both urethane varnish and high gloss oil paint. I have personally used and tested many of the Behr products and have so far had nothing but positive results, but then, when I do the work, i control the factors which could cause failure.

  128. Marian librarin

    All paints have a product spec sheet showing percentages of binders, pigments etc. to weight and to volume. it is on their web sites. Last time I painted all the premium lines of behr, BM, SW and Valspar brands had similar ratios.
    I have just caulked and spackled some 1980’s Masonite type hardboard siding with Dap premium sure shot?or hot shot?spackle. It has clay and a bunch of other stuff in it. The siding was horrid with nail holes, time warner cable had fasteners all over, over sunk nails, a mess. It dried and sanded beautifully. (So clay is used in a variety of exterior grade building products. I am no chemist but I assume Dap and all paint manufactures hire the best chemists they can get.)
    Anyhoo, I am so excited to start painting because I know it will look so much better! and I thought I would try Behr. I have used Valspar Durmax on my other two rent houses and was very pleased. Two rolled on coats for a lifetime warranty. Four and two years later they still look great.
    But Home Depot is closer to me. And I like Behr interior flat enamel. This discussion didn’t help at all with paint. But if you have beat up Masonite siding, use that Dap spackle!
    Also, the paint and primer must have a lot of adhesive in it. Great because it sticks. But everything has a cost. It Sticks to tools and you have to really scrub to get it off your skin!!!

    • Marion,

      I have painted quite a bit of Masonite type siding over the years. Once the outer tempered surface has been breached through scraping or sanding, nothing but pulpy fiberboard lies underneath. Waterbased paints tend to make this fiberboard fester up. I would advise the use of an oil primer in such a case. This will act to “glue” down the fiber and prevent the waterbased finish coat from festering up the pulp. Acrylic paint is perfectly compatible over an oil primer, once dried.

  129. Within the past 5 years, I’ve used Behr Premium Plus exterior satin in several rooms and they all turned out great. I have no comment on the Ultra line, but the original posters claims sound familiar and I believe are unjustified. “Boogers” originate from cheap rollers; the overlapping lines disappear as it dries (I always needed and expected to need two coats), and the complaint about the label, well you’re suppose to rip it off and keep it to read because it will get paint all over it else-wise. I agree with Consumer Reports, I prefer a paint that’s cheaper, lasts longer and resists mildew, unlike Sherwin-Williams; a paint the painters like because its easy to apply.

  130. Oops. That should have read “Interior” above, not “exterior”. Sorry about that Chief.

  131. I am in the middle of painting my kitchen. 2 and 1/2 gallons later..Behr has ruined my walls. I had flashings that i had to repaint 3 times, which now have caused large, and i mean large bubbles.i am lost on what to do.

    • I’m not a fan of Behr, but you didn’t indicate what you prepped the walls with prior to painting. Tri-sodium phosphate or some guys swear by spic and span first.

      • Such posts scream for more details:

        Were the walls being painted over a higher gloss? Were the walls coated with oil or latex paint? Higher gloss , especially oil, presents possible adhesion problems where use of a dedicated primer, and possibly oil primer, might well have been advised.

        How were the walls prepared? With TSP, scuff sanding? TSP leaves a soap like residue if not thouroughly rinsed. Phosphates and grease create lye soap, just like great grandma used to make.

        What color was being applied over what color? What was the drying time between coats? Dark colors require longer dry / cure times, as stated on the Behr label. Re-coating too soon , especially over slick surfaces, can cause pulling and lifting of the previous coat.

        What total area was being covered? 2 1/2 gallons of paint is a lot of paint, especially if the walls were well sealed to begin with.

        Obviously, I am “shooting from the hip”, but i suspect too slick walls, too little prep, too many coats, too short an interval between coats.

        Better information and pictures would be useful.

    • Judy,
      My painter and I
      have switched to Sherman Williams and have never been happier….I will not use Behr due to all the problems and repainting expense I had 1.5 years ago…from this thread the paint is not consistent.

      • I am absolutely convinced that the great majority of painting problems arise from ignorance of good painting practices. Unfortunately, there are no state licensing tests for painting contractors as there are for electricians and plumbers. ther are also very few code requirements for paint quality and application on new homes. The homeowner is at the mercy of the “painter’ who chose not to prime correctly and then put “contractor’s grade” paint on the walls.

        A knowledgeable painter can adapt his/her practices to the situations encountered. There are all kinds of conditions which can affect how a paint reacts to a substrate. One coat over chaulky paint guarantees streakiness.Deep base paints loaded with pigment require alterration of the application, i.e. three coats on the same day is a no-no, even with lighter colors. etc. etc. etc.

        Just musings of a lifelong retired painting contractor whose family has been contracting on the U.S. since 1907, after bringing the trade from the
        ancestral Denmark.

  132. To Dave above…many states like mine, Florida, do have state licensing for painters. The problem is those that choose to work without it.

    • Palm Beach,

      My native Illinois, in which I contracted for almost 4 decades, does not, or at least did not have 9 years ago when I left. I was always bidding against “contractors'” working outside what laws did exist, such as Liability and WC insurance. I no longer am a contractor, but my present resident State of Oregon does rather strictly control contractors, although there is still no comprehensive knowledge test as by plumbers and electricians. Granted a painting contractor won’t give you dysentary or electrocute you, but they can cause great damage which would be very expensive to repair.

      I guess my point is that many states don’t regulate minimal compentency, rather than just that a contractor is carrying minimal insurance and bonding.

  133. I love love love Behr paints. That is all.

  134. Wow, I must say that this has been an enlightening experience for me and I have learned a lot in practice and further research. I just did my main hallway this weekend in a Behr Ultra Plus Satin (yes I knew the risk of using satins versus something more forgiving such as eggshell; which I have also used this year which was also a Behr Ultra Plus as well-more on this later in this post). This has been the most nerve racking painting experience I have had to date and I was freaking out about what was happening as I was painting the hallway walls for the FIRST time (i.e.-one coat using Behr Ultra Plus paint/primer) but after doing further research and fact finding in an effort to explain what went wrong I see that not too much did and that I am actually quite okay right now.

    My neighbor did one of his children’s bedroom in a semi gloss using Behr Ultra Plus Semi-Gloss and it is incredibly nice-He used 2 coats and told me that I would have to do the same as our walls are spray textured and yes they do soak up the paint initially if you don’t prime first, otherwise, be prepared for some scary moments in the FIRST coat if you are using Behr Ultra Plus with primer in it. Yes, in this case, your initial coat is serving as your wall primer for these types of walls so, yes, like someone else said; if you are using paint/primer then be prepared for the light and dark areas on your first coat despite your best efforts to use equal consistent pressure and a fully loaded brush on textured walls because your wall WILL soak up the paint. But if you allow the paint to cure on the wall before you apply the second coat you will start to notice it looking better.

    Also, Bill is absolutely correct about how to use this paint- despite him being a shill for Behr or not. I know he is telling the truth because I used those exact techniques he talked about when I applied my Behr Ultra Plus Eggshell and the result are stunning. It cut in perfectly and I was even able to get away with doing a single coat. When I applied a second coat to another wall, it looked even better and richer given how I have the lighting in that room. I am not going to put another coat over the single coat section because I figured that since my child is going to be in that room a lot, I will just wait as I will probably have to do that room again anyway down the road but I was quite impressed with myself on that job being that was my first time painting a room ever.

    Now back to the hair raiser-the hallway. I told my neighbor how my hallway walls looked- concerning the light and dark areas, overlaps, small white spots where the paint did not get through to. He came over took a look at it, laughed at me and said, “yeah don’t worry, all this is normal initially” he said the same thing happened to him and he got mad too just like I was upset at what I was seeing with my wall. A day later, the walls don’t look no where near as bad. Be careful not to spread the paint on too thick when you cut in with Satin or high glosses. Bill is right about this. The paint is designed to and performs EXACTLY as Bill describes IF you apply it with the techniques he describes. I didn’t know this before hand and admittedly got very lucky with the eggshell job. I did notice that in my doorway area my cut in at the corners was to thick and it shows so when I do the second coat I am going to avoid hitting those areas again and see how that turns out but otherwise it cut in just fine on the rest of the hallway.

    Also, everything the Home Depot people said on here, former and current employees alike, is true as well. Now here comes the final synopsis for both sides of the argument concerning current Behr products. Drum roll…are you ready…..and………..BOTH sides are correct/telling the truth.

    Bill is completely accurate and honest in the performance of the Behr Utlra Plus, especially when it comes to using Satin or higher gloss, and how you should apply it. It works, the color is rich and great and it’s very resistant to high traffic area related issues. I personally tried to vigorously scrub a small spot of my hallway that had more than one coat and hardly any paint came off and the very very little color that did was hardly noticeable; so it does hold up. Bill is also right about the laziness factor of some DIYs. I admit that I sometimes will just do one coat, especially if it looks really good and leave it alone because I don’t have the time it takes to do it as it should be done but given the lighting in my hallway and the satin finish I went with, I must do a second coat there.

    Now those people who are against Behr Ultra Plus are also correct, from their point of view/perspective. Now, just based off of my personal experience and from what I know of how professional painters like to operate; if you are a professional painter then yes, I would agree with you that Behr is not the product for you. Why? because everything you say about this product is true from YOUR standpoint. It does not cut in well- but only if you are putting it on to thick. It does come off if you back roll as will always be confirmed when you hear that sucking or peeling something adhesive off sound. You will leave overlap marks- because you are applying to much pressure when you roll and yes if you are using satin or higher gloss then you are going to have to use multiple coats but, if you did everything right the first time, you should not need anymore than two coats. Yes, it is very tough on roller covers and brushes after use- I can’t comment to much further on this issue as I just chunk my roller covers and brushes away and get new covers and brushes for any new job I start but, keep in mind, I am just a homeowner, not a professional painter, so I get where the pros are coming from on this matter.

    So for the pros it is a matter of finding a paint that is agreeable with their time frame per job and their technique that they are comfortable with and or perfected and that works well the equipment they have and are using on these various jobs and to that; I say that they are correct. Behr is not the paint for a pro. It is definitely the paint for a DIYer that does not have multiple jobs lined up and is not on a time schedule.

    Also, Bill is right concerning the laziness factor. A lot of DIYs want the same qualities in a paint that the pros want. A paint that goes smoothly and quickly but preferably in as few coats as possible. As evidenced here in this forum, some of us would be happy to get the results we want in one coat.

    So in conclusion, if you are a pro, then time and speed of doing the job with quality is key and therefore your equipment and technique is going to be key so you need a paint that is easily movable on the wall surface and covers extremely well (i.e. spreads over large areas in as few stroke application as possible per coat, of coarse depending on your preferred stroking technique) and stays there despite you back-rolling if you want to do that-again a matter of the individuals preferred technique. I get that. I also get a sense that the pros prefer for a paint to work around their techniques, not for them to work around the paint and thus having to change their techniques for the paint. They seem to take that kind of personally, lol, but again their is nothing wrong with that and, again, I get where they are coming from with that. Familiarity breeds efficiency and efficiency breeds increased productivity so yeah, I get that and that makes perfectly good sense.

    The DIYer would be against Behr ultra plus due to inexperience, and or laziness and or ignorance of how to use THIS particular brand of paint. I am speaking from personal experience of using this product as recently as yesterday and now that I have educated myself some more; I am perfectly satisfied with the performance of Behr ultra plus. It is not the paint, it is the individual. My budget is not large and hiring a pro is not financially possible for me though I wish it was just for the sake of time itself but this paint is pretty good for the price per gallon. I only used approximately one and a half gallons to do my hallway in the initial coat. I am letting that cure before I do the second coat.

    I am glad to have heard all sides in this debate concerning Behr products. If I were Behr; I would invest in two areas. Priority one would be and should be user education on how to use the product. The second area I would invest in is developing a paint that delivers quality but can be agreed upon by pros and DIYers alike. I think Behr has a Marquee (sp) brand out right now. I saw it at Home Depot yesterday and that might be that Behr paint I was talking about that everyone can agree on. I don’t know and I will have to do some research on it but at the end of the day; EDUCATION about how to use Behr products is the key. The rest is just a matter of personal preference.

    From a 1st time DIYer who has used Behr Premium Plus Ultra in eggshell and is currently using Behr Premium Plus Ultra in satin purchased at my local Home Depot.

    • Henry Pockrandt

      Why tell a professional how to properly roll? Why would a DIYer actually think a pro wouldn’t know how to paint a wall? I miss the days of Fuller O’brien paints And I miss the days of real DIYers commenting. Promotion depts have too many people in their payroll nowadays. But hey, where do I get that job?

    • Cartes,

      Pretty good evaluation of different expectations.

      Painter’s are creaters of comfort. They are familiar with a product and don’t like to experiment or adapt to different products. I remember years ago using Pratt and Lamberts “Accolade” latex interior paint. It gave a great finish and leveled out like an oil paint. Unfortuantely, it rolled like glue! Never used that product again, although most of P&L’s products are great.

      Speaking as an ol’ contractor of 4 decades, don’t make the mistake of thinking all “painters” are created equal. There are many fine ones who really know their trade. Unfortuantely, there are just as many who barely know which end of the brush to hold. Most states and jurisdictions have no tests for competency for painters, as there are for electricians and plumbers. The states may licence and mandate insurance, but compentency is up for grabs, at least up front.

      I admittedly have not used all of Behr’s products, but of those I have, I have been very satisfied. The learning curve is short if one has good basic painting techniques. I have been using the Behr Ultra Exterior Satin on my own home and pergola with great results. The new raw douglas fir pergola was given a prime coat and finish coat with the Ultra itself and is holding up fine after several years. No peeling, no tannin bleed through. Some mildew, but his is Oregon. Mildew washes right off.

      I have been using mainly Behr Ultra Interior Eggshell inside. I personally don’t like glossy surfaces and this paint is a good compromise, especially in baths that would normally be using glossier paints due to their traditionally better moisture resistance. Ultra holds up fine in high moisture areas.

      OK, I have admitted my position before on this site. I presently sell Behr products and don’t claim they are ideal in all situations. I was a contractor for 40 years, and I have used Behr products on my own home. I can see and appreciate all view points – when founded on fact.

  135. I don’t work for Behr. I am just a DIYer speaking from my own personal experience of using the product. This was about fact finding. Not promotion. I am not going to bad mouth a product when the truth about it is knowing how to use it, in the case of Behr paint products.

    Also, I am in agreement with you about when it comes to telling professionals how to roll. You don’t and that is why I agree with the pros not wanting to use Behr products. If I was a pro I would not Behr products either. It’s just not worth the time and effort into applying this paint properly.

    Also, as a DIY, I would love to use this higher quality BM or SW paint that I hear most DIYers and pros rave about but those brands are not accesible anywhere close to where I am and if they were, they are too expensive for me so Home Depot/Behr and Walmart were my only options. Guess I chose the lesser of the two evils in most people’s eyes but with 3/4 or American households living from check to check, I am essentially a part of that group, you have to make do. I cannot afford a professional painter and I am not going to take the chance on a worker from the south without good references either.

    Like I said before, ALL SIDES ARE TELLING THE TRUTH FROM THEIR OWN PERSONAL PERSPECTIVES AND PREFERENCES AND NEEDS. If you use Behr, especially in satin or the higher glosses then EDUCATE yourself well, go and look at other people who have used Behr Plus Ultra products successfully, as in the case with my neighbor, and the rest is up to you if you have no other options available to you.

    If you still think I am on Behr’s payroll after this, then it is you with the bias and ax to grind against Behr. I am all about the facts no matter the painter or the product. .

    • Henry Pockrandt

      Why sure! Still a home painter who had the experience to tell a real pro how to use a roller. I have my issues with Behr exterior, not interior. When you have to repaint an entire 3 story home because of any paint… Well, it’s an experience you never forget. Anyways, my point again, was mainly your pride.

  136. No pride here, just stating what I have observed and checking against what I have been hearing from everyone on the matter when it comes to doing interiors. I don’t have any experience with Behr exteriors.

  137. Strange, I’ve always used Behr’s paint and primer and it’s always been great! I’ve been using it for about 5 years – not a hitch!

    I’ve even used it to cover a red wall with a beige color – again perfect!

    I find CIL to be terrible.

  138. When painting cabinets, stay away from pure acrylic products. They have an inherently gummy quality to the paint film. There are a few water based alkyd products on the market and a few hybrid acrylic/urethane products. Insul-X Cabinet paint gets great reviews, so does Ben Moore’s cabinet paint. Behr has a good water based alkyd, but it is not available in every market. It is big in California where oil paints have been almost eliminated for environmental reasons. The water based alkyds are an attempt to combine the best of two worlds, the ease of water clean up, the hardness of an alkyd paint and the flow out characteristics of an oil paint.

  139. Caromal Colours paints are great for cabinets – their Reclaim paint is like a liquid polymer – even has a sealer in it – for higher use surfaces you’d give it an extra topcoat for more protection, but bonding wise and durability, without the sanding/stripping/priming – they’re the one I recommend. Their Textured Basecoat line is super durable too – its a little thicker, best I’ve found for hiding beat up surfaces or heavy grain – though it is a little more casual of a look. Cant spray it, but can spray the Reclaim.

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  142. HD Paint products just plan suck. I built new doors for my shop. I primed the trim & molding on all sides with their oil base primer with 2 coats. Install the trim with a heavy bead on silicone caulking around all the edges. Where it all oozed out I cleaned it off, let it set a bit then ran a bead around everything. I shot it on with my spray rig (not air less) laying it on about as heavy as I could without it running. Within two years it is all peeling. The paint is peeling from the primer in places and the primer is peeling in places also.

    • First, silicone caulk is never used where surfaces to be painted are. NOTHING sticks to silicone, including more silicone in the future!

      If smooth lumber was used for construction, was anything done to open the grain of the wood? Smooth planed wood often has a “mill glaze” which prevents finishes from penetrating and bonding well to the wood.

      More than one coat of primer is also redundant. It would be better to have two finish coats over one coat of primer.

      But once again, it must have been that darned Behr paint!

  143. All I know is that I painted my home 10 yrs ago with Behr and it was thick and stuck where you put it . Last night I bought a gallon of Behr to paint a dining room wall and the paint was thin and runny, I will have to re-paint all my lower molding as the paint ran over my blue tape and down on my molding. At point of sale I also told mixer that the color was not a match to the swatch right out of the Behr book all they said that it would prob get darker when it dried( I should of passed right there). All I see today is that the color has increased in yellow tint after drying , even farther off from the swatch . 06/2014

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  148. Bill is absolutely right, in my opinion. Time and time again (as above) I see people on the Internet blame failure of a product, when the issue is really their own ignorance (of how to use/care for the product). Whether its electronics or paint, it seems this is a common occurrence, so I just wanted to set help set the record straight:

    BEHR Ultra is an excellent paint. I doscovered it through consumer reports, and am a loyal customer. I’ve used it personally, and found it equal , if not better in quality to BM and SW. You have to put it on thick and leave it alone, and it’ll work great. Too mucher roller pressure or diluting it in a sprayer is a NO NO.

    The next Behr paint down from Ultra (I forget what its called, maybe Premium) is actually equally good if you dont need the primer all-in-one. It behaves more like normal paint, and you’ll save $5 a gallon. I just paid a contractor (with 35 yrs in the business) to paint the exterior of my house, and BEHR (Premium?) was his paint of choice. He doesnt have a problem with Ultra, but doesnt feel its necessary for the extra $. The paint looks incredible and covered in one coat.

    And as someone already mentioned, the primer-less paints including Behr Ultra work well indoors where their not subjected to punishment, but dont expect these painting results to be equal to priming. If your painting outdoors, or in a place with a lot of moisture, you still need to prime raw wood, even with Utlra.

  149. Thought I’d weigh in…my experience painting the entire house about 2200 square feet has been pretty good. I’m no professional, in fact I really think that painting is biggest hassle of all the work around the house. That said, good prep (thanks to my uncle for the lesson), good material (thanks to my father for always buying from the dollar store and driving me to buy the best tool I can afford), and patience (thanks to my wife for putting up with the frustration) gave me a pretty good finish.

    I think I was successful because: I used the microfiber rollers, made sure the cans were mixed (used a mixer on a drill), kept the roller wet, didn’t push the paint – I always assumed two coats, and paid a great deal of attention to prep work.

    Things to consider: I found things in the paint too – I’m not real sure what they were – the “perfect finish” requires a clean rag and picking them out, Behr has some inconsistency with the viscosity (not sure if that is the right word) of the paint – the inconsistency causes differing dry times and can affect the finish, Home Depot has some inconsistency with color mixing and color matching.

    Overall, I am happy with the paint, I’ve used only the Premium Plus Ultra. When it is on sale for 22 bucks, it is a great deal, when it is 28 – 32 (inconsistency in pricing too), I’m not so sure.

    Hope this helps, best.

  150. Karisha Harrysingh

    Hi: I bought the Behr Ultra from Home Depot on August 28, 2014. The colors were exactly what I wanted. I had to issue with the application. My problem is the fumes. It gives me a headache. I called the Behr paint company and all the representative would say to me is to apply “Kilz Max Primer” and to have a fan going in the room.( All my windows has be kept open ever since I began painting). Also, she said it takes 4 weeks for paint to dry. It just does not make sense. I have painted my house for many years using ‘CIL” and have never had this problem. Now why would they recommend applying more chemical on the walls? Plus there should not be any fumes for this length of time. That room is for my grand daughter and she is unable to sleep in it. The fan is on at this moment. I have searched the net to get information on what types of chemical the paint is make up of. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful. I will not recommend Behr Ultra to anyone. I will be calling Behr paint in a little while and also Home Depot although it is not thieir fault.

  151. Sunday, September 13th, 2014, I too painted one room in our house. The smell is unbearable, toxic and nothing I have ever experienced before, and I have not felt well since putting this stuff on my walls.

    I painted over flat white wall paint with Behr Premium Plus Ultra Interior Eggshell Enamel ultra pure white Base 2750 tinted with PWL-90 Abstract White.

    I purchased 5 one gallon cans, personally could not manage a 5 gallon can with Hubby working. We applied 1 1/3 can of paint, one coat with cut in to a 16’x16′ room, No trim, no ceiling. That was a lot of paint for one coat only. One window, two doors.

    I see too, on the top of the can it says not returnable, I certainly hope it is refundable!

    Like others, window open regardless of the heat, I am in North Central Texas, celining fan ON, Box fan in Window ON. Door Closed to the rest of the house, and when left open, the smell waifs into the other parts of the house.

    I managed rental units in Florida for many years, used several kinds of paint and NEVER gave buying paint a second thought.

    Now, I am needing guidance from what to do next. From reading this post I am thinking:

    1. Paint over with Kilz to get rid of the odor.
    2. I could tint the Kilz…would this be an option.
    3. Get BM or SW paint, Glidden, I don’t know! I need advice here!!

    I need a paint manufacture who does not supply to Behr / or Home Depot. Does Benjamine Moore or Sherwin Williams make their own paint? Or, do they buy and repackage?

    There is something terribly wrong with this batch of Behr Paint!!!!

    • Mary,

      Many paints do have a strong odor, often of ammonia ( which is not a VOC). If you find it objectionable, then do search out another brand. Ol’ paint contractor that I am, I am probably more tolerant of the odors than others. I have used the eggshell Behr Ultra in my own house and find it acceptible in terms of odor. I just finished painting the inside of my garden shed with satin Ultra and also had no problem.

      A coat of water based Kilz primer will not stop odors. The original oil base Kilz will, However, if you don’t like odor, you will be knocked out by Kilz oil primer! Also, primers are not intended for use as a finish coat, even if colored down.

      To answer your question, yes, Ben Moore and Sherwin Williams do manufacture their own paint for the most part.

      As far as coverage: a 16 x16 room with 8 foot ceilings has over 500 square feet of wall area. A gallon and a third of paint would be very typical coverage on such an area.

  152. Dave,

    Thanks for your reply. I too, with much painting experience, not professional however, was never bothered by the smell of any paint. The odor of this batch knocked the gal at Home Depot aback. The look on her face! I just stood back and watched, I wasn’t getting close anymore. This is a truly different odor, and I can put up with a lot, even Kilz, but this odor just won’t go away and it is still lurking in my house. That said, I do not want to put an oil base primer on the wall to get rid of the odor. Then I’ll have to put an oil base paint atop that!

    I did learn on this site that the product I used was a primer…I did not need a primer, I simply needed an eggshell satin finish paint.

    What do you suggest I do? And, the funny thing is….several weeks ago I bought a quart of the same base with the same tint and painted one wall in my house…I was trying out the color, and the odor NEVER was a bother, can’t say I even smelled it at all. Never. It just had that ‘fresh paint’ smell that was never objectionable. This is why I jumped in and bought 5 gallons of the stuff. The color is what I want and the odor was not even on my radar…. These two gallon were different! So I do have a comparison, which is why I can only assume this was a ‘bad batch’.

    Can I put a latex over this primer product? The gal at Home Depot wanted to give me a product that I could put in the paint to get rid of the odor. I have never needed such a product before. I was so done with this paint, I didn’t even want to go there.

    I like the coverage, one coat did it. And the sheen is great. It just really stinks. I mean, down right toxic.

    • This post has really become a hilarious Behr bashing post. I have been in the business for a long time, and every time I hear “I have never had that problem with such and such paint” but a low VOC paint is too strong in odor for you. Cracked me up. I once opened a can of water on a paint job I was doing, and I had 3 state workers ask to go home because they felt sick. It’s just paint people, plain and simple. You give the paint too much credit, and too much blame. I’m going to unsubscribe to this link if possible. I know of two Sherwin Williams reps that on this thread, and they have been taking every opportunity to bash Behr to the point it is hilarious. I don’t care what paint you use, strain it, and apply it correctly and you’ll have a nice job. If you put a can of motor oil in my hand, and a can of motor oil in Jeff Gordon’s hand, does it really make a difference? People!!!!! It’s just paint.

  153. PS. The paint was marked nonreturnable….and after a bit of a hassle, the anti smell product offered to me for free…the I can call Behr suggestion with my reply…”I don’t want to do that”,

    I thought about it before I went to return it, and what was I going to do? Mail it back to Behr?…Nahhh. They took that statement, I was pretty firm, it was the truth!!!, and then gave me a full refund. It was not the color that was objectionable, It was the paint base….They kept my business by doing that. Good advertising dollars spent well I must say.

  154. Mary,

    In full disclosure, I now work for Home Depot in the Paint Department.Home Depot has a definite policy of keeping the customer happy. My store will take back virtually any paint, regardless of reason. However, in your case where an extreme odor is present, that is more than just cause for returning.

    It is certainly not impossible that something went wrong with a batch of paint at the Behr factory. To this extent, you are actually doing Behr a favor in identifying that a problem exists so that they might track it down.During my contracting years, I was primarily a user of Benjamin Moore products. As good as Moore’s products were, one of my complaints was lack of quality control between batches.

    You can put an acrylic (latex) paint over an oil primer. No problem.

    The industry trend is toward ” paint and primer in one” paints. In truth, quality acrylic based latex paints have always been decent primers, they were just not touted as such. Why would you want to use a relatively expensive paint as a primer? Actually, it does make economic sense in certain scenarios,

    All Behr interior paints are now “self-priming”, as are the Glidden interior products. this means they will seal a porous wall, or stick to a relatively slick wall. The Ultra adds the ability to kill stains such as ink or marker stains.

    You can certainly paint over a paint and primer in one product with another latex paint.

  155. Thank You! This has been an education.

    I realize what I do not need is the Ultra portion…I simply took the can which the previous homeowner used in some unidentifiable color (the name on the lid was painted over) and I asked for 5 gallons in the color I wanted. Figured that was what was on the wall, that is what I would stick with. It washes well, and looks good. We have been in the home a year. And, with a good quality paint which this appears to me… I only intend to paint once! Period. Ever. While price was a consideration, quality was foremost.

    Thanks again, Home Depot has kept me as a customer!!!!

    • I have avoided responding to all the comments, they seem directed to each other anyways… my original intent, in my original post, was to express the experience we had with the Plus Ultra – bottom line, the experience was as I stated – disappointing, and no, not because I dont know how to paint, or not paint – I’ve used many paints before – including Behr brand. So Mary, I AM commenting here, because yes, minus the ULTRA and I love their paint – have used Behr many times for interior – like the price, handles nice, always find the color I want – I’ll just never use the Ultra again.

  156. Patty, too, I was so disappointed in the product. I just figured out, reading here, I did not need the Ultra part of the product. I have not inquired if Behr has a product without the primer in it, someone said that is what all are going to, and I agree that is an expensive way to to…What we did do, to get rid of the awful odor was to paint with SW Shellac, one coat, then two coats of SW paint, which was color matched. Other than the odor, I still like the Behr better myself. It was just toxic for 6 days…I still shaking my head at that. I am almost 60, have been painting FOREVER and NEVER experienced what I did with that paint…. Having used the quart of the same prior, I can only assume there was a trouble in processing that batch.

    I am grateful too for your original post…I got an education. Thought would give my feed back as to our fix.

    I think I’ll ask next time in HD if they have Behr non ultra. Moot point here, we now have 5 gallons of Sherwin Williams.

    • You cannot have a primer/paint in one. Impossible. If you tint a primer 100% it becomes a paint with primer properties, but still will not seal the patched areas. And I will challenge anyone who says it will. Anyone. And please don’t fall for the s&w hype, Noone should have to pay 65$ for a gallon of paint. I’d out premium plus up against any. 28 yrs of exp.

  157. Behr is a decent paint ive been a painter for 30 yrs if u have roller marks its because u didnt back roll which means u start from right to left only roll alittle at a time then take ur roller from n go back right use a 3/8 nap roller for smooth surfaces n also if u do have roller mark or boogers as u say sand walls n re coat also to all poepler u say there painters stop rolling out a pan n use a five gallon bucket like real painters do

    • 40 or 50 year olds considering your 30 years of experience, do not use 19yr old vernacular. This has become a great experience blog with positives and negatives. We’ve avoided the insults up to this point. Let’s keep it that way son.

    • Not good advice. They shouldn’t make 3/8″ naps. Maybe for oil. Pans are fine. Buckets are more for a new prime/ paint as they are a bit sloppy for some. Not for me I never sink my cover.
      Real painter? What’s that? A professional knows better to work his tail of tryin to put material on with a 3/8″ nap
      If you walk forward paint forward. Keep your paint in front of you

  158. Behr is a good product. If you buy cheap roller covers cheap brushes and don’t really have a good concept of applying paint, it can very well affect the outcome of the look of your finish.
    I like top of the line wooster, purdy, or Corona brushes. Wooster roller covers. Sheepskin, lambswool.1/2″ to3/4″ nap. There are some excellent microfiber covers also.
    Anyway I can help? Just email me. Have 28 yrs of doing hi- end homes

  159. There needs to be a little clarification: “Paint and Primer In One” products do not claim to be a one coat product. It merely means that where one would normally have used a primer, you can simply use the paint as if it were a dedicated primer. Spot priming or general priming of the walls would still be neccessary using the paint as the primer. All the Behr products are now self-priming.

    Self-priming is a matter of convenience. You don’t need to stop and clean out the primer from your tools. Cost wise, in certain scenarios, it costs no more. This being said, were I priming a whole house of new drywall, I would use the less expensive dedicated drywall primer.

    I have used the Behr Ultra products many times in my own homeand found them to be excellent. Patches do need to be spot primed. Drastic color changes are going to need two coats, as with almost any paint. If the walls are very dry, as in most newly constructed homes, two coats are going to be neccessary to assure an even sheen.

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  162. Can I just say what a relief to uncover an individual who truly understands what they’re talking about on the web.
    You definitely realize how to bring a problem to light and make
    it important. More people really need to look at this and understand this
    side of your story. I was surprised that you are not more popular
    given that you certainly have the gift.

  163. I owned/operated a small paint company for several years (not 20, 30, or 40 like many of you however)… Speaking also with complete disclosure, I have a pretty extensive paint background with HD involving a lot of technical site visits and managing the department almost 20 years ago now. I have used BM, Pratt, SW, ICI, Behr, both Ralph Lauren under SW and ICI as well as a few other contract brands both inside and outsid
    e of the big box retail umbrella. I feel that with this experience both using in field personally, selling/advising professionally and consulting on techincal field issues, I am equiped to comment here. I will attempt to be as objective as I can so as to not waste anyone’s time.
    If you are finding that you are having challenges with what I would call a ‘thicker-bodied’ paint, I would suggest that you are overworking the product and backrolling too aggressively. You can mitigate this by thinning with a little water or more appropriately with Floetrol or even a clean/clear faux glaze will work also in many cases. I also suggest that if you are having issues close to the ceiling, that you consider dropping the heat by a few degrees if you don’t use an extended as mentioned above.
    A few of you have commented that Behr in particular is runny with poor hiding, etc. Although this is possible, I would hazard to guess that you might have been sold a tintable base rather than a ready to use paint (especially if you found this issue with a white). It is also possible that someone custom tinted your colour and added too much colourant without enough titanium oxide (this will throw off the chemical balance, cause improper colour fastness, poor dry film thickness set up, etc).
    In my experience using Behr, it has very good self-leveling qualities if not overworked. When moving quickly (if possible), I find that I can maintain a wet edge for about 4-6 feet of an 8ft wall (I do not generally cut any further than this unless I use an extender or a little water).
    I generally believe that you will always get a better finish priming and using two coats on top. There are paints that offer the convenience of covering in one coat but in my experience, the dry film thickness and long term durability will be better with two coats over a base primer.
    If you are used to painting larger than a 10×10 room with a gallon of paint I would suggest that you are overapplying it and that you will have poor dry film thickness (i.e. poor scuff resistance, light colour fastness/depth, etc).
    I learned a long time ago to use the best applicators you can afford even if you throw them out when you are done. I use nothing but Purdy and have had most of the brushes for nearly 20 years now. I take care of them extremely well and they never let me down.
    Some of the previous comments have suggested that those of you having issues with Behr in particular contact the customer hotline. This is great advice as they are truly very caring and knowledgable paint techs that will work with you to resolve your issues. It is true that in most cases, the problem is with the application or preparation process. What many don’t realize is that the application process can change slightly depending on the technology contained within the product you are applying. Behr in particular uses very high quality resins and binders and uses more titanium oxide that most manufacturers. This is why the pure whites and ceiling paint feels a little ‘heavy’ for a gallon. The next time you go to a paint store, HD, your local hardware store, wherever… ask to see a can of titanium oxide (aka, white tint). This stuff is heavy and very expensive and also happens to be the best ‘hiding’ agent in paint. There is most R&D invested and value-added technology in Behr paints than you might think. If you use them as described and follow a few tips, I think you will be very pleased. If you want to backroll your paint and push the coverage over 400sft/gal then I suggest you stay away from this type of paint as you will likely be disappointed with the performance.

    Sorry so long. I wanted to be thorough and hopefully help at least one of you. If you want to start a flame war, go ahead. Otherwise, enjoy your painting projects.

  164. Behr Premium paint and primer in one sucks. Period. I bought it at Home Depot to paint the front door of my house, as I’m selling and wanted it to look nice. I’ve never had this problem before with any other paint. I put on two coats. As long as it doesn’t rain, everything’s fine. But if it rains, the door gets streaks that when they dry STAY THERE. I’d have to wipe it down after it rains every time. Ridiculous. I’ve got to repaint the entire door and will never use Behr again. It’s overpriced garbage.

  165. Janie,

    The phenomenum you are experiencing is called “surfactant leaching” and is not uncommon with latex/acrylic paints. The tints used to color the paint is water soluble and can migrate to the surface in the presence of water or high humidity. the more tint in the tint, the more likely it is to occur. Certain tint colors are also more prone to it. My guess is that you have a strong color, which is not uncommon on doors and trim.

    My advice on a front door would be to use an oil paint, as it is far more resistant to surfactant leaching. A further benefit to oil is that it dries hard, without the gummy feeling inherent to latex paints. Often this gumminess makes the paint stick to the weatherstripping, requiring a shove with the shoulder to get the door to open.

  166. Too funny! I loved this paint for covering up a hole in a door. I moved into a house where someone punch a hole in the door. So I stuffed it with tissue paper and plaster and got this paint in a matching color to repaint the entire door. It was perfect for the door – looks like a sort of varnish. I guess it was perfect for my use because I applied it very shearly, to have a translucent effect. I can’t believe how nice the door looks now.

  167. I completely disagree. We used Sherwin Williams paint in some areas and Behr in other areas. Cost aside, Behr paint was the clear winner for interior wall paint. We used much less paint and had no application challenges. The Sherwin Williams was a nightmare to apply, plus the walls seemed to drink it. We were in for four coats and gave up still seeing show through in spots. Our entire house was painted the same color base so there was no variable there. We used the premium rollers SW said we just had to have and saw no difference. I do prefer the color choices in SW and BM to Behr, but having the color match done worked for us. We are Behr for life at our house! I do like the BM and SW self leveling enamels for trim work however.

    • You might like to know that Home Depot has most of the Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore formulas in their data bank. All may be reproduced in any of the Behr line of paints.

    • I don’t know talking like from different planet …I can’t do any touch ups after finish painting with ridiculous behr paint just dries different and it’s big mess…coverage really bad and I have many rentals to paint …shame on behr..they should never be in business.

  168. Definitely something wrong with behr paints …can’t do touch ups after finish painting not brush not roller when dries look different and it’s ugly it’s just a mess and I can’t paint whole wall again. ..big rip off.

  169. I thought this thread was dead too lol but since it’s still around I wanted to add my 2 cents. Someone who is a professional painter commented almost at the end who has some excellent points that can help someone.
    Anyhow, I have been painting for years and I have used almost every brand out there and there’s NOT a one coat paint that I am aware of. All of them require at least two coats, sometimes three, even with a primer included. Drywall especially is very porous and sucks paint right up. The only paint that I am kind of satisfied with is from Sears, Benjamin Moore, Martha Stewart (the texture paints) and Sherwin Williams, but I still wouldn’t give them 5 stars. Even another “designer” paint like Ralph Lauren needs multiple coats unless you’re using a texture (which their textures are actually pretty decent too). The rest, well, it’s just paint and I haven’t seen anything to write home about. I’d love to see a flat paint that actually doesn’t scuff because I like the finish but otherwise can’t stand it but I don’t want to texture everything. 🙂

  170. Ok, full disclosure: I work for Home Depot. I was also a painting contractor for my entire life. I am now 73.

    Behr’s new Marquee paint will cover ANY color in one coat – period! The only condition is that the previous coating be a decent paint resulting in a well sealed wall. Also, the Marquee one coat coverage is restricted to the dedicated Marquee palette of colors. Slowly, many of the convention Behr paleete is being added to the approved one-coat palette.

    I recently painted my master bedroom, going from a medium tone dusty green to a light beige. Frankly, I was a little concerned about the coverage myself\ due to the drastic color change. Not to have worried, the Marquee covered perfectly!

    The best testimony for Behr products is that I use these in and on my own home. As a contractor, I was a life long user of Benjamin Moore products.

    I would agree with the previous post, that if new dry wall or poor grade paint is on the wall, two coats is probably a good idea, not for color coverage, but for eveness of sheen with no streaking. Marquee could be used as a primer, but it would be a very expensive primer!

    Marquee is a little more expensive then the other Behr paints, but the logic is that one coat of a $40 paint is cheaper than two coats of a $30 paint! The bonus is that you will save almost half the labor by not having to go around twice!

  171. I had a professional painter prep; sand and clean; my oil based semi gloss hall way wood work and 13 doors and then paint with Behr plus with primer.
    I now have to now pay the painter peel all the paint off in sheets of up to 2x 4 in size. I was told by a Home Depot that this was a proper application. Have other people had this problem or taken Home Depot or Behr to court for a fair settlement? I might add that I used to paint my rental properties with oil over oil and latex over oil without a primer and never had one failure. What is the real problem.

  172. I painted the interior and exterior of my 2800 sq’ home last month using this paint and had no problems. Too much FUD in this thread.

  173. Thanks to this last post from Dave, I am saved from all the confusing posts going both ways on Behr paint. The thing for those of us who are not sure is to get a sample of the paint and try it out before buying a whole gallon. This is what I’m going to do. I was just at a Sherwin/Williams paint store yesterday and was blown away at the high price of the higher quality paints. No wonder they can have 30-40% off sales! And I’m not so sure that SW is all that…I had a contractor come in to paint last summer. After a few months had went by, I noticed some bubbling at the ceiling line. I know that this may be due to his prep work, which was not that extensive. I do like the color and quality of the SW paint, but at this time I am not willing to pay their high prices. I know this thread is “old,” but I was looking for advise on Behr paint and google brought me here.

  174. I forgot to mention that I think it’s funny how some had to comment on how others are commenting. I just look at this as some folks he more passionate about some things…and they just happen to be more so with their painting! I say as long as they aren’t hurting anyone, live and let live! 🙂

  175. In full disclosure:

    I presently work selling paint at Home Depot. I was a life long painting contractor, my family having been in paint contracting since 1907 in this country, still longer in Denmark. During my contracting days, I was primarily a user of Ben. Moore paints.

    My personal opinion is that Behr paints are at least the equal of , and in most cases, superior to the major national brands. When price is factored in, Behr blows away the competition! My best endorsement is that I use Behr products exclusively in and on my house. I believe in the adage “penny wise and pound foolish”. It is the labor we all dread. To use anything less than the best paint available if utterly foolish. Fortunately, price alone is not always the indicator of the best product.

    Behr’s new super premium Marquee, which guarantees one coat coverage on interiors, tops out at $45 per gallon. That might sound pricey, but the argument is that one coat of a $40 paint is less expensive than two coats of a $30 paint, plus, you save almost half on the labor! I recently painted my bedroom, which is rather large with 12 foot ceilings. AT 72 years of age, I was not looking forward to possibly having to paint the walls twice! I blanked out a rather strong moss green with a light beige off white and had absolutely no problems with coverage.

    Great paint!

  176. I should state that any “one coat coverage” claim is predicated on the fact that the wall is well sealed. Even Marquee will not hold up over bare drywall or over that notorious “builders paint”. To paint over poorly sealed walls invites a very streaky sheen of the paint film. This is why manufacturers always encourage two coating walls. In truth, if the walls are well sealed, a single coat will often give fine results.

    A quick check of how well a wall is sealed is to simply put yhopur wet hand on the wall. If the water is sucked into the paint, you need to hit the wall twice, either with primer and paint, or with two coats of a paint and primer in one product.

  177. All the green paint or low voc paint is junk from bm,sw,barley covers I’ll refuse a job if it requires this paint doesn’t cover looks like ass splatters every where takes twice the paint and labor as conventional paints it runs,sags,drips seems like it comes like someone watered it down when you put it over top of real paint it tries to repel it’s self off I’ve been a pro top end painter for over thirty years seen the way paint dealers are shafting the customers with a more expensive lesser of a product not to mention that they don’t inform you of products they changed because they don’t touch up or hat ban they just want to sell you some high dollar crap super paint or duration my top pick and super paint ain’t what it was fifteen years ago they changed it along with the 200 products

  178. This last post carrying the name of “Dave” was not posted by me! Possibly someone playing games!

    I frequently post on both the “This Old House” website and on the Home Depot website under the “Ask an Expert” section., My screen name is “ordjen”. Drawing on my own several decades in paint contracting and my families 100 years, my total posts now total almost 5000 in number.

  179. I’m a contractor and use the premium plus ultra all the time and have no problems with it, no over lapping lines and it covers very well I also let my 22 year old daughter paint her room I just showed her how to apply with a roller and it turned out great no over lapping lines just a nice clean look. I love the product.

  180. Those complaining bitterly about the passion and angst in the discussions regarding “paint” clearly don’t understand that the speakers are engaged in offering their insights about their livelihood. Most tradesmen of any competence and skill know what works and what doesn’t, and generally their advice is invaluable. Experience is the most excellent of teachers.

    The problem with this blog is that it has been hijacked long ago by “astrosurfing” whereby “paid specialists” are giving a positive or negative review about paint products, thereby rending all comments suspect.

    Ask yourself this question: Why would anyone that worked for an operation like Home Depot go online in their off hours to defend their products? Obviously these commentators are company shills and not the people mixing paint behind a counter that might have some legitimate (or at least anecdotal) insights into their products.

    Since this blog has been active for six years, it tells me there’s a dearth of information regarding paint quality and performance.

    • I have never made a secret of the fact that i am employed by Home Depot in the paint department, this after 35 years as a painting contractor and being the son and grandson of painting contractors. My life has been ordered around paint. I continue to work around paint even during my “retirement” years. I have NEVER been paid to monitor blogs and give biased information. I have over 5000 entries on different blogs, including the This Old House website, The Home Depot “Ask An Expert” blog, and also the intra Home Depot blog, where I am somewhat of a “squeaky wheel”. All contributions I have made have been done on my own time from my home computer and without any compensation from anyone or any corporation. Dan’s skepticism may be valid in some cases, but it certainly does not hold true in mine! I might be called an “amateur” in the true sense of the word: one who does something for the love of it.

      The readers of this blog, and any other, can be assured I am providing insight from my personal experience, plus personal research, I am not blindly shilling Behr or other Home Depot products.

      Obviously, I have no knowledge of others who contribute on this site. I do wonder that it keeps coming back to life.

  181. I’m a professional painter and I switch between brands for certain jobs. Behr PPU is used only in certain conditions. With experience comes a lot of lessons to learn.

    • I am a homeowner and my handy man and I use Behr for everything. Deck, exterior, interior and cabinets. I have just hired a professional painter to paint the inside of my house. He uses Sherwin Williams. They do not have very white paint that will cover in 3-4 coats for my trim. I have some old cheap Behr contractors grade i300 white semi-gloss. It covered in one coat and better with 2. I am going to BM or Behr to get really white paint. I know Behr has it and I don’t know about BM. The professional painter says he will use whatever I want. He says it’s all in the prep. He and his crew will take about 2 days to prep the interior of my house before lifting a brush. The only problem I have had with Behr is that it is not a dead flat paint. Their flat paint still has sheen and I could not use it to touch up the old paint in my house. The color match at HD took several tries. They finally got the color right but the sheen was wrong. Their flat wasn’t “flat”. I went to Sherwin Williams and they got it right on the first try. The color, texture and sheen matched 20 year old paint perfectly. There is a right paint for the job. But, you may have to be open to all mfg.

  182. I’m a professional painter, (35 yrs), and have used Behr only because customers think that painter’s mark up their paint, so they buy their own. The people here that say Behr is great will find out that it does not sand out. This means sanding down roller stipple, or the texture created from multiple caots thruout the years from rollers, never mind roller “tracks” made from the Behr brand. You can’t pole sand down this paint, & I’ll use 80 grit paper to knock it down, to start fresh. That’s unheard of. Generally, 120 paper is sufficient to pole sand walls before starting a new coat.

    Behr panders to consumers with the “1 coat coverage” dog & pony show. The simple fact remains , that what I pay for a $55/gallon list in Sherwin, or Ben Moore is about $42/gal. You simply cannot get the same quality for $42/gal from Behr. Case closed for me. Better workability, better coverage, touch-upable, Smooth flowing, & lays down. Stys right where you put it.

    Not blowing my horn, but in my 35 yrs, & last 20 dealing with covering up after a homeowner decided to use Behr, I know the answer, because I deal with this crap on a daily basis.

  183. I’m with everyone on this Behr paint primer I’m done wasted so much money on this shit paint 35 years painting and it is a big scam this company offering I’ll never ever use this high dollar home Depot shit .

  184. Jeez, this blog may never die. It has been going on for 7 years now! Does anyone think that paints haven’t evolved in that time? Even if earlier comments were valid, the odds that the paint itself has not changed in that time is small. I have been with Home Depot for 12 years now and have seen many new Behr products and several reformulations of existing products.

  185. Absolutely hate Behr paint. Was recommended by home depot to use on a new side entry door we had purchased. This paint is awful. Every time you brush against the door it leaves a white chalky mark. Its a reddish color door so it looks horrible. I have to keep wiping the door off with a wet cloth to get the chalk like marks off. The paint went on awful. Very thick and showed every brush and roller mark. Going back to using lowes valspar.

  186. Shirley,

    Curious: Was it a dark color? Was it a flat paint, satin or semi-gloss? Was it acrylic Premium Plus, Ultra, Marquee, or Alkyd? What were the conditions at time of painting? In the shade? Cool or hot? Was it or is it very humid? Done late in the afternoon? Just forensic questions trying to determine what happened.

  187. Alan DeGaravilla

    I agree w every comment regarding the horrible workability issues w Behr paint. i’ve use the flat ceiling paint, as well as both eggshell and satin interior latex. And they all have the same problems w workability. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to maintain a wet edge since the paint begins to form a film almost immediately upon laying down, and that’s with applying very frequent and liberal loading of the brush or roller. So fo course no matter how fast you work, as soon as you try to paint into the wet edge, the paint “lifts up” and upon drying shows a horribly blotchy texture and gloss level. Brush marks are also a major problem, as are “boogers” I’ve seen mentioned here numerous times (ttho i didn’t know those infuriating little specks I am constantly picking out of the wet paint are called).
    The only way I’ve found to make the product more workable is to incorporate a paint additive like Floetrol.

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