A Mailbox House Painted Pretty…

When we bought this house ten years ago we were surprised at the mailboxes – wooden miniature replicas of the homes in the ‘hood.   Over the years it has taken a beating.  The sun, snow,  water from the rain and from near by sprinkler heads,  lawn mowers and weed wackers …  One summer morning we found it lying in the street – an unknown thug driving around the area bashing peoples mailboxes with bats.  We reattached it , but it was left with scars.

Recently it looked like it was tipping over, so I called the handyman to reinforce it.  He set it straight, and filled in all the bad spots –

I had no choice. The mailbox needed a makeover!

I base painted the house with a mix of several Caromal Colours textured basecoat paints (Paprika and mustard)  – these paints are awesome because they bond to anything and can withstand outdoor elements under a polyurethane topcoat –

I took a chip brush and stippled on some Lusterstone Weathered Bronze Metallic Plaster to the roof.  Lusterstone is really strong too, and I’m confident after topcoating, that it won’t budge!

I liked the little bit of added texture – like sand on the shingles… Then I stained the whole house with Old Masters Gel Stain –  a combination of  Special Walnut and Red Mahogany – I brushed it on, blotted it wiped it lightly with a dry rag-

I added some Modern Masters Metallic Copper Paint to create my ‘copper’ roof,  even used the Caromal Colours textured basepaint on the sun beaten plastic mailbox flag, and then carefully repainted the numbers black with a thin brush-

When it was dry I sprayed it with two coats of Min-wax Polyurethane (in the can).  Isn’t it amazing what a little bit of this and that can do?  I must say,  this is one advantage of being a professional faux painter –  we usually have everything we need right on our shelves!

Caromal Colours Textured basecoat paints will bond to near any surface, without first priming, sanding or stripping. Not only can you use them on a mailbox, but on furniture and cabinets as well. If you’d like to see it in action, check out my blog categories – I have almost 150 posts dedicated  to Caromal Colours products.

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5 responses to “A Mailbox House Painted Pretty…

  1. Well that is just PERFECT. You are so talented. I bet the mailman likes visiting your home the best. Thank you for sharing such a great technique!

  2. That is just awesome!!

  3. Wow!! Woo Hoo!! If there was an award for the best looking mailbox, you would win, hands down. Love love love it. What a great tutorial for those that have projects similar to this in need of repair and needed direction. Thanks for linking this post to Woo Hoo! Wednesday.

  4. Beautiful!!

    Thanks for joining Get Your Craft on Thursday at Life As Lori. Please join me next week for another great party.

  5. Thanks bud. Great site you got here. Got some more websites to point to with a bit more stuff like this?

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