Caromal Colour Makeovers – Janet in NY…

Janet owns a two bedroom co-op in New York.     She wanted to paint the cabinets in her galley kitchen (which translates to small apt) and found out about Caromal Colours through my site.  She thought their textured basecoat paint color parchment would brighten it up, but she decided to do the peppercorn over parchment, because she wasn’t a fan of the parchment alone.  She’d tried the parchment on a plant stand-

and felt it lacked something. She purchased the chipping creme and the Paprika Textured Basecoat and continued on the table, loving the result –

I love the results as well – that little accent table makes a statement now, and looks lovely with her rug!    I asked her if I could share her experience with my readers… her reply?

I would be glad if you did write up something on my experience. I would want people to know that if they didn’t care for one color, not to give up. Try a few, and then make a decision on whether or not this product is good. I love this product!!!  It’s so Easy!

Hi Patty, Last we spoke, I mentioned I was a little disappointed with the parchment distressed kit that I used on my plant stand. Well, that has all changed.I decided to buy four colors and the barnworn kit. OMG…I’m so excited. I have a wall unit that is a pale pale wood color, lighter than unfinished wood, if that’s possible.I no longer can use the doors because of a new flat screen T.V, so I thought before I paint something large, let me use the door to “practice”. Well, I didn’t even think of painting the wall unit, but based on the door that I practiced on, I really think I can do this.  I’m enclosing some pics…

actually, I used tape (like you’ve used to show before and after). If you wish to post to your blog, by all means, please do so.  I’m really excited about this product and how easy it is to do. I’m not the most creative person, but this is EASY!!  The top part is a coat of paprika, chip cream and then a coat of peppercorn. Middle is the “before” and the bottom half, I used  a coat of peppercorn, chip creme, then mixed both bayberry and colonial blue together and applied the top coat.  Some sanding and toner and voila!!!!!

I also painted  a cabinet in my dining area,

Again, If I can do this, anyone can!!  But, I should caution, this is addicting….  Thanks for answering my questions and your great photos on your site!  Thanks  Janet

I love that dining room cabinet – that black is great next to those red chairs –   and the blue/green color or your sample door (GREAT idea there, to sample on something before taking it to the wall)….   I will say, I have photos of Janet’s “AFTER” Kitchen cabinets in parchment and peppercorn,  but you’ll have to wait for another post on those….

Thanks kindly, Janet, for sharing your photos – these are GREAT visuals for future users to see what can be done with Caromal Colours Textured Basecoat paints.   Check back periodically as I will continually be posting before/after Caromal Colour posts.


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3 responses to “Caromal Colour Makeovers – Janet in NY…

  1. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. Love your idea. Great makeover. Nice post.

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