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Green Apple Accent Table Gets A New Visitor-

Remember this post about the accent table I refinished in Caromal Colours Bayberry and Paprika?

I decided to have it be the keeper of the kitty toys –

Well, lookie here –  new puppy Bella has her own toy basket and though she looks to be interested, she isn’t all that much-

But THOSE look better!

She clears out the cats toys, one by one –

Caught red handed with a cat toy…

Let me run away quick, they’ll NEVER know!

She’ll chew them a bit, then disgard and go for another.   This one’s a hairy mouse-

She’s been moving in on the cat’s fleece bed too –

Bruno made it clear, today, who’s the keeper of the fleece…. this picture lacks the 1-2 punch!


Behind The Scenes Of Faux…Need It Done By…

Lost my Sunday to sample making –

Walls, trim work, decorative ceiling, to create the perfect master bedroom suite

A break to take puppy out…. cool sky

Come on Bella, gotta get back to work

A plaster and a glaze option for the expansive Great Room walls –

Same finish , just different colors, I used to achieve this look for a previous client

Need to deliver these to client this morning.  Can’t order product until I know what we’re going to be using….. can’t get moving on the rooms until I have the product…. time is ticking away and there is a “need it done by” date.

Sometimes, it’s okay if time ticks away, because there is more time where that time came from.    But it’s not okay when there is a NIDB date involved.

This weekend, and today,  I am also swimming through a large bid –  another “need it done by”….. Pricing this one is difficult,  glazing trim –

nearly a whole house of it.  Impossible to measure the linear footage involved.  Too many rooms.   Will have to calculate more by ‘how long do I think it will take me?’  Trim…. master bedroom and bath….. kitchen…. all priorities before clients move in….

Sigh…. I wish my puppy could magically whip it all out for me –

Don’t think that’s going to happen.

I really liked this client.   This home will be beautiful when it is complete – she has used so many unique items in the construction already – the finish work will be the icing on the cake.

You know where you can find me today!

You Know It’s Sunday, Regaining Childlike Faith…

I read a nice devotion by Brooke Keith, a guest writer over at CBN, about Regaining your Childlike Faith

If we stop for a moment, closing our eyes tightly, we can all look back to a time when we had no worries and no cares. Were we only oblivious to the world around us because of our innocence or as children were just more tuned in to God?

…When I shut my eyes tightly, I could see all those days I played without worry. I could see all those times I nearly stumbled over those fences — yet never fell….

Reading her story, I found I was able to do the same – shut my eyes and think back to times when I was a child running care-free and without worry.

She talks about adult life –

…As I grew older and had children of my own, all those worries that I never knew came rushing to greet me. I had a child with asthma. I had bills on the table and moments I didn’t know where our next meal would come from. It was then that I allowed all those worries to overtake me. I felt defeated.

She reminds us of what is real –

No matter where I went and what I did, I knew God was there and that gave me the strength to go through uncharted territories of the woods and to stand in the darkness. When I opened my eyes, the words of Psalm 23:4 began to echo in my mind:

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of darkness, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

And she offers this –

So, the next time you feel yourself caught up in the fear of the world, close your eyes tightly for a moment — envision that child who walked without looking over their shoulders; the person you were before the world took it’s toll on your spirit. Today I pray that as you approach those trees in your life that remain unclimbed, you will grab onto a branch and go to new heights. I pray that despite those fences you are afraid of, you will know that even if you stumble, God will never let you fall. And most of all, I pray, that as you walk through the darkness, you will know that even when the moon goes behind the clouds, you still have “the light of the world” right beside you every step of the way.

If you enjoyed this, please head over CBN and read her whole devotion.  I just bookmarked the Spiritual Life Daily Devotions page – it offers a seemingly endless list of short devotions, sorted by author –

Happy Sunday!

A Caromal Colours Buffet Makeover And A Summer Workshop Schedule…

Shelia shared another makeover piece of furniture that her friend Julie made over,  using Caromal Colours Distressing Paints.   She took this buffet –

to this sweet beauty!  Wow, what a statement against those yummy chocolate walls!

You can check out the transformation over at Shelia’s Pieces of Me blog.   If you are curious about color, Julie first basecoated with textured basecoat Chocolate, then used Chipping Creme, then painted it with textured basecoat Wisteria. No toner.   For more detailed instruction on the How-To application check this out.

If you are in the Metro Detroit area, and are interested in attending a Caromal Colours workshop, you can check out my Summer Workshop Schedule –  3 Furniture/Cabinet dates,  1 Gilding date  and 1 Wall Finishes date.


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