Caromal Colours Textured Basecoats Over Damaged Furniture?

Yolanda sent pictures of some worn furniture pieces that she was interested in refinishing with Caromal Colours textured basecoats

She  wanted to know if they were too worn to be of any use, or could the textured base coats give them a face lift?

I emailed her back and said that indeed the base coats could be used right over those scratches and bruises, that it would bond and cover all of that.  The textured base coats are thicker than paint,  and if she had to, she could apply it a little thicker in areas that had imperfections.

I got another email –

Thanks so much for taking the time to respond back to me.    I just wanted to make sure that you saw my armoire and how badly ill she is.  Take a look at the top of her, some of the wood is actually lifting up and if I take a putty knife or something similar it will lift off.  What about those areas when I apply the textured base coat to it?  Will those damaged pieces of wood continue to lift off?  I really don’t have to sand, lift wood or prime her?  I don’t mean to dismiss what you said, I just can’t wrap my brain around the fact that there is no sanding!!  That sounds heavenly to me :).  No, I do not want a smooth clean look, I would love a look like I have been seeing on your site.  A little shabby, worn, distressed but oh so beautiful.

Thanks so much!!


Looking at the photos again, I eyed the fuzzy one of the armoire top. I see some lifting.  No , you don’t want to paint over that.  Yes, you will want to chip off anything loose on your surface.    I told her, the base coats are not a ‘fix all’ – they don’t repair a bad surface –  your base needs to be secure  ie) not falling off, or chipping or cracking off etc…   if it is?  Chip it off… chisel it off…   then lightly sand any edges that are ridgy.   THEN you can paint over it with the Caromal Colours textured base coats.      You don’t have to prime, or sand surfaces to use the textured base coats – they bond to nearly any surface –  BUT you can’t go over a falling apart surface – the paints will adhere but that surface will still be in the process of falling apart…   does that make sense?


5 responses to “Caromal Colours Textured Basecoats Over Damaged Furniture?

  1. Hope she sends finished pictures. Would love to see the results.

  2. Yes, I will certainly send pics when I finish. Problem is, I am going to do a few other smaller projects first before I tackle this one so it may be a few months. Truthfully, I am a little nervous about messing with her :/. What if she turns out horrible looking? I’m sure your product is wonderful, it’s me I’m worried about. I was pleasantly surprised to see her on your blog. When I first clicked on it, I thought OMG someone has one just like mine and then I realized that she was mine lol. Well, thanks a bunch for all of your help and I will send pics of her.

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