Making A Master Bathroom Complete…

I had a great time with this client.    She called me for ideas on repainting her bathroom. The cabinets, granite and tile were recently installed and it was time to update the walls-

She was looking for a finish that would compliment her beautiful granite but not compete with it-

I liked how the Modern Masters Metallic Blackened Bronze looked with this stone (the top left square)-

She liked several samples, all with red in them –

I went home and worked up an estimate, offering several options. I like to offer a few finish choices, from a simpler glaze type finish, to more complex finishes that require more labor and materials.   All the finish choices fit into this client’s budget, so now it just became a matter of working up custom samples just for her space.

Have I ever told you I am the sample guru?

Sometimes I may only cough up a couple, but other times, like this, I created many.   I took the original samples, the red ones, and added some bronze-

We arrived at a favorite, and the fun began.   Taking it to a bronze texture-

Don’t you love this wide angle lens?

Still wet –

Framed mirror still needs to be hung-

Happy Client, Happy Painter!


6 responses to “Making A Master Bathroom Complete…

  1. Your Father’s day video email…is not working. Deborah

  2. Carol Webster

    Patty, this is stunning! The finish takes the countertop to the next level.
    And I do love the wide angle lens, too. Carol

    • Thanks Carol! Her granite is not one I’ve seen before – I really liked the colors in it. Regarding the wide angle – I still need to learn how to use it – have 2 ‘dummy’ camera books but no time to read them!

  3. Great results, Patty! I can totally relate to the “coughing up” a couple of samples and then on some…look out, six or seven. My brother talked me into a wide angle lens and it is da bomb.

    • Regina, did you educate yourself on using that lens, ,or just go for it? I need to better learn how to use it,sometimes the photos are fishy – but all in all it definitely captures small spaces WAY better!

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