A Caromal Colours Buffet Makeover And A Summer Workshop Schedule…

Shelia shared another makeover piece of furniture that her friend Julie made over,  using Caromal Colours Distressing Paints.   She took this buffet –

to this sweet beauty!  Wow, what a statement against those yummy chocolate walls!

You can check out the transformation over at Shelia’s Pieces of Me blog.   If you are curious about color, Julie first basecoated with textured basecoat Chocolate, then used Chipping Creme, then painted it with textured basecoat Wisteria. No toner.   For more detailed instruction on the How-To application check this out.

If you are in the Metro Detroit area, and are interested in attending a Caromal Colours workshop, you can check out my Summer Workshop Schedule –  3 Furniture/Cabinet dates,  1 Gilding date  and 1 Wall Finishes date.


Head to my store below (click icon) and be sure to use my code, PattyH in the coupon code area.   It will save you $2 off shipping,  or if you’re order is $75 or more use my PattyH5 for $5 off shipping.





2 responses to “A Caromal Colours Buffet Makeover And A Summer Workshop Schedule…

  1. Hi Patty,
    I have been looking at several projects on your site and it just seems too good to be true. To look that good and be that easy!! I have tried for several years to get the look of layers of old paint, using crackle medium and several coats of paint but never got the look I was after.

    I am wanting to redo my dining table and chairs, it is now red legs and stained top and the chairs are red with stained seats. I want to go with black with red underneath. I don’t want a build-up of paint on these, just a very distressed look without looking like layers of paint. I assume this can be achieved by using less basecoat or more sanding?

    It currently has a waterbase varnish so I would just need to lightly sand or just clean well?
    I came across a you tube video with the owner of the company doing a kitchen makeover and she used Simple Green to clean the cabinets? Would this be sufficient?

    Thanks so much, I have gotten lots of ideas and info already!!


    • Hi Lorna,

      Yes, simple green is sufficient – often I’ll just grab the mild liquid soap on a wet rag and wipe down my surface with that.

      You have it right – you don’t have to end up with a thick painted finish – plan on brushing it on thinner (not glopping or smooshing it on) – you can thin the basecoats a little by adding a little bit of water – sometimes I’ll add about a teaspoon of water into the top of the jar, and stir down about 3 inches and mix it in..

      Start with Chipping Creme – brush that on and let dry. Then brush on the peppercorn- you should be able to get coverage in one coat of peppercorn (black), brushed on thin – then when dry sand back lightly to reveal the red.

      When dry, sand to reveal your red – you can continue to ‘work ‘ on sanding any areas that might appear to ‘heavy’ to your taste…. its pretty easy!

      Good luck, and if you move forward with your project please send along photos! Patty

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