Behind The Scenes Of Faux…Need It Done By…

Lost my Sunday to sample making –

Walls, trim work, decorative ceiling, to create the perfect master bedroom suite

A break to take puppy out…. cool sky

Come on Bella, gotta get back to work

A plaster and a glaze option for the expansive Great Room walls –

Same finish , just different colors, I used to achieve this look for a previous client

Need to deliver these to client this morning.  Can’t order product until I know what we’re going to be using….. can’t get moving on the rooms until I have the product…. time is ticking away and there is a “need it done by” date.

Sometimes, it’s okay if time ticks away, because there is more time where that time came from.    But it’s not okay when there is a NIDB date involved.

This weekend, and today,  I am also swimming through a large bid –  another “need it done by”….. Pricing this one is difficult,  glazing trim –

nearly a whole house of it.  Impossible to measure the linear footage involved.  Too many rooms.   Will have to calculate more by ‘how long do I think it will take me?’  Trim…. master bedroom and bath….. kitchen…. all priorities before clients move in….

Sigh…. I wish my puppy could magically whip it all out for me –

Don’t think that’s going to happen.

I really liked this client.   This home will be beautiful when it is complete – she has used so many unique items in the construction already – the finish work will be the icing on the cake.

You know where you can find me today!


3 responses to “Behind The Scenes Of Faux…Need It Done By…

  1. Looks FABULICIOUS so far, my dear!!!!

    • You’re liking that doggy of mine, don’t you Ms. Kathleen! She is feeling like a 20 lb bowling ball when I pick her up – I think her puppy food is sprinkled with Miracle Grow….

      sample dropping went well – this client is awesome as well – makes me wonder if I am just blessed, or if ALL finishers love most of their clients???

      still wading in the estimating pool – Kath we’ll see each other quite a bit if this next one is a go!

  2. These things take a little time! A fat PUP is a HAPPY PUP!!!!

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