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Kids Under Water…

This summer has scored a 10+ on the high temperatures and sunny days scale for Michigan.   That’s great news for pool owners (whoo hoo we have one)  and not great news for  NON-air conditioning unit owners (boo hoo ours broke last week…. but they came today ((whoo hooo)) and fixed it!)

My sister is in town visiting and she has this awesome camera that takes great underwater photos.  Are these not the coolest?

Cousin Jenna

Jules and her friend snarked the camera and took photos of each other posing –

Great pictures out of water as well –

The camera is the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS1, and runs around $300 –

I’d never give up my Nikon D-50 for work photographing, but I must admit for play I’d love one of these!


Finally, Caromal Colour Putty’ing My Guest Bath Cabinet…

I’ve wanted to use the Caromal Colours Texture Basecoat color Putty for awhile now – I really like the color when more Toner is left on it (left side) –

The before- oak cabinets that were builder sprayed-

Here’s the first layer of Caromal Colours Putty brushed on –

Yuk, disregard the mess inside the cabinet!

On to layer two – took about 20 minutes –

Like my companion?

After it dried (about 30 minutes) I light sanded the flat surfaces using the palm sander, then applied the Toner-

Brushing on the toner is just that –  brush it on-

I wanted the darker toned putty cabinets  so I lightly blotted the glaze off here and there using a dry rag..

and then using a DRY chip brush I lightly pull it downward, to smooth out any rag marks –

Piece by piece-

Good comparision of an Untoned Putty door and a Toned Putty door-

All done-

One last look at the before –

Want to know more about application and use of Caromal Colours Textured Basecoats?   Start here –


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If you want to place an order, click on the  store button below.


Chocolate Foyer Jazzed, Chocolate Door Grained…

An entry foyer before,   perfect eggshell paint finish in a yummy workable color-

Wait!  Upon arrival for first consultation, I spotted the front door – a PERFECT door waiting for a straight grain technique!

I started with the door – taped it off then flogged it using FE Antique Mahogany-

Then headed inside to start glazing the foyer –

Finished the foyer and called it a day.  Next day went back and straight grained the door using FE American Walnut-

Getting there –


This week I’m squeezing in the client’s parent’s front door and powder bath 🙂

Lost My Voice Screaming On Roller Coasters…

My husband and I love roller coasters.    We haven’t done much riding – our last big trip to Cedar Point was in 1989 , and we weren’t even married yet.

Fast forward to married life and two young children…    that have NO desire to ride rolly coasters… ??    The spawn of two coaster crazy people are deathly afraid of roller coasters?   Major bummer.

It’s been several years since our debacle at Kings Island Amusement Park.   This past weekend we decided to try again – this time Cedar Point, in Sandusky, Ohio,  for two days.  We let both kids bring a friend –  they are old enough now (and equipped with cell phones) to be  trusted on their own, and we figured they could walk around and have fun with their friends, while my husband and I could blast back to our youthful coaster crazy riding days.

Since our last visit Cedar Point has added many coasters.  We rode the Maverick first, with its 95 degree first hill drop –  it was AWESOMENESS!    My daughter and her friend rode it with us (my son sat it out) , and she loved it!!!


Then we rode the Millenium Force, with its first hill 300 foot plunge.  I kept my eyes shut the whole way up that first hill – I was freeking out – but after that, I was fine.  Day 2 my daughter rode that one too –

Millennium Force

Then we rode the Raptor.  OMG it was so cool!!!!!!  (Day 2 my son rode it).  We rode this about 4 times –  front row is the best high ever!  Front row on the Raptor was tied for first place in our ‘What was the most fun?’ poll-


As we walked around the park,  it loomed  –   ‘It’ being that big yellow/red banana looking coaster –

The Top Thrill Dragster – a coaster that goes 0-120 MPH in 4 seconds, as it shoots you up a 420 ft hill –


I didn’t plan on riding this one, but somehow we ended up in line.   Seriously, I wanted to poo my pants as we neared the loading area.  When it took off I kept my eyes closed the whole 0-120 MPH acceleration… it was crazy fast, I can’t explain the feeling.  Justly named, it became an instant contender for ‘top thrill ride’  for me.    Day two we rode it again,  this time with my daughter and her friend – they freaked out as well but loved the thrill.     I wanted to ride it one more time, front seat, but it broke down.  I’m told it breaks down alot.  Bummer.

We rode other stuff as well,  Cedar Point has alot, but only one left worth mentioning –  the Skyhawk-


This gigantic swing was super super scary!  You literally get butt air on this one, hanging against this teeny lap bar, no where to hang on, upside down WAY high up –

We rode it twice, and both times I screamed the whole ride.   Did I mention I lost some of my voice  there?        All in all it was nice getting away for a few days,  and it was a blast riding coasters again.

Thank you Lord, for a safe trip, dry weather, and relatively short lines.

Now back to reality!