OMG DNA! …Wisdom Panel Puppy Results

Bella, our rescue ‘mixed shepherd’ puppy,   now 11 weeks old –

We wanted to know what she was so we sent away for the DNA test from Wisdom Panel. We swabbed Bella’s cheek with the kit provided, mailed it in, and then waited for the results.

Was she

German Shepherd

mixed with Boxer?



Greater Swiss Mountain Dog?

Saint Bernard? (OMG please no!)

Hurry up, we’re dying to know!

Then, last night I got an email-

Dear Patricia,

Are you ready to uncover the breeds that make your dog truly one-of-a-kind? Your wait is now over!

We have completed the DNA analysis for Bella Sox using the Wisdom Panel™ Insights state-of-the-art breed detection process, comparing his breed makeup to over 170 different breeds.

Anxious for your dog’s results? We are excited to offer you online DNA results for faster reporting…

My first reaction –  No way, CHOW CHOW?  Huh?  And German Shepherd isn’t even ‘significant’? In fact,  NO breed is significant… we have a ‘not quite significant’ breed,  then a ‘not quite intermediate’ breed, then another thats tagged with  an asterisk that explains * Minor amount detected at low confidence. These results are not included in accuracy calculations . It doesn’t add up!  And WHY is the picture of that Chow Chow dog so BIG compared to that German Shepherd… does that mean its a gigantor size dog?

Then I turned the page –

WHA??????????????????????????????????????      NO WAY!!!!!!!!   What is that?  That’s not a dog,  thats a big hair ball!  OMG, what did we get ourselves into?   Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh………..  (husband is laughing at this point)

Oh great, agressive tendencies,  just great…..  I knew German Shepherd’s had some of that, but now a mix-mix of agressive?

and barely a factor-

So that was it.  I let it sink in a minute…   Chow.   Chow. I can’t say that word without hearing Eddie Izzard’s (hilarious comedian)  voice-

I immediately googled Chow Chow puppies, and realized that they look, at 11 weeks, JUST like that picture up top –  big fur ball puppies –

that is NOT our puppy.  So maybe it’s safe to say Bella won’t be fully furry?    A Shepherd Puppy-

and a search on Chow Shepherd Pups-   look at this pup named Brutus, Bella looks alot like him-

Here’s Louie at 3 months-

and Louie at 1 yr 8 mths, weighing 60 lbs, slender and tall-

A few more Chow/Shepherd mix dogs-

Looking at all of this,  it’s still hard to know what you’re gonna get.  I think Bella will end up looking like some version of  the above, but not a full blown hairball Chow Chow.  Comparing breeds, at least the Chow is a smaller dog 🙂   I’m not too concerned with traits,  I’ve read quite a bit online already from shepherd mix and chow/shepherd dog owners –  I think as long as we do a good job raising/training/socializing  Bella as a puppy, she will be a wonderful addition to our family!


6 responses to “OMG DNA! …Wisdom Panel Puppy Results

  1. Patty's sister Diane

    Baaahahahahah.. I have a Chinese kid, you have a Chinese dog!! baaaahahahahahha

    Maybe Jenna and Bella Sox will get along famously? Now you need to change her name to, mei mei (little sister) or Jie Jie (big sister).. or ayi (baaahahahaha).. or “Qing Qing” (pronounced cheeng cheeng)..

    And don’t be ragging on the Chow breed. Sharon used to have one. Talk to her about her Chow.

    Chow Chow Chow.. Or how about Mrs. Chow?

    Off to slumber land.. plane leaves at 10 am. Jenna can’t wait to see Bella Sox. Bella’s higher on the “who do you want to see” list than Jules or Nickster.

  2. Your last statement is so, so true! With tons of love and gentle discipline, Bella will be p erfection on four legs!!!!!!

  3. Jennifer & Sadie

    I was ROTF laughing as I eagerly anticipated the test results of your pooch. Chow??? Seriously? Should I question the validity of these DNA tests?? LOL! I’ve just discovered the testing site today and am DYING to know what my adorable mix-breed dog REALLY is! I was told Sadie is a cockapoo-border collie (cockapoo being cocker spaniel and poodle). She kind of looked like a pomeranean fluff ball when I adopted her at 10 wks and now at 17 wks she’s looking more like the border collie but has the brindle coloring of the cockapoo puppies (I’ve yet to see any photos of a cream/peach/tan colored border collie with huge brown saucer eyes). Sadie is very smart and trains quickly and I’m told that’s the poodle and collie characteristics 🙂

    I have to admit, Sadie is REALLY adorable and I am always bombarded when I take her out in public and am constantly asked “So what is she, how big will she get, is she a new type of ‘designer dog’?” (love that last question!) Honestly, I have NO idea but I was able to track down one of Sadie’s littermate sisters who looks EXACTLY like her. So we’re each going to pay our 1/2 of the cost for the test b/c we both want to know what’s up with our pups. Now the hardest part will be THE WAIT!!!

    • Designer dog – lol, no way… I have been complaining lately about ‘dog’…. Sigh* it’s just SOOOO much easier with cats…. instantly potty trained…. don’t wake you up in morning… don’t cry when you leave the room (because you are barricaded BECAUSE you are not potty trained yet…)…. I’m sure I’ll be better 6 months from now, when the puppy thing has wore off, and all those sharp puppy teeth have fallen out 🙂

      GREAT idea, sharing the DNA test! I didn’t want to do it at first – thought, ‘what a waste of money’…. but then it got the best of me. I’m with you, wondered at first if we should question the accuracy ( 🙂 ) – but alas, it is what it is –

      The wait will suck, lol – they will tell you that you’ll have results in 2 weeks, yet I guarantee you’ll be checking it daily – I did- thinking, maybe just maybe they have it done early!

      good luck!

  4. Jennifer & Sadie

    Well, I received an email on 7/20 saying the sample has been received and I’ve actually forgotten about it until today, when I saw the box laying on the kitchen table. For some reason, it feels like it’s been at LEAST two weeks since I sent it but unfortunately it’s me just being impatient now. So, you’re right – the wait DOES SUCK! LOL – I’ve been checking the site daily now and all of my friends, family, co-workers, and fellow obedience class participants all are dying to know the results!

    It’s KILLIN’ ME to not be able to tell anyone – this must be akin to waiting to find out the gender of an unborn baby. I always said emphatically that if I was ever pregnant, I would NOT want to know the sex of the baby until it was born . . . I wanted to revel in the surprise aspect. Yeah, WHATEVER!!! I can’t even wait 2-3 WEEKS for puppy results; how would I EVER wait nine months?

    Curious to know . . . has the “puppy thing” worn off w/ Bella? LOL! Has the whining/crying stopped, is she house-broken yet? Unfortunately, Sadie has regressed some with these things as my work schedule has been so erratic (so I can’t blame HER). I was working from home when I adopted her then took another contract job where I wasn’t working from home and ended up putting in 10 hr. days (most of July) so Sadie was home so much by herself during this very formative time period. She’s doing well in obedience classes though and I’d already been working with her on basic commands anyway; it’s the socialization she’s rough with and the housebreaking & separation issues I’m still working through. What has helped though is going on line and researching border collie traits/personalities so I can better understand why she does what she does and be more patient with her (patience is NOT my virtue, that’s for sure!) The obedience instructor informed me very bluntly that there are TWO BC personaliities in my house – me and Sadie – and how that happened I have NO idea! Out of ALL the dog breeds on the planet, I end up choosing the one most similar to me (a typical type-A, strong, independent, intense, work-a-holic). And even funnier is that Sadie is NOT the typical BC color – she’s white/tan/peach (due to the cockapoo part of her) – and I’m a toehead and the black sheep of my family literally b/c all of my siblings have black hair, olive complexions, and hazel eyes and I have blonde hair, am very fair complected, and have green eyes. So my dog and I are BOTH the “white” sheep of the family and the “oddballs”. Story of my life . . .

    Well, as soon as the results come in I’ll share 🙂 Jennifer & Sadie

    • Well you saw how good I was at the waiting! (you’re first babe you’ll enjoy the wait, but babe #2 you’ll ‘cheat’!!)

      Let’s see, has the ‘puppy thing’ worn off? lololololololololololololololololollloloololololololololololololol N O. 🙂

      Actually she’s not a bad pup… thing is, I’ve had cats forever and they are just so much easier than dogs… trained THAT day – in a box…. no baby gates to me mounted…. etc etc…. so its a definite learning curve for ME. Yup, me, as I figured it would be on me – the kids are 1/2 helpers – great for ordering to pick up the poopy piles in the yard, but beyond that, 5 minutes of ‘play’ time to them is a lifetime…. The other thing is, I don’t have alot of time right now, and each week she gets older it’s apparent that she needs to be worked with, to learn basic disipline – sit, COME, drop it, down, NO BITE etc …. I thought we’d take her to the easy Petsmart sessions, but I can’t commit to being there every week – thats when we decided to have a trainer come to us – but then that got put on hold because we didnt want to spend the big bucks…. So the reality is, if we want a wonderful loving, well behaved family dog, then we are going to have to put some time and effort into her.

      So, Bella is 4 months old right now. She eats in the AM and PM and water is up by 8 pm. She hasnt had an accident in the house in weeks – will sit at the door now and ‘woof’ if no one sees her (the ‘woof’ just started about week or two ago). She is still gated off to the tile kitchen and back hall area. I am hesitant to give her full run of first floor – vet told us a good milestone for that is 5 months. Im tired of house being jacked up – couches pulled across open area to barrier her off – tripping over baby gates – but I’d rather have that then pee’s and poo’s around my house. When she was a small pup I was carrying her to back of yard, but she grew quick and now we just open door and tell her to go, and she goes all over the lawn – I want to work on getting her back to a specific area, but that will take time…. She is crate trained and seems to like it – will go in there during day sometimes when shes really tired… otherwise will nap on floor etc…. have had ZERO issues, knock on wood, with chewing furniture or walls etc etc… though she is tough on her toys. She loves toys – and loves chasing the cats (they dont dig her yet). She wears out about 9pm and then we take her down with us to the TV area and she lays with us and sleeps… then I let her out, usually around 1130-12 and she pees then gets crated. Wakes around 8am , ready to conquer the world.

      Just this weekend I had to go buy a lead and stake – shes grown confident of her outdoor surroundings and now likes to run beyond our yard outdoors – then wont come when you call her… .will sit there and stare at you…. pisses me off! researched that online – it said to run the other way and she’d follow – heck no! shes way too smart for that… smirks at you and stays where shes at……you know, border collies are even smarter – and they say ‘smart dogs’ can be trouble training (lol)…. so now we are back to major treat’ing – did a cool drill tonight that I read about – I sat outside with hand of treats and my son sat across the yard- we both would yell out a command Bella Come! and hold our hand out with fist balled – shes come running, and we’d tell her to SIT! then when she did we gave her the treat. as soon as she got that treat I’d yell Bella Come! and hold my hand out – omg, she was running back and forth diggin those treats! I feel an urgency for her to learn the ‘come’ command – its scary when your dog gets away from you then wont regard you….. She knows SIT, and STAY and tonight is getting the ‘SHAKE’. Gotta work on getting her to shut up when she starts barking, thats annoying.

      Lets see what else? Shes walking on a leash better (forcing her to stay on one side by shortening leash) and looks forward to that walk – I do too cuz it wears her out for nighttime. Shes still doing puppy mouthing/biting – she ‘gets’ that its not cool, but sometimes she gets all worked up and starts pup biting your hand or arm, and then when reprimanded she’ll ‘gnaw’ you instead – like THATS okey! Will be nice when the puppy biting is over too…. So all and all, shes not a bad pup – its going to be harder when kids are back to school – right now when I’m working I put the dog handling on them – when they’re gone she’ll have to be crated during day – at least, until she can be completely trusted in the house……

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