Trim, Trim, and MORE Trim!

I am in the process of calculating how many linear feet of trimwork needs to be glazed….

It took us hours to measure – every inch of crown, base, door and window casings, wainscot, archways….

Crunching the numbers on this job is no small feat –

Isn’t this gorgeous? Can’t wait to get my hands on it….

I’ll keep you posted on the transformation!


8 responses to “Trim, Trim, and MORE Trim!

  1. Wow Patty, this is going to be a beauty! Congrats
    I want to give you a little tip on doing a “take off” for measuring. If you had a blueprint of the home to scale you can use a tool I have used for years that’s very accurate. It’s called a “ScaleMaster” and will give you all your lineals once you set it to scale. It has a wheel on it that you use to follow the lines on the blue prints and will save you a huge amount of time. Make sure your copy of the “plans” have Elevations, Reflected Ceiling, and of course the floor plan and any “Details”.
    I would also like to let you know that “fingered jointed” trim, which is what you have there, will show in an over glaze if not properly prepped by the painter by revealing the joints once its over glazed. This trim was not “back primed” before being installed and once “acclimated” ( A/C’ed) it will expand and contract which could open up some of those joints where the wood was mitered together, including all the other miters. Just make sure you have those facts covered in your contract and that your not responsible. Sometimes you will see it crack right away but most times it may take up to a year for it to happen in which if not covered in your contract you can be held responsible under the warranty provisions of the initial contract that the builder gives the owner.

    • I never thought to ask for a blue print – then again I’ve never worked off one so that is probably why! I could have really used one for this trim estimate – the really big trim jobs I’ve completed in the past were all based on a set charge, not a ‘$$/hour’ estimate. I’ve sometimes tried to ‘eyeball’ trim – the old ‘No problem, I can do that room of trim in 5 hours’ only to find that it really took me 15 hours – and that was at a steady pace! No eyeballing here, I needed a set measurement – nothing worse than finessing a massive amount of trim at a rate of $2.5/lf…..

      That is really good to know about the trim A/C’ing – I will discuss this with the client when we next meet. I was there this week and the painter is in the process of filling all the nail holes. He has been instructed to work on finishing the GR and main foyer area first, before moving on to rooms, so that we can get moving.

  2. Wow, that is amazing. Can’t wait to see it all finished.

    -Arthur-that’s good info to know. I didn’t realized it could take that long for the wood to acclimate. Thanks for sharing.

    • This client is so organized – she is doing things the right way – thinking out every room, consulting with her ID, very well thought out with so many unique touches – the way I’d want to do it if I was planning my dream home…

  3. Look forward to seeing what you can do to this space! It looks like your puppy is growing good, how have the kids been at taking care of her? Have you finished any counters lately?

    Miss you!

    • Miss you too Jenny! How was Chicago without me – I see you took another class? Yes (heavy sigh) the puppy is growing – the kids are handling the yard clean up duty so thats good. I’ve been very busy and do not want her crated during the day for long hours at a time, unless it’s absolutely necessary – so they’ve gotten stuck with ‘puppy play/sitting’ as well 🙂 No, no counters – though there are several accent tabletops I have to do in the later future – how about you? Price is too high, still, for big counter jobs – cheaper here to do basic granite…

      This house is going to be so much fun – some yummy things planned – tamise ceiling, patina’d trim, modellos – ooh la la!

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