All Soccer Moms – This Is The BEST Yard Net!

We got this net early last year-

That is real-time imaging  –  I was too lazy to dig through old yard photos so I ran outside and snapped a photo in the dark 🙂

My daughter plays club soccer … we’ve gone through several yard nets, all from the local sporting stores.   One for $60-

Bah – wobbly, too small, and it rusted.    And one like this for $130-

Eh – all the clips that held the net  busted.  And it rusted.    Then along my googling search I stumbled on the perfect site –    They carry the coolest net, the PowrNet –

I had not seen a net like this in any of my searches.  It was the biggest – offered in 7′ x 15′ ( $245)   and 7′ x 12′ ($225).   We got the 7’x12′  and it still looks like new, and works exactly how they describe it.

The way I look at it,  the extra $ it cost was well spent, since the net obviously has been built to last.  And you can’t beat their guarantee,  since 1991:

45-day, unconditional, purchase price refund.  2-year, components & materials guarantee on all product.

And, I feel obligated to mention –  I am NOT promoting this net for any purpose other than to give a shout out to a company that has a pretty awesome product.

Hope this helps you in your searches!


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