Caromal Colours Wisteria White With Black Glaze…

One benefit of being a decorative painter is all the extra goodies (products) that we can draw on when we’re contemplating a new finish-

A while back, I had a thought –

I wonder what a cabinet door finished with Caromal Colours Wisteria (white) would look like if I used black glaze over it?

This week I had a chance to see.    I brushed on two layers of the Wisteria Textured Basecoat,  then when it was dry I sanded it with my mouse sander.  I taped down the center, and left the bottom half alone, and to the top half I brushed on a black glaze (Faux Effects Aquacreme and black tint), then wiped the glaze back with a dry rag –

How’s this for a big piece of eye candy-

I like the Wisteria (white) without the Toner , distressed a little just like this –  Yummylicious-


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