My, What BIG Ears You Have Puppy!

Thought I’d give an update on our more recently acquired puppy Bella (sox).   Here she is prior to 8 weeks, her ‘for sale’ photo –

Here she is, June 5th, at 8 weeks when we brought her home   – hee hee – smaller than the cat-

Last week, I had her at the vet – she weighed almost 20 lbs.  Gained 10  lbs in one month….    Uggh,  which one of us wanted a big doggy?

Aren’t those ears a hoot?  They started to do this –

and quickly progressed to this-

Like that barrier wall I put up behind her?  I used my old plaster mdf sample boards!

More sample boards, and barrier gates….   originally it was only the baby gate, until she figure out how to scale it – I caught her that morning staring down at me from the upstairs hallway….

Actually the potty training is going fabulous.  She hasn’t had that many accidents in the house – none in last couple weeks – but we only feed her twice a day, let her out frequently, and keep her contained to the kitchen tile area.  This last week she has progressed to vocalizing at the door that she needs to go out –  that is a great big step for dogkind…

Now gotta figure out how to keep our grass green –

She is digging  her toys –  starting to fetch more, but not so great at giving up the toy –

Beating up the cheap toys  (Nick calls this one “Mike Tyson”) –

this one used to have a body-

squeaker chewed –

Her paws are gigantic-

What you saying about my paws?

Last night I fully expanded her crate – no more separator wall.  I’m pretty sure at this point that this crate WONT fit her when she’s full grown-

Typical day – cat up high where puppy can’t reach –



10 responses to “My, What BIG Ears You Have Puppy!

  1. Deborah & the gang

    She can be trained to “go” in the same place. I’ve never done it, but I have 4 acres. You could gravel a space maybe 3′ square for her…she is smart if she’s barking already. Look on line or ask your vet. Good luck.

    • I’d love that – we have barkbusters coming tomorrow for basic training lesson – made up a list tonight of things we want to discuss – peeing in one spot is one.

      For a couple weeks she has been sitting at the back door, but wouldn’t bark.. and there were times I’d not know she was sitting and waiting… and then you’d look and go ‘oh SH_T! the dog!!’ and jump up… though she did bark, early on, when it was time to come in… she’d sit outside and ‘woof’ to come in. Now, that doesnt account for all the times, in between, that I was hawkeyeing her and forcing her out to go potty because I thought she was wandering around suspiciously….

      This last week was an all of a sudden mini woof when she sits to go out – or a whine of sorts. And if we don’t move right away it gets louder – definitely you can tell she is telling you ‘Hey, I gotta go!’ – I am loving this – it makes things that much easier – now I’m not worried about what she’s doing when shes wandering around….

      • Deborah & the gang

        Go in one place refers to both pee and poop. If she’s barking to go outside, she’s smart enough to train…key word have to show her. I had 2 large dogs..siblings and mutts. We reared them in a crate, but after they were trained they had the run of the house…and when they started jumping the kiddie doors. 4 acres is not fenced, just barbed wire to the south and east…they learned the boundary and would go under the fence to the woods next door to go..usually for both needs.

        Dogs are smart and clean…she wants a clean and tidy yard as much as you do…just have to show her the ropes. My male was the doggy doorbell…he would bark mainly to come in…they would usually bump my leg when they wanted to go outside.

        You are developing the doggy telepathy (sp) or you will. They learn your mannerism…certain things you do means you’re going somewhere, going for a walk, feeding her…she and you will learn. My gang loved going to McDees for ice cream in a cup. Also…if you give her something special to eat…ice cream or a scrap of people food..put it in her dish…that way she won’t beg. Snacks or treats by hand are OK…just not stuff you or your guest eat…makes life easier.

        Thanks, Deborah

  2. Those ears crack me up!! Cute, cute dog. 🙂

  3. OMG…she is SCRUMPTIOUS!!!!! You can really see the Shepard in her NOW!

  4. How to “Protect Your Lawn”
    1) Designate an area where you want her to “go”
    2) Build a 2 sided fence (use lattice on the inside so you can see her) in a L shape at least 4′ by 4′ or larger. Perhaps plant flowers or a bush in front to disguise this.
    3) For at least 3 weeks, you will need to take her out to that spot to go pee and poop behind this spot (at first on a leash – then, when she gets the hint, without) Each time she does the right thing (pee/poo) praise and treat her.
    4) You will need to clean up poo quickly each time as she will need to find another place otherwise. It makes it easier because you can keep the poo shovel handy.
    5) After a while (3+ weeks) she will figure out that this is where she goes… She will need occassional reminders – when you take her out repeatedly on a leash – but this saves the rest of the lawn.

  5. Deborah and Rebecca, I very much appreciate your doggy insight – I am like a dry sponge, wanting very much to learn the ropes of PROPER puppy training – you both offer great doggy sense, and I’m soaking it up….

    I’d really like to get some small fencing and barrier off an area of our back back yard… we have a perfect run area, behind our pool fence, that is quite shaded from big trees – I think this is our next planned project….. interestingly enough, when we brought her home, I WAS carrying her out to that area, every time I took her out, and that is where she went. But then, she got heavier, quicker, and it became much easier to open the door and say ‘go on and go!’ and she would, but she’d pee at the earliest grass spot (of course)…. I can see I’ll have to leash her to get her out past this area now….

    Side note, we had to cancel Barkbusters … come to find out yesterday our AC went out and its dead – need at new one to the tune of $3500 – first things first!

  6. (Kat, you gotta look it up!!!!)

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