Chocolate Foyer Jazzed, Chocolate Door Grained…

An entry foyer before,   perfect eggshell paint finish in a yummy workable color-

Wait!  Upon arrival for first consultation, I spotted the front door – a PERFECT door waiting for a straight grain technique!

I started with the door – taped it off then flogged it using FE Antique Mahogany-

Then headed inside to start glazing the foyer –

Finished the foyer and called it a day.  Next day went back and straight grained the door using FE American Walnut-

Getting there –


This week I’m squeezing in the client’s parent’s front door and powder bath 🙂


7 responses to “Chocolate Foyer Jazzed, Chocolate Door Grained…

  1. Beautimous… that you are graining away like a demon!! Dats my girl!

  2. If you don’t mind, what was the base color used in the picture “yummy workable finish?” It has a perfect glow factor for my small apartment.


  3. Hi there, I understand that the base color used in the entry way was Portabello by Sherwin Williams. What was the textured top coat finish called and what color is that? Is the base Portabello and one other top coat finish color?

    • topcoat was not a texture – it was a combo of different glaze colors applied at same time and blended together – a dark brown tint ,a warm silver metallic glaze, and a gold glaze tinted with van dyke brown. and the tint colors were added to glaze medium FE Mastercreme – my favorite. the basecoat was, yes, Portabello.

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