Puppy Beds, Crates, Houseplants, Food, Gates…

When Bella first arrived home she found the cat’s soft bed and made it her own.     Now, at 17 weeks, shes bigger than the bed-

so we had to get her a ‘larger one…

Shes got grow room now.  I was a happy camper, finding it on clearance at Petsmart for $29.  It has a convenient zip off and wash covering-

We weren’t as smart when we bought her crate, grabbing the LARGE size (I was certain she’d weigh no more than 60-65 lbs).  Now we realize she is going to outgrow the LARGE and really we should have bought the XLARGE.   I need to start scoping Craigslist for a used one…..

Last week while I was working  Bella had a series of pukes.   I wasn’t sure if it was her food – she didn’t want to eat and that usually isn’t the case.  She also was making a mess of a houseplant in our kitchen – a tropical type plant we’ve had for years.    I worried that the plant might be poisonous so I had Julia trim it back until I could get home and figure it out.    Ends up, our plant was an Umbrella Plant –

Head to ThePoop.com to read the extensive list of poisonous plants.  I dug up the whole plant and tossed it.   I NEED something safe – this pot looks awful bare naked! (Honest, its not that ugly in person:)  )

We switched out the food and tried a lamb and rice Science Diet formula.  She wouldn’t eat that either.  Today we went back to Petsmart, returned the big bag of Science Diet, and discussed other food options.  We decided on Blue Buffalo brand food – a top rated natural food that has no yukky stuff in it.   She seems to like it so far.  The best thing?   They say dogs actually poop less – wouldnt’ t that be a treat!

In the mean time,  I’m waiting for this to arrive this week-

Now don’t jump all over me for wanting to try electronic stimulation  –  everything I’ve read about this product is quite positive.    We want to start giving  Bella more freedom to move in the house, but we don’t want her upstairs or in some of the front rooms.   Additionally, our two cats have almost no safe zone.  The dog constantly runs after them and harasses them.   Their food bowls have to be up high so the pup can’t get to them, and what’s worse is trying to keep pup out of their litter box.    Setting up a couple of these electronic barriers will hopefully keep Bella in check,  and I can’t wait to take down these baby gates!  I’ll let you know how it goes…..


One response to “Puppy Beds, Crates, Houseplants, Food, Gates…

  1. Those ears make me chuckle every time i see them!

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