Black Caromal Colours Oak Kitchen Makeover…

Jasmine found me online in her search for updating oak kitchen cabinets.   In this far searching internet world, can you believe she lived 15 minutes from me?

She wanted to stop by and SEE the Caromal Colours sample cabinet doors in person, especially the Peppercorn samples (black).    They had just purchased a new home, and she wanted to update these kitchen cabinets before they moved in –

She liked the door samples and decided to move forward on her kitchen.    Time passed, and I received this email-

Hi Patty!   I am half way done with my kitchen, thanks to you!  I am painting the oak cabinets, peppercorn.  I will send you before and after photos when I am done.  So far it looks awesome!  ….

I couldn’t wait to see how it turned out.   This weekend she finally sent me the photos… are you ready for the reveal?

Here are the photo’s of my kitchen!  I included 2 before photo’s as well. I absolutely loooooove how it all turned out!!!  Thanks for all your help!   Jasmine

Work in progress –

Hard work definitely paid off!  She used 3 quarts of Peppercorn Textured Basecoat –

I LOVE LOVE LOVE her creativeness – she found these decorative panels and incorporated them into her cabinet design-

She made me smile when she said,

This was my first time at everything (tiling, electrical, carpentry).  I love this kind of  work….I guess I got a Biology degree for nothing, should’ve become a handylady, Lol!

Jasmine,  I think your husband is a very lucky man!


Head to my store below (click icon) and be sure to use my code, PattyH in the coupon code area.   It will save you $2 off shipping,  or if you’re order is $75 or more use my PattyH5 for $5 off shipping.




22 responses to “Black Caromal Colours Oak Kitchen Makeover…

  1. WOW…what a wonderful transfomation!

  2. That is beautiful. Love it…very different too!

  3. Thank you!! I really enjoyed working on my kitchen!

  4. Absolutely love your cabinets. Can you send me instructions on how you did this. I’m ordering now but can’t find where to put coupon code. Thanks Carol

    • Hi CAROL,

      The coupon code goes near the end of the order, here is a snapshot of the final screen

      entering PattyH in this area will save you a few bucks. I will email you the instructions I hand out in my workshops. Patty

  5. Can you tell me how you did your cabinets? Did you have to sand them first? What technique did you use? Did you use a paintbrush?

  6. Hi Susie!
    I did not have to sad the cabinets. That’s the best part about this product! I just uses some Greenworks cleaner and cleaned the cabinets and just litterally “glopped” on the product–Just a little “swish” motion with a chip brush and let it dry! It took two coats. I sanded after the second coat and finally top coated with poly-Satin finish. It’s the sanding that gives you that smooth finished look. I used 3 quarts. It was the best choice I ever made in my home makeover!! I love it and ended up doing the bathroom cabinets too.

  7. Hi,

    I have cabinets just like this and want to paint them and I am considering using caromal colour. I notice though that you can still see the oak grain on these cabinets. Is it possible to cover the grain so you don’t see it? How would I do that?



    • Hi Kim,

      Did you read this post I wrote about covering the grain?

      Read that post – it will explain exactly what you’ll get depending on how you apply the paints. I will tell you in my years of seeing painted wood cabinets, I have seen no better product that HIDES the grain of the original oak doors. In most of my samples I brush the product on thinner – as a result you may still see hints of the grain here/there- but the bulk of it is covered up, and if I was bothered by any that remained I could paint over it one last time.

      this is another one that shows more examples of the oak, before and after

      The textured basecoats have no set rules – you can apply them however you choose – I had one gal that thinned her paint down with water, so that it brushed thinner, and took her time brushing FOUR layers of paint on her dining room table. Four! I’d not have the patience for that, but she did . With that said ,you could brush 3 coats of peppercorn on your oak, and not have a grain of oak remaining – but I’d put my money on you brushing 2 coats on, lightly sanding, and being tickled that your cabinets look so nice!

      Does this help?

  8. I LOVE what you did with these cabinets! Great color and I am really digging the cutouts with the vines and birds. My mind is absolutely made up about buying this paint. My question is about the cutouts. I can’t tell very well from the picture. Is that glass with a stencil painted on it or is it a metal insert? Either way, where did you get them?

  9. Thanks for the compliments! The doors are actually metal cutouts with a wooden frame. They were actually too small for the cabinets so I made the opening smaller by adding wood and the decorative trim above to distract people from realizing there is some sort of patch work there! I actually bought them at Big lots for $20 each. I’m so happy that I could inspire you! Good luck!

  10. Amazingly awesome engineering, Jasmine! Thats big right now – opening up cabinets – I love the effect.

  11. I love the way your cabinets turned out!!! Everything I have been researching says to ‘sand’ them lightly. I have flat panel oak kitchen cabinet doors with a slight smooth feel to them. Do you mean this product will stick w/o sanding? Im confused. I am definately interested in ordering if I can figure out how to do this. Its my first project (painting my kitchen cabinets) and I am a bit scared…lol

  12. It was also my first project as well, so I know how you feel!! BUT, it is the most AWESOME product out there! You DO NOT have to sand pre painting. Just clean the cabinets with greenworks or something similar and just “glop” on the paint. It is very thick like…softened butter. After the first coat I thought, “OMG, what have I gotten myself into?!” But after the second coat, I sanded and thought “this is super fantabulous!” The photos about are with only one coat of polyurethane but I finished with two coats. I wish I did three…a year later, the cabinets look great but I cook ALOT, so I will just scrub them down and re polyurethane them to give them a fresh look. Good Luck to you! Oh, and use Patty’s code PattyH and it will save you from paying a few dollars (almost like free shipping).

    • hey Jasmine –

      you can come visit me at a real live STORE!!!!! Yes, Shelby Township is going to get Caromal’d – big time – in about a month with a grand opening – still need to ‘announce’ it – just swimming in details right now – but will be on Van Dyke and 22 1/2 – across from the Packard Proving Grounds. will have the full line of products on hand , in case you’re tempted to use another color 🙂

  13. I DEFINITELY will visit the store! I can’t wait until it opens!

    I actually wanted to ask you if there is anything I could do to paint my front door copper? We’ve got a copper awning that we are going to get refurbished. I thought the copper door would tie in well and give the house a but of “pop”. I’d like to hear your thoughts on my idea.

    • hmmm…. painting front door copper – i’ve got some ideas i could should you – theres a couple products from different lines that offer nice copper’s … i’ll be in touch.

  14. I read this post before but I never really noticed the panels that Jasmine put in the 2 cabinet doors – I love these!
    I did my kitchen with Reclaim, the uppers are White and lower cabinets and Island are in Latte … I love it!
    Although there is something about a black kitchen I have always loved too.


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