Versiplastered Great Room With Woodgrain On Top

For the last two weeks I’ve been busy applying a three layer plaster finish in a two story Great Room.   It’s Versiplast plaster – one of my favorites for a soft textural durable wall finish –

When I started plastering the walls,  trimmers arrived to create decorative column tops for the wall of windows.    The client wasn’t sure about painting them white – they considered staining them to match the fireplace, but parts of the columns were made out of mdf.   I went home that night trying to see how close i could get a sample to their fireplace color using faux wood grain techniques –

I taped the sample wood grain up to the windows, where the columns will be mounted.  The color was perfect!

The client base painted the columns – a custom mix of Setcoat Chamois and Setcoat Camel,  then I started the graining process by flogging them with Stain and Seal American Walnut-

They are already looking awesome, I can’t wait to see them after I do the final layer of S&S Antique Mahogany.    A shout out to Cait Whitson, who came to America several years ago and taught wood graining and marbling to a group of us –  those skills have come in handy more times than I can count,  THANK YOU!

I can’t wait to see the room completed…  I thought I’d be finished by Friday –  today I started glazing the near 800 sf  of walls and realized, even with a helper tomorrow, I don’t think I’ll get it all done.    Rats.  My body is achin’, but the end is near!

Thank God tomorrow is Friday!


5 responses to “Versiplastered Great Room With Woodgrain On Top

  1. Hi there Patsy I’m all the way from South Africa and am in the process of making sample boards for a client on a plaster that I think is similar to versiplast. Would you mind sharing the 3 layer process. I enjoy your blog thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey Patty, those samples look great, can’t wait to see the finished project. Glad these skills come in handy sometimes.

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