A Romantic Master Bedroom – Metallic Plaster, Modello and Crystals

I am about to burst with excitement as I have been commissioned to create

the M O S T   B E A U T I F U L L Y   R O M A N T I C Master Bedroom!

Is it bad luck to say ahead of time that it is going to be smokin-hot?

I’ll set the scene.   Fabrics in my favorite shades-

The wall finish –  beautiful troweled and glazed Lusterstone Metallic Plaster finish using Silver Taupe –

Then it gets even better….  there is this pan ceiling –

they are adding some decorative inlays on the trim, and then all that trim outlining the pan ceiling will be finished in an aged Warm Silver Metallic finish.  The inner pan ceiling will also be troweled in the metallic plaster, and then we are going to apply this modello pattern –

OrnCen162 Modello Designs

and finish it using Lusterstone Cocoa Chocolate, Lusterstone Espresso, Contessa Silver Decorative Foil,  and some Modern Masters Gold.   The cherry on top will be these Swarovski Crystals  –

First the wall finish was chosen (a troweled metallic plaster) and the color had to be tweeked.   One metallic glazed trim sample that I had worked right from the start-

The clients wanted to do something with the pan ceiling –  I showed a few examples of Modellos used in ceiling designs.    I also showed several photos of darker ceiling finishes, like this one –

They fell in love with a modello design, one created by Susan Bickford of Singing Walls in Nashville-

Originally, the idea was to base the pan ceiling with the same metallic plaster finish as the walls,  then go with the rich brown metallic plaster as the center modello, then dress the modello border pattern in metallics.

I gathered several metallic plaster  BROWNS – Lusterstone Espresso, Lusterstone Cocoa Chocolate, Shimmersuede Brown Velvet and Shimmersuede Black Walnut  next to a sample board of Lusterstone Silver Taupe-

I ordered a variety of metallic bling from Chicago (Faux by Kathy) –

Spring Mix Tamise Leaf-

Several Decorative Patterned Leaf-

and some yummy new patterned foils –

I pulled out a few Modello Motifs that I had in inventory, and started creating several visuals for the clients.

This was the first modello I used-

To mimic the the two-part Modello overlay look that the clients liked, I traced the shape of the modello onto its backing paper,  then peeled the back, cut the shape out, and taped it off on the sample board –

Then removed the paper and troweled Brown Suede Shimmersuede  (the background is the Glazed Silver Taupe)-

then used some leaf, foil and tamise inside the modello pattern-

Here it is next to the fabrics, and the decorative trim sample that will be used on the pan ceiling outer trim-

It didn’t do much for me.  The shade of brown was ‘off’ and the pattern was too  gold….  On to the next one.

Again, started with the wall finish as the background, then trowed on Lusterstone Espresso-

then another modello, blinged out using a mix of silver and gold foils, tamise, and some decorative leaf-

Liked it better than the first, but I was still unsettled.    The idea was to have a random finish of metals, leaf etc happening through the whole modello scroll design –  but,  I had to limit it more to a warmer silver,  with some muted gold as GOLD didn’t really play a part in the room design.    At the same time,  I saw the dark brown metallic plasters working with all those fabric choices, but …….

Then I had a thought.  They LOVED that modello design.  THAT was what we needed to focus on.  How about if I used the wall finish on the ceiling (the glazed Metallic plaster Silver Taupe), and then instead of having an inside fill color, we just went straight to the decorative modello pattern,  and troweled that in the brown plaster?

I  troweled both the Lusterstone Cocoa and Espresso into the pattern,  and then when it dried I used several decorative foils (the Contesssa Silver is awesome) randomly over the pattern, and then over that, just here and there, rubbed in some muted gold-

I instantly felt love.  THAT was what I was looking for –  the brown, rich against the softer backdrop, then dressed up with subtle metallic pizazz….

The clients LOVED it!

This one shows a few Swarovski Crystals attached –

but those were the Crystal color, we will be using Black Diamond and Silver Shade

Look for an update in the next few weeks…. this one is going to be fun!


3 responses to “A Romantic Master Bedroom – Metallic Plaster, Modello and Crystals

  1. I am looking forward to the finished project!!!! Great ideas!

    Miss you!


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