Sharing The Three Layer Versiplast Process…

Linda from South Africa commented on a recent Versiplast  plaster post

I’m all the way from South Africa and am in the process of making sample boards for a client on a plaster that I think is similar to Versiplast. Would you mind sharing the 3 layer process. I enjoy your blog thanks for sharing.

Hi Linda from South Africa!   I like to use the Versiplast this way –  First layer I trowel on the plaster,  100% coverage. When dry I lightly sand any crusty,crunchy areas to knock it down (prevents chatter on next layer).   The second troweled layer is pretty much a 100% coverage, except here and there I leave little open areas/pits etc.

When the 2nd layer dries I light sand with a sand block –  it gives the final finish a nice soft feel.

Then I chip brush on the glazes (this one I’m using 3 colors) randomly, working in about 3ft sections, kindof like this below-

and then with stipple and chip brushes I work the colors into the plaster-

then wipe it back with dry rags, in areas that I want less-

This was onsite, glazing the big wall –

Use a good glaze – I love Faux Effects Aquacreme,  keep a wet edge and don’t overlap your sections when you’re coloring –

Take the time (I like to use a small chip brush) to blend your sections-

My glazing helper – applying the color ahead of me so I can keep moving… this big wall took us 6  hours to glaze-

Getting there –

Hope this helps!


One response to “Sharing The Three Layer Versiplast Process…

  1. Thanks for info. I am so used to working in oils for ease of application but know that I am serously going to have to start using waterbased products. The oil scumbles and turps are playing havoc with sinuses and now to mention the smell in clients homes.

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