A Distressed White Headboard – Caromal Colours Makeover

Rosemary contacted me a  while ago about her daughter’s bedroom set –

Dear Patty,

I saw your website and am very interested in ordering some of your products to finish my daughter’s bedroom set (see attached photos).  However, I want to keep the white color of her bedroom.  I noticed on many of your before and after photos that the woods finished with the parchment color were a cream color when finished.  Is there any way to distress or refinish her bedroom set without losing the pure white color?

Hi Rosemary,

The textured basecoat you’d want is Wisteria   (white)    Not sure how much you’d need – not sure if you can do it in 1 quart – or if you’ll need 2.  This is what you’d do…

Dear Patty,

Hi there.  Ok.  So far I’ve done her bed (in wisteria).  It looks great.  I still have to do her dresser/mirror and nightstand.  I did not use a top-coat of poly.  I think my husband was hoping it would be “shiner.”  I told him it’s the shabby chic look.  Anyway, is there something other than poly that I can put on the bed to give it some shine/finish.  I want it to retain it’s bright white look.  Is there a wax or something I could use?   I took pictures and I’ll send them to you as soon as I’ve finished the other pieces.  So far, so good!

Hi Rosemary,

Yes, it doesn’t dry shiny, that’s for sure.  A top coat will cure this though.   Wax will give it a natural  furniture finish look,  Caromal carries the Liberon Natural Wax,  love it,  but wouldn’t recommend it in this case,  since you are looking for something shinier.  Because you are using the white color,  I’d go with a water based topcoat, to prevent any slight ambering of color.   Here is a link to a min-wax product –  http://www.minwax.com/products/water_based_clear_protective_finishes/water_based_polyurethane.html you can find at Home Depot or Lowes type stores-   I normally use Satin finish   but you’re probably looking at least more for semi-gloss….

So far  the bed is complete –  Rosemary used Caromal Colours Wisteria, distressed it, and did not use a Toner.  It is so lovely I had to share-

I love the Caromal Colours Wisteria untoned – it is so crisp and clean and fresh!


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