Back To School Looming Around Corner…

This is the last week before school for my kids.  It’s one of those times in the year when time feels on fast forward.   We just woke up Sunday to find Bella the pup laying in some yukky poo –   wait, it’s already Wednesday!   Like that…

I’ve been back on the wall all month.    In order to pull off  ‘Supermom’ status,    I really need to be organized and on top of everything.  Notes and to-do lists started everywhere, and can’t just HAVE the lists,  I need to be doing something with them…

Last week Bella, our almost 5 month old puppy,  came down with diarrhea.   I won’t revisit that because the thought is gruesome –  let’s just say there have been several episodes, and I’ve had to resort, several times, to specialty cooking  for her (bland noodles, white rice, boiled chicken)…

Huh? Who me? I've been extra work this week? Yes, you!

Yesterday, a day off was jam full of things to get done.  I feel like when you get that ‘nesting’ thing going on when you’re pregnant.    The clothes and shoe shopping is complete.   The ‘find a laptop for my high schooler’ is done.  The trip to Sam’s Club to load up on school size snacks and water – done.  Now I can watch how quickly it will disappear from my pantry ( these kids are suddenly eating us out of house and home.)

Others must have their to-do lists happening as well –  I’ve noticed a real increase in calls for decorative painting quotes, as well as orders for the Caromal Colours wood samples.    Da da da DAAAAA!  I can get it all done, for I am

Superwoman!     Well, actually,  it’s stressing me out a bit.  Juggling this time of year with everything else is not easy.   It will be nice when this back-to-school thing is here.  I love my kids, and will miss them being around so much,  but they need to get back to the REAL WORLD –  learning how to be productive citizens with big brains,  not lazy teens eating junk and watching crappy TV shows. 🙂

I only have a few more things to cross off my list – cleaning out last years pile of school papers… .cleaning out the kids old backpacks and cubby areas….  doing a final check on ‘out with the old small-clothes, in with  (properly hung) the new’……… albuming a pile of photos (that one has been carrying over on my lists for the last few years….).

In the mean time,  I need to go let that  dog out…


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