Outdoor Decor Ideas – Taking Caromal Colours Outside…

Carol and Al Kemery, owners of Caromal Colours, recently shared some fun project ideas for taking Caromal Colours outside the house

Watch Carol’s appearance on the 10! Philadelphia News Show as she shows you how to brighten your garden with color and add a touch of elegance or whimsy with some simple designs and the Textured Basecoats.  Don’t be afraid to paint wahtever you have around your house or garage, remember the Basecoats stick to just about any surface!  So have fun – just remember to topcoat your pieces to protect them from the elements.  Use your favorite polyurethane or their personal favorite, Liberon Wax.


Head to my store below (click icon) and be sure to use my code, PattyH in the coupon code area.   It will save you $2 off shipping,  or if you’re order is $75 or more use my PattyH5 for $5 off shipping.




2 responses to “Outdoor Decor Ideas – Taking Caromal Colours Outside…

  1. Greetings!

    Love the Caromel paints. Makes my mind start spinning…wondering what all I can paint!

    I have a question and a comment – the question is will they be coming out with a blue any time soon?

    My commnet is the black and charcoal background on the site makes it very hard to make out. Degree of difficulty depends on color of font used in any particular writing – and some is so tiny and faint I don’t even try to read. It’s (the darkness) oppressive enough I find myself squinting to read it all and leaving the site long before I do. As it’s about color – I’m surprised at the choice for background.

    Great paint though!


    • Hi Barbara, Glad to hear you enjoy the Caromal paints – they already have a blue out – Colonial Blue is one of their ten original colors – are you meaning a different SHADE of blue?

      Sorry to hear your eyes don’t favor my page design – here is a professional Web and graphic designer’s take on the color black:

      Black is the strongest of the neutral colors. On the positive side, it’s commonly associated with power, elegance, and formality. On the negative side, it can be associated with evil, death, and mystery. Black is the traditional color of mourning in many Western countries. It’s also associated with rebellion in some cultures, and is associated with Halloween and the occult.

      Black is commonly used in edgier designs, as well as in very elegant designs. It can be either conservative or modern, traditional or unconventional, depending on the colors it’s combined with. In design, black is commonly used for typography and other functional parts, because of it’s neutrality. Black can make it easier to convey a sense of sophistication and mystery in a design.

      (from Cameron Chapman, professional Web and graphic designer, titled Color Theory for Designers, Part 1: The Meaning of Color)

      As far as font size, I’ll keep that in mind – I use my cheater glasses when I’m on the computer – maybe that’s an unfair advantage on my part?

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