Working On A Ceiling And I Hit A Snag…

When I worked up this ceiling bid I realized that it would be a little tight troweling the metallic plaster under the trim sections –

but I didn’t realize that it would be so tight a reach.   First I thought my bitty trowel would clear but it didn’t.   Then I tried my largest trowel with the tallest blade – I tried to work under the trim using the top half of the trowel – that didn’t work either.

So I improvised and used my blade and a plastic scraper-

gotta do what you can do… it worked like a charm-

Almost done troweling-

Glazing to add richness-

Step by step by step…  applying the metallic base to the trim so it can be glazed-

The modello install is next, I am praying for NO SNAGS!


6 responses to “Working On A Ceiling And I Hit A Snag…

  1. What a great job Patty! I love the step by step!

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  3. Beautiful Ceiling. Nice work!

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