A Decoratively Finished Master Bedroom…

Today I wrapped up a yummy master bedroom project I’ve been working on…  until the room is put back together and all is in order the client  prefers I keep the photos more close-up.

From this-

to this-

Installing the ceiling modello, over troweled Silver Taupe Lusterstone-

Troweled several brown metallic plasters, randomly applied foil,  and highlighted with gold metallic paint.  When everything was dry the modello was removed-

Over 100  Swarovski crystals were applied… can’t wait to see these sparkle once the chandelier is back in place-

The trimwork was painted Setcoat black, two layers of Modern Masters Warm Silver, then Van Dyke Brown Stain and Seal glazed-

The appliques were highlighted with Pale Gold-

The walls were troweled with Lusterstone Silver Taupe and then a toning glaze (Warm Silver and Dark Brown) was applied-

The overall color is very subtle and shimmery-

I can’t wait to see how the room looks once the furnishings and accessories are in place – if I get the approval, I will be sure to share 🙂


2 responses to “A Decoratively Finished Master Bedroom…

  1. That is absolutely DELICIOUS!

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