Bella’s Wet Nose Adventures…

I had to take Bella to check out Wet  Noses Pet Camp –  we need to board her for a couple days, and having never done that before, I’m feeling quite leary as the doggy parent.   Wet Noses Pet Camp is a new facility in Rochester, Michigan – just off Main Street in town.  I was drawn to it because it offers boarding with 24 hour on-site monitoring, and the boarding area is cage free.

The facility is very nice – quite spacious with several play areas, indoor and out, and a really nice ‘lodging’ area.    After filling out paperwork we took Bella back to the play area to check everything out.   To my surprise, Bella looked like a misfit.  There were several dogs playing, and wanting to get to know her, and she wanted NO part of any of it.  She sat in the corner for a short time and stared at the wall.   I felt awful, and a little embarrassed that my dog didn’t know how to ‘act’ in public with others…

The owner suggested I leave Bella for a few hours, so she could warm up to the place, so I did.

Several hours later my phone buzzed with a text.  I had received a photo from Wet Noses of Bella playing in the outdoor pool-

what a hoot.   Even better that half day I left her was FREE!   They have a coupon out for new pet visitors – ‘Free Half Day’ ($15 value).    It was a great experience for my pup, and a learning experience for me as well.  I think we might start dropping her off once a week, or once bi-weekly while she’s a pup, just to get her better socialized.  And I gotta say,  the rest of the day yesterday Bella had less excitable energy – I’m sure it was from playing hard with other dogs for four hours.

On the way home from puppy camp we had to run through the bank drive thru.   As I was waiting for the tube to shoot back to me, the teller commented on Bella’s ears (of course all 40 lbs of Bella was in my driver seat, trying to hang out the window).  I retrieved the tube and grabbed my deposit slip and then grabbed –  wha?

A Milkbone!

I guess bank tellers have sucker jars for kids and milkbone jars for dogs!    What a dog day………


One response to “Bella’s Wet Nose Adventures…

  1. Bella is SOOOO “your dog”! hahahaha

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