Dressing A Cabinet With Shelf Liner Paper…

The cabinets under my kitchen sink are lined and take a lot of abuse –

In fact, I think they are in need of a redo, what do you think?

Gads, how embarrassing.  The trash can is housed on that side, and we must pull it in and out 10 or 20 times a day… it needs a shelf  lift!   I just found this site, Chic Shelf Paper

What a great selection of shelf and drawer liner papers –

This one would be cool in a black/white space –

or my daughter’s bathroom-

They suggest areas you can line-

Ordering is done by the roll – either 12 x 10 feet or 24 x 10 feet.    Cut-to-size adds  $ .25/sf ft to the price.

Another site that has quite a selection of liner/contact papers is Design Your Wall

The price  is cheaper, around $1.30 per foot,  vs. $3.25 per foot at ChicShelfPaper.   DesignYourWalls rolls are sold in 18 inch width, and the rolls are larger –  49.5 ft long vs. ChicShelfPaper’s 10 ft length-

This one is higher priced, must be because it’s a  “Hot Item”.  Pretty cool –

I measured my sink cabinet and it’s about 34 inches wide inside and 24 inches deep.  If I ordered from ChicShelfPaper I’d get the 24 inch wide paper and run  it in one long piece.  If I ordered from DesignYourWalls I’d have to cut two pieces and run each one IN each opening.

Hmmm….  decisions, decisions.


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