Hoarder Or Organizer?

Have you seen that TV show  Hoarding:  Buried Alive? What a sad show – I mean really,  seeing how these people live is painful to watch –

What amazes me is that they can even find enough people who live like this to do a new episode each week.  People really live this way?  I feel like I get anxiety attacks when a few things get out-of-place – I can’t even imagine…

This was a good article that I found over at RealSimple.com

Instead, I’d rather look at ways we can better organize our spaces.

How about Entryways?     Love the walls here –

Nice use of wall space –

Never seen this style before – I need one of these for Bella, our pup!

For a narrow space

I posted last year about our entry way makeover…   this is our small but functional entry walk in closet

Our back entry space is small, but it provides everything we need now –   storage for shoes, coats, backpacks,  bins for hats and mittens, a place to sit, and a basket for mail

Laundry anyone?

We have this laundry cart

It fits perfectly in our laundry room closet.  When the kids bring their hampers down, I have them sort their lights/darks into the bags – then their empty baskets go on top the counter.  It works great – the rolling cart stays tucked away in the closet,  and as the laundry is done and folded it goes right back into their empty hampers.  The front loader machines, allowing a counter over, has made all the difference in our laundry room –

This is one of my favorite client’s laundry rooms.  She is super organized.  Her sewing/wrapping station is on the left – see the threads nicely stored?   Her baskets are mounted on pullout drawers –

How fresh

Ah,  a hidden washer and dryer –

That same super organized client has a super organized pantry –

the labeled shelves are cool!

Potato and Onion baskets –

Our pantry isn’t a deep walk in,  but it can hold a lot.  When we moved in there were only 4 shelves… I had our handy man build a fifth shelf on – that allowed me to use extra space –

Storing in plastic containers –

Theres always those little things that need order –

I could go on forever – I am a sucker for organization.

Lynn Coulter of Listingbook offers a few tips for getting organized:

  • Allow enough time for each area you tackle. You might not organize an entire garage in one day, but you could straighten a linen closet.
  • Plan to discard items you don’t use anymore. Many charities will accept clothes you haven’t worn in years, or books you don’t plan to read again.
  • Put wasted space to work. Slide a storage box under the bed, or extend your kitchen shelves all the way to the ceiling. Attach racks over doors to hold shoes or towels, and use hooks to hold key rings and coats.
  • Go “up,” with stackable containers in bedrooms, laundry areas, and playroom.

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