Another Caromal Colour Workshop And A New Basecoat Color!

I had a fun group last night for one of my Caromal Colours Distressing Cabinets and Furniture Workshops.  It went way over schedule, but it felt good guiding and creating…  time does fly when you’re having fun!

I was able to unveil a new Textured Basecoat Color to the group –   Candy Apple Red –

Caromal Colours introduced this color for the recent Fall Country Living Fair.  If you recall,  last year they gave us Pumpkin,

which was such a great seller they added it to their original ten color lineup.

I demonstrated painting a sample door using the Candy Apple Red-

That was over an old honey oak stained cabinet door.  This color covers very nice – I brushed smooth which tends to leave less product on and I still had pretty full coverage after one coat.  I quick brushed on a second coat, showing how I like to scrub in the color, in case they need more than one coat in their finish.    I worked up a two-color finish – used the Candy Apple Red as the first layer, then chipping creme then Pumpkin – sanded and toned-

This photo below has the original red sample, Paprika, sitting in front of the Candy Apple Red, so you can see the difference in the two colors-

What do you think?

One student used the Candy Apple Red on her two-color picture frame finish – she layered it, using Peppercorn first, then Candy Apple Red over top.  She left more toner on to richen it up-

Candy Apple Red over Peppercorn

Here are  a few more from class –

Chocoate over Parchment, Toned

One of my favorite combos-

Mustard over Peppercorn, Toned

Chocolate over Pumpkin, Toned

Parchment over Oak, Toned and wiped with dry cloth

Take note, excited readers that are looking to finish your cabinets or furniture – these are all FIRST TIME users!

Parchment over Oak, Toned and wiped with dry rag.  Sanded heavier to distress more.

One more workshop this week – Friday at noon – and then back to the wall…


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