Perfect Plaster For A Caromal Inquirer

I got a call this week from Kath…  she saw this  photo on my Caromal Colours page and wanted to know how to get the plaster  finish on the left-

The problem is, that sample was done when Caromal was offering TWO plaster products – a Smooth and a Textured.  The texture was rolled on, then when it was dry I added a stencil, then when that was dry I scraped over it with the smooth plaster,  then glazed.

Now their plaster is a combination of both called Perfect Plaster –

I told Kath when I got a chance I’d try to create a similar look for her using only the Perfect Plaster.    Today, when I was waiting on other samples to dry,  I got to work on this challenge.

I started with an off white surface.   I rolled on a layer of the plaster and let it dry-

Then I got a stencil, sprayed the back with a stencil adhesive and stuck it to the dried surface-

then took a rubber scraper and scraped some Perfect Plaster through the design-

Pull the stencil off and clean.

When dry I rolled more plaster, this time just randomly, even rolling it over part of the stenciled design-

After it sat for a few minutes I used the rubber scraper and pulled it lightly over these areas to knock it down-

When the plaster was dry it was time to add color.  I used the Caromal Colours Tea Stain Glaze AND Coffee Stain Glaze-

They come in quart size jars…. I like to mix the two colors, as you can see here on my ‘mixing foam plate’ 🙂  I used 1/2 Tea and 1/2 Coffee, then added a little water –

Before I rolled it on the plaster, I took a sanding block and lightly sanded down any high pokey areas-

then, using my same whizz roller (make sure you clean it good after the plaster), I rolled the glaze-

100% coverage-

then took out an old rag and wiped it this way and that,  kind of like dusting a table, to remove some of the color

Wipe and remove until you get to the look you like.  If you take too much off, just add in a little more!

Pretty sweet!

To do this finish in your own space, you’d need a Caromal Colours Plaster Kit.   This kit comes with everything you need –  the spreader (to fill your stencils AND to knockdown your plaster in areas),  the whizz roller, a tray, and a gallon of plaster which will cover 200-300 sf, depending on how thick you lay it.

You’d also need some Caromal Colours Wall Glaze.  I used both Coffee Glaze and Tea Glaze.  Each quart will cover approx 200 sf.  You can decide how much you need, and what color/s you’d like to use-

Head to the Caromal Colours STORE when you are ready to purchase, and be sure to use my coupon (rep) code  PattyH when you order. This will save you a few dollars off shipping, and will let them know you found them via me!

Oh PS Kath – I couldn’t find that stencil from the original sample.  You can, however, find it at LaserExcel-

The tile stencil from the sample above is from Andreae Design Stencils.


4 responses to “Perfect Plaster For A Caromal Inquirer

  1. I love this Patty…absolutely so pretty. I wish CC had come here… 😥

  2. Hi Patty,

    Thank you so much for your generous answer to my question about an image on your website. Your photo/demo is so thorough, I can’t find any more questions to ask 🙂 And you didn’t forget the stencil information – thanks! I’m completely impressed with your talent, website and professionalism – you were a great find.

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