Time To Pull Out The Halloween Blow-Ups… Stacking Pumpkins

Time to get Mr. Glow-nads out-


It’s October 6th!!!!  Do you do anything special?

There are so many cool decorations out there –

My brother sets up a coffin in his front yard, and lays in it Halloween night to scare the treaters  (that isn’t him below)-


My sister bought a life-size Freddy that she stands up in her foyer every year-

We don’t have scary, we just have a bunch of blow ups –

The weather forecast for this weekend looks to be fabulous –  70’s and sunny –  perfect for setting up the ‘guys’.

I did pull out my fall wreath that I updated last year, with gilded pumpkins-

Even though I sprayed them with a poly last year, they encountered a little bit of weathered wear-

Today I was working for a client that must LOVE this time of year,  I could tell-

WWe know how I LOVE spiders  ….this guy was huge and freaked me out!

I stopped on way home and bought some pumpkins for the front porch….  pumpkins led to stacking gourds and corn stalks….

Aren’t these colorfully, wonderfully, perfectly awesome?

Okey, I’ll fess up –  I got the idea from my client –


but I’m certain she would take that as a compliment !

The blowups will complete the scene –   Mr. Husband,  drop the attic ladder!





2 responses to “Time To Pull Out The Halloween Blow-Ups… Stacking Pumpkins

  1. Love Mr Glow-nads!!!! You are to funny.

    I haven’t decorated in a few years! You can’t see our house from the road and the girls don’t carve pumpkins anymore! We haven’t had anyone for trick or treat in a few years either!! I gues I’ll have to wait for grand kids!!!!

    Have fun,


    • I went out there tonight (Mark got them up today) and Mr. Mummy has NO-nads hehee – guess he needs a new bulb!

      I wouldn’t mess with decorating either, if you can’t be seen and no one treats….

      I really love the Autumn flavor this time of year – the Halloween part is just an added treat. The last week we’ve seen sunny days at 70 and it is heaven – the smell of leaves, the brilliant changing colors, the crisp evenings….. yummy!!!

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