You Know It’s Sunday… How Was The Retreat?

I’m sitting here enjoying a beautiful Indian Summer morning with my coffee…

I know, my pictures are nothing special, but walking around outside in that?  It is beyond special.  How can one NOT believe in God, our Creator of all?

I love this tree-

it amazes me how fast it is growing.  It towers over our house now.  When we moved here ten years ago  it was just a little guy….  just like my son.

It amazes me how fast my son is growing  as well.  We are meeting him this morning at 11:30am mass.  He left Friday for a church youth group retreat and they’re coming back this morning.    This is the first time he’s ever done anything like this.

We had to write a personal letter to him and seal it in an envelope that would be delivered to him sometime during the retreat.  Have you ever had to write a letter to a loved one, expressing what they mean to you?  It is quite something.  It reminded me of this post,  ironically almost this time last year AND also about another retreat –     you-know-its-sunday-time-for-a-retreat.

I can’t wait to see him – he’s growing up to be such a cool, amazing you man.  I hope he enjoyed the retreat –  thank you Lord, for blessing our church with a wonderful youth group program!


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