Caromal Colours Distressing Blue…

A reader asked me HOW to achieve the color of this mandarin chest

using the Caromal Colours distressing paints.

It depends on what finish you are working over.  If I was starting over a light wood finish,  I’d first brush on the Caromal Colours textured basecoat CHOCOLATE-

I would stipple it in areas that I want to see heavier brown distressing.  Then I would brush on a layer of Caromal Colours Chipping Creme-

Over that I would brush Caromal Colours textured basecoat COLONIAL BLUE-

After it dries, sand to distress your finish, sand even deeper to reveal your base wood as an added accent (as seen in the original photo).    When you are finished sanding to distress,  brush on Caromal Colours Toner and wipe off with a rag-

This will get you to this type of finish-

Notice how the edges are sanded BELOW the Chocolate even, to reveal the base wood –  this adds an extra element of distress to the finish.  The toner will age those areas nicely, just as it will  the rest of the finish.

Heres an golden oak door I did in CHOCOLATE/COLONIAL BLUE-

For more information about the Caromal Colours distressing paints

For Caromal Colour makeovers

To order sample colors


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6 responses to “Caromal Colours Distressing Blue…

  1. That is so cool! It looks just like the furniture! I tell you what, if i had more pennies in my pocket then I would have every color on hand. That stuff is amazing!

  2. Love, love, love this piece! Your replica is an incredible match!

  3. Ooh,yeah….a nice aqua is a must!

  4. Oh yeah…aqua, teal, and a purplish color!

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