A Custom Creation Great Feature Wall…

It started like this-

The client wanted the wall to carry itself –  it needed to be one big wall of hanging art.   I suggested several options, but I really liked the possibilities of one –  a weathered metal looking finish bound with bands and metal rivets –


INSPIRATION: Riveted Metal Jason Lucas, Deshu Design


In my online searches to find rivets incorporated on a BIG wall,  I found this –  REAL metal panels offered by PMD Design Studio,  in a choice of aged finishes-


PMD Design Studio


and this cool picture-

I created a few sketches so we could visualize if this would work or not-

The client liked #1, but wanted  to add one more band-

Working up the finish-

Applying the textured base-

Taping off the bands-

A laser level eased the pain-

The bands, troweled with a smoother plaster, and tape pulled-

Painting the wall bronze-

Staining the wall walnut-

The rivets (upholstery tacks) ordered from DIY Upholstery Supply


The finished wall-

In The Feature Wall Redux, Margaret writes,

The idea of the feature wall (where one wall of a room is painted boldly to stand out) has been done, done, and done. But feature walls are morphing into something more than a taupe wall at the head of a bedroom—something that can stand on its own. They are becoming art in and of themselves…   If you have a blank wall that could serve as a focal point for a large room, consider custom-creating a piece of art.


I think we RIVETED it!


6 responses to “A Custom Creation Great Feature Wall…

  1. Awesome job! Way to go!

  2. This was awesome! Loved seeing the whole transformation — beautiful work, Patty!

  3. I love, love, love this wall, Patty! Thanks for showing the start to finish w/your inspiration piece, etc.

  4. You are amazing!! Love it.

  5. Now tht is one hot accent wall! Great job!

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