Cool Instant Foggy Bubbles…

Have you seen this?

Julia and I saw it in action at the Halloween store and we both wanted it,  but my practical mind set in deciding that I could find smarter ways to spend that money.

A few days later I was in search for the perfect birthday gift for my friend – a friend very hard to buy for… a friend that LOVES impractical things…

I went back and got HER the cool foggy bubble machine!   Of course we had to fill it and make sure it worked 🙂

They make you do crazy things,  like trying to catch them in your hands-

or in your mouth-

or shove the cat in and freak it out-

Of course the puppy checks it all out on her own-

There is something about these solid foggy bubbles that lures you in…..

My friend (and her kids) loved it!     Any of those Halloween insta-stripmall-stores carry the bubble fogger,  but beware, they are selling out fast!


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