But You Don’t HAVE to Sand/Strip Your Cabinets!

I got a recent email which read,

I have been on your blog , a lot ….We took down the kitchen cabinets and started sanding finally . We both want to know if you have a secret weapon to remove paint , less sanding . I see a lot of different paint strippers , wondered if you feel any one is better than the other ?…

I must admit, I was confused.   At first I thought she was looking for a stripper for her walls…  but then, I wasn’t sure?   Why were they looking for a stripper?  Why were they sanding their cabinets?   If they were going to use the Caromal Colours base coat paints, then they don’ t need to worry about stripping or sanding….  so?

So, I emailed her back,

Are you stripping paint off the cabinets you took down, or off the walls? You don’t have to sand the cabinets before Caromal’ing them – that’s the beauty of their base coats – unless you are wanting to sand/strip for another reason??

Have any pictures of your existing cabinets ? Email them, in mean time, what color do you plan on refinishing them?

The reply,

I love the parchment color, with toner . The cabinets are so old and gross . LOL They are not nice . I will send pics of one sanded and one not . We have 24 doors and 13 drawers to re-do . Thanks

She sent me a photo  –

Which prompted me to reply,

Is that paint secure or is it crackling off?    I still say  I wouldn’t strip/sand.  Not unless it’s a peeling crackling mess, and it doesn’t look to be that.   Wipe them down good with mild clean solution,  and you’re ready to go.  You could even leave them up and paint right over your hinges – their paints bond to metal…

If you paint right over this red,   the only thing you’ll find IF you want to distress the parchment color,  is – anywhere you distress (sand down) you will more than likely sand down to the red below, so you’ll get  a line of red which will then tint to a brown-red from the toner… similar to colors below-

Parchment over Paprika, brushed smooth, and toned

If you strip/sand your cabinets to raw wood,  then do the parchment,  and sand to distress, you ‘ll get more of this look-  (then the toner will warm that up)-

The reply explained everything,

Thanks Patty . Hubs wants to sand as the cabinets wont close anymore ...

Ahhhhh!  Now I understand the need for sanding/stripping… I’m pretty certain Caromal Colour’s textured base coats won’t correct non-closing cabinets.


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  1. I love to paint my house . Will check out this pait for sure.

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